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(calm music) – Hi, my name is Katherine Maslen. I’m a naturopath, nutritionist, author, and also the head of the
naturopathic team at Shift, at our Brisbane Clinic. So welcome to my website. So my team of naturopaths work with people with all kinds of conditions, but really we specialize
in treating people that have things that are a little bit more complex and chronic going on. We’ve worked with thousands
of people over the years and we love working with people, to actually see them going
from where they don’t wanna be, and going through that wellness journey to actually come out the other end of it. But it’s not easy and it does take a bit of time and support. And what we really believe is that healing isn’t about supplements, and it’s not about taking lots of things. It’s really about you understanding what’s going on in your body, and making positive actions so that you can get out of it and not end up back there again. So as well as looking at
prescribing herbs and supplements, and all of those kind of things, what we’re really in is giving you some real-life tools and resources that you can use to make
a change in your health and in your life. There are two different things
that we offer in our clinic. The first thing is we do a stand-alone naturopathic assessment
and diagnostic session. Now this session is all about you and all about you finding out insights about what’s going on. And we’re looking for
underlying causes of problems, how are things connected, and looking at bringing that all together so that you really understand where you’re at right now, and what your options
are to move out of that. Now you’ll get value from coming
to that session on its own. Our patients often say
that they feel lighter, and they feel more in control, and they get some insights from that. However, if you wanna continue
with the journey with us, we then will look at
mapping that out for you. We’re actually a specialist
membership based clinic, which means we’ll say, these are the things your
gonna need to get from A to B, this is how much it’s gonna cost per week, and then you’re ready to go. That means there’s no surprises, it means we’re results driven, but it also means that you’re supported throughout that process. So I’ve been seeing
patients for about 12 years and I know that patients
that go through this process get better results because they are really
supported and accountable to making sure that they’re
getting through to the end. So if you’d like to make an
appointment or find out more, please call our clinic on 3367 0337. Have a look around the website, or or you can ask us a question where we’ll be able to
answer it and tell you if we can specifically help you. (upbeat music)

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