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Prakritik Jeevan Kendra, Patti Kalyana is here since 1955. This organization is made after Gandhiji’s Death from Gandhi Memorial Fund. Gandhi Memorial Fund was used for doing Gandhiji works by Govt. of India. Earlier Haryana, Himachal were not separted. They came under Punjab and interest gained from Gandhi Memorial Fund was utilized for establishment in 1955. Under Gandhi Smarak Nidhi there is Naturopathy center “Prakritik Jeeven Kendra” Patti Kalyana which works here since 1968. Today we have 70+ patients for treatment here. Diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, joint pain asthma, constipation, psoriasis, acidity, liver disorder and several diseases which can’t be treated by medicines. Those patients come here for Naturopathy treatment. Technique of Treatment is based on five elements therapy of nature That which we call Naturopathy i.e using 5 elements treatment is done for all disease of body and that five elements are i.e Soil, Water, Air , Fire and Space. Main principle of Naturopathy says unity of diseases, cause of diseases are same Hence cure of diseases is one. Patients who came here suffering from various diseases. First we do counseling of them When in your body toxic matter accumulates then from various parts of body they try to come out of body. For example if it come from nose, we call it cold. if it come in form of cough we call it asthma. if it come from skin we call it skin disorder if it accumulates in knee we call it knee pain The main thing we need to analysis of body for detoxification of body. Speaking of small small things first mud therapy Sand from river is stored for 8 hours in water and then early in morning we mesh it and form shapes. Those shapes we put under stomach. That sand cure all the problems of stomach and similarly if we put that sand on eye for 30 sec daily it provides mental relaxation Similarly, third treatment we perform is full body mud bath From mud bath our skin elasticity As we can see skin come quickly to its position after pinching but sometimes it come late so for that skin mud therapy helps and sand works as titanic treatment Full body mud bath cures all types of skin disorders like psoriasis which in today world big problem in allopathy And years of treatment for patients doesn’t help him with curing But from Naturopathy cure is 100 % possible here. Sand plays an important role in treatment we stick mud on person body and let it dry for 40 mins the cold bath helps. Similarly next treatment is hydrotherapy includes Katisnan, Enema, Kunjal Kriya patients sits in tubs for 15 min sometimes cold water and sometimes hot water according to diseases we need to understand role of water in treatment If we understands Value and Remedial Properties of Water we can easily cure more than Half of problems of your body from own sitting at home. These all techniques we taught patients in Naturopathy Our body is made up of 5 elements and Naturopathy treatment is based on 5 elements. Our relationship with patients are good. All of them cooperate with us. At starting patient think “What will happen next”? As Naturopathy is old science but less in practice today so from that excitement in patients increases. I stayed 24 days here and Lost 15-20 kg weight of mine. It’s pleasure to come here as Diet and Nutrition are kept balanced. Feels good coming here as my body feels light and weight increased. Feeling better as our disease is being treated here. Feeling better as initially there are problem both physical and mental but now it’s relief. Awesome Feeling good as I am came here 8 days ago and feeling 70% relief already.

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