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hey guys this is Andy so you might be wondering How did I
got to this park without having to wear my glasses today right? And… you might have noticed this is my key. So that’s proof I have been doing something that you shouldn’t be thinking about but today I’ll show you how I do it through sungazing look at the sun real quick. What do you see?
You barely actually see the run right? Well, there, the Sun might look bigger than usual but the thing is that’s the aura of the sun. The goal is to actually a gaze at the aura and not at the core so first when you start doing Sun gazing you have to do like at least 10 yes second by your
first day and then the days after where’s tried gaze at Lee’s 10 and seconds the
increments a like by 20 seconds by sample on the
second day and then on the third day you increase
it thereby 10 seconds increments afterwards and Sundays a like a view as
I gaze like me way you do twice a day at least increase it by 15 add so before you do this practice be sure you drink a lot no water and you
can not be able to I can’t do sup as some walking where you
stand on top of grout like away I’m standing with at least as some dart on their because without and those dark a you will be gathering enough energy from
Tucson though add that my best advice to you how to
check with you guys after I guess I’m gazing is Andy coming back here from the Sun
gazing practice about an hour ago so from from what I ed ICM for a lot of my fans
and even is so my friends that talked about Sun
casing day asked me ways to benefit son Casey well for starters is that the first on the
first months I A but I do Sunday CIA tend to have
liked what we call the headaches a lot of times it’s because from I can wear it classes and especially like a hice working
having a history of a doctor’s copy a and I have like three
doctors of a astigmatism black I just couldn’t see
very well but that thing is is that on the first
month I A I was having a low been a headache
such wanna throw up and sometimes my eyes are her team’s and
their moments like a when I first do I Rangers Hatton had some balance their way I I could
sleep very well every month subside gazing but be
because I’ve been doing it for twice a day and increasing it by
fifteen-second Cinco visit impact semi I am i buy a lifeguard a
psychologist slept the a lot less at night be getting
a from three times a day I Jersey only two times and then by around four
months that’s one like eyesight nosing them I vision such
changes that right now say like on way my like to die after wearing glasses but
pac-10 it wasn’t as fun because when I E first rolled inside a car without my
glasses it was I als iraq hours cause a wreck on the
industry alive times by time I hit like six long months up
Sun gazing right now I personally a got to a lot
diet change where as he once a day and yet I always look
like five hours am always liked mom up makes me have to go to sleep at
nine o’clock at night time but somehow I woke up like around two
o’clock in the morning but how is it explained
by logically I don’t know but somehow it does work so I highly recommend that you guys try
this and if you do have headaches just pack
of from the Sun for a while and may give
yourself some I’m no recover and once you do that I E recommend a comeback in chai and try again because the past eight
years is is buried at you you either heal
yourself or eight you die trying because like
your bite develop more resistance so wary a deal keep that consistent practice and I just hope that
you’ll have a great day and see around the necks shelled lonely and number school today

6 thoughts on “Naturopathy and Medicine: How to Do Sun gazing and Benefits?

  1. I do sungazing now for 8 months and I don't sleep but about 5 hours too,and when I do go to bed and close my eyes I can see thru my eyelids It's crazy stuff but really good for u.

  2. hey Andy, this is Anne from the PSR after party google Hangout haha. cool video, thanks for the tips! its hard for me to sun-gaze where i live because there are a lot of mountains and hills and trees. but i do it when i can if i see the sun thru the trees at the horizon, or if im on top of a hill. I have noticed that when i was sungazing more i was a little bit less hungry. 

  3. Andy, you have much to share!  Thank you!  I had not heard it said the way you put it, to look at the sun's aura rather than its core.  That was very helpful for me!

  4. with sun-gazing, seems like i notice my ideas about food have changed,
    there are other changes too – but i don't know what they are from. i seem to have more energy ,

  5. Hey guys and gals im just sharing what ive learned about sun gazing. The best times to gaze are during the golden hour which is the first hour that the sun is up and the last hour before it goes down. There is no UV radiation during these times. The sun will help balance and align your chakras and it will also help with your sensitive abilities. Much Love, Dave

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