Taking Charge of Your Health

And it really is, it really is its for late
stage issues. When
we (Naturopathic Dr Wife) first did it years ago My Brother-in-law was very near death. He was
a 6 ft 4 in 210 pound guy down to like 130 lbs when we got there. Chemo had been done, Radiation, all that stuff They sent him
home to die. (also surgery taking out much of his colon) Within a WEEK the cancer was gone from his
body. Meaning the cancer virus (He knows its a complex not a virus) …was gone. It was no longer propagating. He was still completely full of tumors of course which is what the rest of the cleanse is for but very very quickly we halted any progression It happens that fast He needs help clearly, especially if he’s that week, you know my brother-in-law and couldn’t even move We had to take everything to him on the couch But he was Uh…. he was back to work in less than a hundred days Yeah but I’m concerned about is….I totally believe in the reality of this It’s not so much the truth behind it as just the other circumstances Of dealing with family who Probably have never heard anything about all of this I don’t know That’s exactly what it was At the time we have just started our whole new business we were selling vitamins through network marketing This was 12 – 13 years ago And we weren’t taken seriously by the family at all It’s why they went the chemo and radiation route Finally when he was home to die is when they said you know Bring your witch craft ya know So we show up with these gigantic boxes yeah and all we did was literally everything to the letter and within 7 days went back to get his blood work done and they had to re-check it and re-check it Doctors Couldn’t believe it. counts went so low…What the heck, What the heck You could see he was FULL of Tumors His tumors began to… break apart gave us a scare. For a while there we were freaking out Then you go back a week later and this gigantic mass in his chest has become 4 small masses, and then 8 small masses and then 16 small masses. You could see it was just breaking apart The body ingests it really, really fast What kind of cancer did he have? Well it was colon cancer but you know keep in mind No matter what kind it is there’s really only a few kinds of cancer They name them all these high-tech names They’re named after the location where it manifests So you know carcinoma Started out in his colon so colon cancer But it had metastasized and spread to his lymph and his kidneys, his lungs, testes He was covered took most of his colon out That kind of thing And that was it He was really bad off Now I have to be honest with you. This was an ongoing battle. It came back 2 years after that He did the same thing. Chemo | Radiation again Went home to die. This time they flew him to us. We did the same exact thing. Brought the kit again Brought him back from the brink of death again Back to work again. As you and I both know, it doesn’t do any good to cure him of cancer but he goes back and keeps living the same lifestyle. Then it is going to come back Ohhh Sonic, Mcdonald’s for Lunch. Dr was saying his liver was just rotten with radon poisoning also (…scanner tech censoring…) Sure enough when we tested his house… in Kansas…Basement… Bedrock there.. lots of radon poisoning goes on back there He was having issues but yeah he just didn’t want to get on board He really wasn’t… He gave up He ended up passing, but anytime we were involved… Anytime we were sent sure enough we had him back to work in, you know, 3 or 4 months Wow That’s kind of how we got started on this whole path That is a deeply moving story. I appreciate you sharing that with me. That is just…wow Yeah it’s heartbreaking, but also for my wife (Naturopathic Dr.)… you know for us we’ve been validated. We don’t need anybody else’s pat on the shoulder or anything like that. We saw. We did it first hand We spent so much time at the clinic at one point the owner wanted my wife to take over business operations She had some old uh Mexican lady that wasn’t communicating very well Point being is that Being there long enough you see these people. They’re brought in I mean with softballs sticking out of their bodies and the tumors are so egregious (extraordinary in a bad way) it was just horrific. A lot of them would die in the lobby before they even got to see her. It was that bad and most them… you’d see ’em a couple weeks later Hair growing back Walking Its uh…its weird Not everybody of course but most That’s amazing After that its a matter of the person, like you said taking responsibility and actually having the desire To eat right. I mean that’s so hard for most people to simply eat right In our program you’re taught you can eat most foods you enjoy if you follow the rules for finding / preparing them toxin free. Cheeseburgers – yes. Sonic – no. John 10:10 would not be true if you had to choose between health and enjoying food

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