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cancer people who dye their hair, even. Certainly, people
who eat in specific ways are at increased risk of certain type of cancer: red meat across
the board seems to be strongly associated with risk for many cancers. So my patients
come and see me who have already done conventional treatments for their cancer. They re in remission
and they re looking to prevent future problems. And so I want to look for them to figure out,
okay, why did they develop cancer in the first place? And sometimes there are tests that
we can run that will give us some kind of indication that will look for toxicities,
that will look for immune system problems that we can address, and I m going to use
a variety of different treatments to help that. And a lot of that centers around lifestyle
modification we can work with their diet, we can work with detoxification, we can work
with exercise and discouraging certain bad habits and encouraging certain good habits
that help reduce their risk of ever getting cancer again. I use certain very specific
agents: I ll use mistletoe with patients; I will use high-dose vitamins with patients
vitamin D, vitamin A, a number of vitamins which, in the right doses, can be really helpful
in reducing people s risk of cancer, and that s certainly been shown in research. And so
I m using a number of different agents combined with overall lifestyle changes and recommending
other types of approaches to thinking about their cancer looking at things from an emotional
perspective, looking at things from n spiritual perspective, to make sure we re treating the
whole person to help them get better and to never have to face cancer again. So a patient
comes to see me and they have active cancer. Almost always, they re already seeing an oncologist,
and if they re not I recommend that they do. It s important they understand what their
treatment options are, and they almost always require some conventional treatment. I want
to make sure that they re getting the conventional treatment that they need. I want to make sure
that they re getting what s necessary and not more. Sometimes they can get too much,
and that can be a harrowing experience and we want to limit that. What I m looking to
do in this situation is support them wherever they re at: so I want to do things that might
produce side effects from any treatments that they re doing; I want to do things that support
their immune system and help them to get through the process and to make it such that when
they re trough, they re not going to have to do this again. And I use a variety of different
things to do that. Sometimes, what I m looking to do is to help them maintain or gain additional
weight because they re losing weight because of their treatments, so I m using fish oil,
I m using specific dietary interventions, making sure that they re eating high-calorie
foods that are healthy, that they re not drinking really sugary drinks to do that but they re
actually eating whole foods that are healthy, that are going to make them get better in
a real way. ll often use herbal treatments on patients who are undergoing cancer therapy.
I might use asheraganda (sp?), for example, in someone who s doing radiation treatments
something that will increase the effectiveness of the treatment and decrease the side effects.
I might use aloe vera topically to decrease or prevent burning that can occur when people
are doing radiation. And we use a variety of other herbs that can be really helpful
for people that are undergoing cancer treatment. My success rate in treating people in remission,
preventing future cancers, has been very good. When we look at patients who have had cancer,
we re not talking about weeks or months here re talking about years. You can t tell in
a short period of time whether or not your treatments have been effective, and certainly
looking in the long term at the way my patients are, and how they re doing things have been
good. So basically what we re talking about here is a natural-living lifestyle. Cancer,
even though it is really scary and it can be very serious, is a lot like many other
diseases in terms of what can cause it and what we can do to treat it. And at base, what
we re looking to do is looking to change the way that people live, change the way that
they think about how they eat, how they behave, the kind of exercise they get, the kind of
interactions they have with other people so they can live more healthily if they can reduce
their risk of having cancer in the first place, or if they ve had cancer, they can reduce
the risk of having cancer again in the future. If you d like to learn more about natural
medicine and the natural living lifestyle, you can read this informative book, The Beginner
s Guide to Natural Living. 40 min total University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Simon Cancer
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Cambria -Cancer is a problem that occurs when some of body cells start aving erratically
and decidin that they their thing. Biologically, there of different things happening that cancer
process where parts of the body decide that they can do their thing, they start replicating
without thinking /about the rest of the body. They start behaving independently, lly, they
-can do that, and they can spread throughout t body cause eventua lly kill a person. *u!So,
oncologists and other doctors treat cancer conventionally ally with about three basic
op ions: they using they using chemo herapy, they re using radiation there other that they
use, that s basic approach to treatmen . There some cancers which effective, %but the
types of cancers for which th effective very these .treatments are used across the board
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6 thoughts on “Naturopathic Medicine Helps Cancer Patients Recover – Dr. Simon Barker, ND Naturopathic Doctor

  1. Awesome vid, only 555 views…how sad 🙁 The TRUTH needs to get out, instead people just believe the lies they're fed by Western mainstream doctors every day. Spread the word, a natural lifestyle is healthy living. Namaste.

  2. Agree with the general message here, although I would like to recommend totally avoiding radiation and chemo therapy at all costs! both of them are cancer causing!!
    Also look up vitamin B12, Layatril
    Hemp oil,
    The Gerson Therapy.
    Do a combination of all of the above treatments and cancer won't know what hit it!

  3. Excellent presentation by Dr. Barker. Unlike orther alternative doctors who always seems prejudiced and bias about allopathic medicine, Dr. Barker empathize with his patients and will use what works best for his patients. We need more naturopathic physicians like Dr. Barker.

  4. Use Laetrile (aka Vitamin B17) found in apricot kernels from your local health food store. Look it up, you will be amazed.

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