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Mark: Hi, it’s Mark Bossert from Top Local
Lead Generation. We’re here today with Dr. Sonya Jensen from Divine Elements, a naturopathic
clinic in Vancouver. Today we’re going to talk about naturopathic support for mom and
baby. How are you doing today, Dr. Sonya? Dr. Sonya: I’m good, thanks for having me,
Mark. Mark: So what’s your core findings around
the kind of support a naturopath can provide for mom and baby?
Dr. Sonya: Well, my main goal is to really support families, especially mothers, and
the way I do that is by introducing them to naturopathic medicine. I now have two children
and I know how powerful this medicine has been for me, so I’m able to relate that back
to the mother in turn, who supports her baby. I’ve found throughout both of my pregnancies,
I kind of did a self-experiment, and I saw what changes I needed to make for myself in
order to have a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth, and healthy baby. I’ve found it’s my
kind of duty to share that with other women. So some of the things I’ve seen in my practice
is, I had a mother that I was supporting throughout her pregnancy with nutrition, with IV therapy
because she was feeling really fatigued and had some nausea. She had a great birth, and
everything went really great, but then came the post-natal period where she was feeling
quite down, and depressed. One of the things that I worked on with her was just that acceptance
of being a new mom, and not feeling so guilty, and just giving her a supportive environment,
with a lack of judgement from anyone. So really, the key thing was that emotional support,
but also nutritional support to give her that boost so she actually had the energy to deal
with the changes that have happened. There was a study done where they actually
have seen low levels of selenium can increase post-partum in women, so it’s not just in
their minds, but really there’s a chemical component to it, too. So by educating them,
they know, ‘Okay, I can actually do something about this, and I can be the mom I know I
can be.’ Mark: That’s great advice. I know, as a father
of a couple of children, it just never seems like you can do a good enough job.
Dr. Sonya: No, it’s never enough! There’s always something that you’re doing wrong!
[laughs] There’s this great video that’s been going around where they ask the children,
like, ‘What do you think about your mom?’ And they said, ‘We love them, they do this
and that for us, they play with us.’ Then they ask the mother, ‘Oh, I haven’t done this,
I haven’t done enough, or playing with them enough, I’m not getting them enough.’ It’s
all about perspective. It’s my goal to change that so that the woman actually feels empowered
and like a super mom, because you actually are a super mom.
Mark: Awesome. Is there any other support that you offer beyond nutrition?
Dr. Sonya: Yes. Well, there’s the IV therapy that we’ve been doing with a lot of a new
mom’s. So after you find out you’re pregnant, there’s usually that nausea component that
happens. What we have found over time is that by doing an IV every week, it actually helps
their symptoms go down because they’re feeling more supported internally in the body.
The big thing about pregnancy is the unknown, of what’s coming up in the next trimester.
What I do is see women once per trimester and kind of set them up and let them know
what things to watch out for, or what changes that their bodies are going to be going through.
These are the things that we can do to support you, to give whatever support that you need.
When I talk about support, it’s not just nutritionally; it’s talking to them about family support.
It’s encouraging them and their partner to be connected throughout the pregnancy, too.
Traditionally in a lot of cultures there’s this 40 day period that happens after a baby
is born, where you’re getting meals cooked for you, you’re getting your house cleaned,
and all of that is happening. I not only talk about what her physical body is doing, but
also the emotional state that her mind and body will be going through.
Mark: Yeah, that’s really important. What about getting pregnant?
Dr. Sonya: Yes, we do a lot of fertility work, too. There’s been a lot of couples that come
in, that maybe have been trying for a year or two years, and things aren’t shifting.
Sometimes it is simply just nutritional. A lot of times, it ends up having an emotional
component — sometimes there’s something from their past that hasn’t been dealt with.
You know, a baby arriving into your body is a big deal. Sometimes it’s just a little bit
of cleansing on all levels — which is physical, mental, and emotional. Sometimes it’s reconnecting
with their partner. I kind of provide an environment where both partners are involved in the process.
So from there we figure out what needs to be tweaked, whether it’s their hormones, their
nutritional status, or whether it’s the emotional work that needs to be done with each other.
Mark: Awesome. So, if you want some help — you’ve just become pregnant, you want help getting
pregnant, or want help with the aftermath of pregnancy and having a baby, and being
a new parent — these are the folks to call at Divine Elements. You can see their website
at or give them a call at (604) 568-3735. We’ve been talking with Dr.
Sonya Jensen. Thanks a lot. Dr. Sonya: Thank you.

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