Taking Charge of Your Health

Hey guys, Dr. Shawn Postma here. Today I want to talk about why I became a
Naturopathic doctor and how I’ve been able to help so many people with “chronic illness”. My story starts off like many of my patients. I had a number of chronic health issues that
couldn’t be resolved by conventional medicine and I began to explore other options. Naturopathic medicine was the first to catch
my attention. What I really liked about it is that Naturopathic
doctors believe that it is more important to understand the person behind a symptom, rather
than a symptom itself. This is huge you guys! And it’s what makes all the difference. For example, anxiety for one person might
be related to a compromised gut, while for another it might be adrenal fatigue, dysfunctional
breathing, or poor nutrition. Understanding the whole person is key to treating
the underlying cause of illness. Suppressing symptoms with medication is not
a lasting solution.

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