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Something that we’ve talked about in the past is cancer, Intergrative Cancer approach how can naturopathic medicine help cancer patients? Well its so important, cancer is also just skyrocketed in our country and around the world. And so in my opinion many other naturopathic doctors opinion, you cannot get the best type of care if you’re just doing conventional medicine only. Radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, for some types of cancer those can be helpful. But whatever treatment you’re undergoing, naturopathic medicine always has some solutions for you to do better. So for example, patients undergoing chemotherapy radiation we can reduce their symptoms, their side effects, like fatigue, hair loss, digestive problems. We can help stimulate their immune system so their body can fight cancer more effectively, which by the way this isn’t all just philosophical. Many many studies show the things that we use actually accomplished this. So, again we can partner with a patient and their other doctors and just give them much better care.

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