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Greetings, sir! You’re here at Dr. Vikram’s clinic in regard to your son’s treatment with which you’re quite happy. Tell us a little about when and what was the problem and when did you start his treatment? This started back in September, 2010. He had swelling on his upper eyelids after which I took him to an eye specialist. He was a really nice doctor. I belong to Pinjore and there is a place called Kalka near it and Himachal Eye hospital is situated there. The doctor I took him to asked me to take him to PGI and show him in APC (Advanced Pediatric Center). You first thought he had some problem related to the eyes? Yes, I thought so. I took him to PGI after that and they performed some tests on him and told me that he had Nephrotic syndrome. I asked them about its treatment. But, they said it no cure and started giving me statistics that some kids get better after this age group and some in that. It has no treatment and no certain time duration. How old was Jasmeet back then? Jasmeet was 2 years old when he was first diagnosed with this problem. After knowing the statistics I got very upset thinking about the child’s condition. They also said that they would put him on steroids (Prednisolone). We started giving him KidPred syrup which made him really irritable. Irritable behavior was the side effects along with weak bones. He was given calcium supplements, anti-hypertensive drugs since his BP shot up. He was suffering from such discomforts. I got to know about Mr. Ram Kumar who gives homeopathic medicine and has a hospital called BRSS in Ambala city. I kept him on that treatment for a year and a half but it had no effect may be because it was taken along with steroids. In PGI, another gentleman’s son was undergoing treatment for the same disorder. He was from Nangal, Punjab. Seeing me upset, he told me to go to Sector 23, Chandigarh and see Dr. Vikram Chauhan since his son was getting better maybe my son could also get some relief. I came to Dr. Vikram Chauhan in 2012 and told him that he had really low immunity. Firstly, Dr. Vikram gave him some immune boosters which improved his immunity and along with that he prescribed Phyllanthus niruri and Curcumin capsules. I inculcated full faith in Dr. Vikram and followed all the restrictions for about 2 years. Ok. Dr. Vikram just prescribed him Phyllanthus niruri and Curcumin and you gave him these 2 medicines for 2 years? Yes. My child had come to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan just once in the beginning and after that I continuously came and took his medicines. You took the medicines and kept giving him regularly. Yes. I gave him these medicines for 2 to 2.5 years. He was fine in 2 years. There was improvement in his condition within 6 months. Gradually his health improved and the protein that passed out with his urine also stopped and after that we didn’t find the need of going to PGI again. My child is fine and 9 years old now. Jasmeet, you took treatment at Planet Ayurveda from Dr. Vikram Chauhan. How are you feeling? Are you completely fine? Do you remember you were sick and took medicine and recovered? No, I don’t remember. You were too young. What grade are you in now? 4th. Ok! He just remembers taking a pill similar to that of turmeric. It is better forgotten. It’s not a good memory for a kid. Yes. Dr. Vikram was just like God to us because he saved us from so much trouble. Mr. Saini, would you like to give a message for our viewers? I would like to say that have complete faith on Ayurveda and take continuous treatment rather than leaving the treatment half way. If someone wants my personal views they can call me personally. (Laughs) there are plenty of viewers, it’ll be difficult for you to speak to each and every one. Just like someone guided me like God. That’s how we form links, maybe I can guide someone. Thank you very much sir. Thank you.

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