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Hey, everyone Welcome back to the Viewpoint TV. My name is Dalia if it’s your first time here welcome to my show So today I have with me a special guest I have Dr. Salma Hassouna who is a natural path doctor so welcome to the show Salma. Thank you Thanks for having me so so what can you tell me or tell the viewers for those that don’t know ..what Exactly is natural path medicine? So so naturopathic medicine is a form of medicine that focuses on treating the root cause of disease as well as a focus on prevention preventive medicine and treating the whole person Rather than you know the sum of their parts we also use natural modalities and The least invasive treatments as possible. What is the biggest difference between western medicine and naturopath and For those that are a little skeptical about what would you say to them? Uh gnostics are very similar but our treatments are really what? Differentiates us from from medical doctors. We might use acupuncture we can use traditional Chinese medicine We can use botanical therapy Nutrition Lifestyle stuff hydrotherapy, so there’s we have many different modalities We might use a combination of them when we’re treating a patient so does that mean that you are? Somewhat similar to Chinese medicine. We are like a Jack-of-all-Trades Whereas a Chinese doctor medical doctor will probably do just do acupuncture or just use Chinese herbs and Or if you know went to a homeopathic doctor. They’re only going to be using homeopathic remedies And a nutritionist is you know only going to use nutrition? Whereas we are certified to practice all of those things and the process of actually Becoming a naturopathic doctor is quite different from all those alternatives medical practitioners So some what can you tell us a little bit of the difference between the naturopathic? Row, and the Homeo topic room so homeopathy and our homeopathic medicine is one modality of many modalities that Naturopathic doctors are trained in so including you know botanical medicine Chinese medicine acupuncture nutrition And it you know a lot of naturopathic doctors choose to practice it and a lot to not – I personally don’t practice homeopathy in my own practice And you know there’s a little bit of controversy around homeopathic medicine. It’s very popular in Europe it originated in Germany and There’s the controversies mostly around whether you know the it’s effective Just based on Placebo rather than it Being actually effective so can you go a little bit more detail about that for those that are watching that aren’t sure what you mean? By the hopeless people say like I know what it means But maybe there’s someone who yeah so placebo means that you know I’m I’m giving you something and you get better Even though what I gave you it doesn’t have any active ingredient in it. There’s nothing in it That’s actually going to treat you physically homeopathic medicine is based on the principles of treating symptoms based on Giving you a remedy that would actually cause those symptoms same symptoms in a healthy person and you wouldn’t do that in your in your fields like as a naturopathic doctor uh I Wouldn’t herself as colleagues who practice it and there are many patients you know swear by it I just would rather stick to you know the other more research modalities like the Acupuncture botanical medicine nutrition that kind of stuff and so like you for example, icky I know you have your degree in this field But as a homeopathy would they have a degree or had a bomb I believe they get a diploma from a college program I don’t believe I could be wrong I don’t think it’s they are they are considered regulators health care practitioners um And I mean if there is a big difference in terms of training. So you know we have we have to have an undergrad Usually in science, we need a lot of prerequisites biology chemistry We anatomy stuff like that, so the way the board exams work Is that you’ll have their key space? So you’ll have a case of you know just like just like a medical school exam Of a patient, and you know everything about them, and then the questions will be you know about diagnosing them using labs and imaging And and then you’ll have a question about pharmacology they have a question about naturoPathic modalities and one of them could be homeopathic And then just like monitoring parameters and stuff like that, so so it’s involved definitely not in our training But it’s it’s up to each practitioner whether they actually want to use it. So what got you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Family is in medicine. So I was always drawn to it But I was really interested in you know prevention And I always sort of felt like our Health care system is really just endeared towards sick care. We take care of people when they’re sick and What I loved about naturopathic medicine is that it treats preventative? Ly there’s a whole world out there of treatments and therapies That you know the medical community doesn’t use and so I thought that it would be really awesome to just Look into that and master Those treatments some things that the medical field doesn’t use so what it would is a prime example if somebody goes to their medical doctor they might for example if they’re going to be there might be prescribed medication for Treating let’s say some indigestion and stomach anything some stomach gastrointestinal problems whereas if you go to a naturopathic doctor you know we’re going to look at diets at first and foremost and then We’re going to try and figure out. You know. What exactly is causing the issues and The disturbance and then I might use a combination of certain herbs as well as a diet that’s going to include certain foods and eliminate certain foods to try and To address the symptoms, but also to address the underlying disorder So you said I use herbs do you as a naturopathic doctor? Do you also use any type of? Pharmaceutical drugs or we learn a lot about pharmacology in school. We have pharmacology courses our board exams incorporate pharmacology in most of the questions And you know naturopathic doctors in British Columbia actually have can get prescribing rights to prescribe regular medications? Yeah? And an Ontario right now. It seems like they’re going to maybe in the future implement something similar Which requires more more exams and stuff like that? So it’s not like one of the big misconceptions with mathematic medicine. Is that you know we we don’t believe in pharmaceutical treatments, or that we would you know say to a patient you know forego your Your pharmaceutical treatment in lieu of naturopathic and that’s really not true a lot of time will work adjunctive Lee and So let’s say a patient. You know like they want to wean off of a pharmaceutical drug because giving them certain side effects So we might help manage that Over time or we actually there’s instances where we learn how to use naturopathic Treatment to actually make pharmaceutical drugs more effective and have less side effects okay so so yeah So like in cancer therapy, that’s that’s very common if I wanted to go see a cardiologist. So there’s different Specializations within western medicine is there some sort of specializations as well in the naturopathic field so um Officially you don’t really you don’t specialize in the sense that we don’t have residency’s okay like a medical doctor would so Cardiologists, you know they would do internal medicine, and then they would you’ll follow ship in cardiology So right now currently we don’t have that option we really just you do your your degree in that magic medicine or in my case with a doctor and Canadian College of Naturopathic medicine and if you want to give an interest in certain Aspects Then it’s up to you to if you just want to treat those illnesses or in that field you can and then you’re basically just going to market to that those illnesses or certain patient population and Of course you can do continuing education courses and things that specialize in that field So I’m sure there might be some viewers out there Who maybe are in high school or whatever it may be or maybe nobody already graduated? And they’re just looking into getting into a steel So what would you say them because I mean maybe they’re in a situation where they’re kind of needing do they want to go into? Western medicine or the natural Topic field so what would you say to them well for me? I mean, so I did my undergrad in science in Biology at Queen’s university, and you know I was debating between doing pharmacy or naturopathic medicine and So first of all it it’s a lot more work than I thought it would be I so I went into this program with a lot of skepticism Especially coming from from a medical family um you know my dad is a professor of surgery University of Toronto so I was always I always had a little deceptive ism about the whole process in the training and then And then as soon as I went to see cnm I was just blown away by by you know the course work and and the different courses that We had to do like we had to do anatomy and physiology and all that stuff then later We had to do specialties like radiology, and so it was a lot you think like uses pretty much everything it was a lot Yeah, because basically we have to be trained to identify Red flags to to you know have our patients. Go see a medical doctor is the need be oh, so ideally we would work with family Doctors and a patient if they’re having if they want to speak natural toxic care, they should also always have a Gp so basically Yes, if I feel that you know I’m treating a patient for something and and I recognize certain red flags And I think you know this patient needs to follow up with some Specialty of things if I feel like they need to see a cardiologist like you said, I’m or I’m going to say okay We’re going to go your family doctor and they’re going to run maybe certain tests And then you might need to get referred so are there certain tests that They would do that. You don’t do and if there are what what would they be for example? So in terms of like in the ordering imaging and Ontario yeah family doctor would have to be the one to order that mentioning in Terms of just routine blood work. We can actually order that as well Just like a regular family doctor on the only difference. Is that it’s not going to covered under oh head, so You know patients sometimes like that flexibility? Sometimes you know a family doctor may not For their own reasons want to run certain blood work So will provide that option for them and they can do that with a naturopathic doctor So why do you think there’s a lot of crusading against natural positive medicine these days? Well, there’s different kinds of crusading I mean, we’ve got a lot of pressure from from for Shore pharmaceutical companies The thing is is at the end of the day a lot of naturopathic modalities Don’t offer a lot of options for profit for a lot of companies So there’s not a lot of money to be made in alternative therapies Why a lot of what we use cannot be patented especially with with things like her already So and then another problem that we face you know with the with the medical community in the scientific community is That we they have this idea that real Medical knowledge and and evidence-based medicine has to depend on randomized control trials those are the clinical trials where you know you’re going to take something and see if it works by blinding both the doctor and patients and You’re going you’re not going to know whether the patient is getting the placebo or or the active ingredient and in a lot of naturopathic? Modalities don’t fit nicely within the confines of an rTP Start with an arc. It’s a randomized control trial. So in that framework doesn’t work Well with a lot of nitrous mortalities like for example with her You know a lot of the time we don’t if I’m using a herb it’s hard to specify exactly, how much is The active ingredient is in you know amount amount of herb that I’m giving a patient okay? So it’s hard to to control that as opposed to someone when it got a certain amount of how do I do? something here exactly except and many plants have you know hundreds of activity it’s hard to isolate them yeah, so You know there’s this fear. I think with medical doctors also that when their patients are going to go seek alternative treatments They might be at risk of harm because a practitioner You know won’t recognize if there is harm Or you know do things that aren’t safe and it does happen and those are valid concerns for a medical doctor You know just as any practitioner even in the medical field I just would say like I mean you’re even a gp or anyone can really I think yeah There’s make a mistake or exactly it is just something there might be I’m assuming some sort of harmful effect You know what you haven’t really denny. Yeah, it basically there Are you know the natura binding doctors and other alternative practitioners who might do things that aren’t you know the most? Safe, and and that’s just their own preference and put you know a patient in harm’s way Just like a medical doctor mike or that for anyone who is interested in the naturopathic going to a naturopathic? Doctor I mean you heard it here from Dr. Philemon Asuna and leave your comments below let me know if you have an experience going to a naturopathic doctor if you’re thinking about going and don’t forget to subscribe and Like the video and Share it with your friends. Bye


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