Taking Charge of Your Health

Hello Physiomed patients. I’m Dr.Reuben Densmore. I’m the new naturopathic doctor at Physiomed, and I’m currently seeing patients on Friday afternoons. So I’ve been told that lots of you have the question. What does a naturopathic doctor do? So I put together this video to hopefully make it a bit more clear so basically Chiropractic physiotherapy, and naturopathic medicine all share the same principle of treating the cause rather than simply treating symptoms I’m always trying to answer the question why? Why aren’t you sleeping? Why are you in pain? Why are you having these digestive issues and the question always leads back to the idea of the obstacles to health Those things in our lives that are in the way of us being healthy whether that is a poor diet, lack of exercise Or not recognizing the effects of stress has on the body, so once we remove those obstacles That typically allows people to return to a state of health naturally, to do that I might use dietary changes, supplements Acupuncture, IV therapy or Even prescription medications when necessary. I can also order lab tests including hormone panels and food sensitivity testing Now in terms of practice. I’m a general practitioner and I treat a wide variety of conditions I do tend to focus on sleep, stress and mood issues as a big part of my practice as well as digestive health Hormone balancing in both men and women cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation that sort of thing, but if you’re not sure if I can help you or not Then why not consider booking a free 15 minute consult and we can do that either on the phone or in person? And remember most extended health plans include a certain amount of coverage for naturopathic medicine so if you’ve been thinking about Maybe starting to improve your health then now is a great time so those benefits don’t go to waste. Hope to meet some of you soon. Take Care.

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