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Gua Sha is a method that is coming from the normal people and it’s being implemented in our normal life it is very easy to be used today our specialist qua sha expert Zhang Xiu Qin will show us how to gua How to gua our neck properly? So now we will ask professor Zhang to show demonstrate to us how to Gua and Today our candidate is a very young patient. He is not even 30. So we have a very simple diagnosis method So meaning we put a little bit of gua sha oil on the back of his hand and we try to qua So this is to check whether his spine is healthy Whether his neck spine is good. So is there any problem? Yes, what do you feel like it’s a not smooth Yes, there’s a lot of small sand like things inside and actually if your spine is good This side should feel very smooth. And when you have small sand, that means you have some problem here So here he also feels some sand that means there could be some problem at the waist as well so you see where by there’s redness, it shows that there are some small problem inside So now we will do the back gua sha. So now it’s a bit hot So if it’s cold is better that you can cover up like that to avoid having cold So we put the oil at the intended Gua area So based on just now so we will gua his neck for him So we’ll show how do we gua for neck? So we spread the qua sha oil evenly and when we do neck spine Treatment so we put the board on and scrap it lightly. Do you feel anything? no, so because he is very young and he’s healthy so His muscle has high strength so we can actually try to Gua at a heavier pressure so we first gua certain lengths like three to five inches every time and you see with a little bit more forces there’s redness is coming out and The patient shouldn’t exert force at his head. So do you feel pain a Bit on top and bottom a little bit pain What about here? So here is red. So here there’s a bit of pain So this is what we say in TCM when is pain that means is not not smooth How what kind of pain is it? Sore? bursting or is sharp pain The patient said it is not very pain So you can see it agrees with the sha because it’s very light pink and it is bright It’s not dark green or purple and the Sa is also distributed. It’s not like highly focused and big patches So now I can gua a little bit faster and with a little bit higher strength because we have limited time in show If not at home is good to gua slowly. Is it pain? The patients say is not pain. So now The doctor asks, do you feel any pain now? The patient said now is a little bit more pain because Actually, the doctor has used a greater pressure and also greater force now So when we start off we should use light force. If not the patient cannot take it After a while you can slowly increase and now so we will use the two rabbit ears,so you see there’s a hole at the Center So you can use this to move along the spine and Both sides of the neck will be massaged and gua So this is the bladder meridian Point so I feel that the doctor feel that it is very smooth and the patient therefore feel very comfortable So when when you don’t see any pain meaning this portion has no problem. The meridian in is very smooth There’s no congestion or Blockage, so that’s this point acupoint, feng qi if your head and eyes are pain you can massage this acupoint and gua so we can gua from feng qi to the neck to this area So this area is the gallbladder Meridian Area so you see once we qua is red. So this way it’s not the sha. It’s just a blood circulation being increased So when the doctor qua she feels that is quite okay. There’s not much blockage and resistance so if the neck is not comfortable, that’s an acupoint here called the jian jing acupoint, which is the shoulder and neck So the patient now feels that there’s some some something like a lump there just like when you Slide down. So that’s something that block you so So with this it means that this patient always look at computer And his muscle is very strained so this portion The muscle starts to stick together But a pain is not very obvious So meaning that for this patient is not serious So if it’s very serious you can don’t go straight line if it’s too pain for the patient you can do like a curve so and with a smaller angle with the gua sha board and the body is smaller. So with this you can try to remove the blockage So then it will be very comfortable for the patient So from top to bottom again So we have to gua faster in TV when at home we can go a little bit slower

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