Taking Charge of Your Health

imagine you’re laying on a beach getting
a suntan and somehow those razorlight are killing cancer in your body we have
manufactured abroad in a new light therapy based technology so just you
know think of like a light on the outside of your body hittin your skin
and we’re looking at how that a light reduces markers of inflammation and even
an doose’s you know damage to cancer cells and
what’s kind of cool is it’s it’s known it’s not invasive
you know it’s be like imagine you’re laying on a beach getting a suntan and
somehow those rays of light are killing cancer in your body so we’re collecting
some blood samples while I’m here right now my team is collecting blood samples
before and then they’re gonna have some lights you know expose to people no
blood draw some blood samples later I didn’t see you know what does it do this
is stuff that’s so simple and it’s so you know I guess non-threatening to
someone’s health it’s amazing that no one’s thought of this stuff or been
looking at this stuff before at this level
so imagine super simple strategies to help people get rid of pain in their
joints and we don’t know this yet but we think it may help to actually reduce the
threat of cancer in their body and if it works and be phenomenal cause then – one
of the things that’s really cool is that the ways were integrating so many
different tools that traditionally were never thought about for treating cancer
so you can’t make a claim that hey it fights cancer it does something but on
the other hand people are feeling better and they’re showing signs that cancers
levels are lower in their body so it’s exciting you know just to see people get
a healthier and improving we have a recent brain scan one of our patients at
a glioblastoma I was a topic we had talked about recently scan came back
there was no evidence of disease this is now going on six months or maybe a
little bit longer since we saw our at the center we continue to monitor
people and then we have another individual with a colon cancer that’s
showing no signs of cancer you know a little bit almost a year later so these
are very exciting things that hopefully we’ll be able to use and do for other
people so I’m asked all the time by patients what’s the difference between
personalized medicine and traditional medicine and in traditional medicine
there is a singular approach so you have cancer a-and for cancer a here is the
standard of care treatment and after you go through the standard of care
treatment and it doesn’t work typically there’s not a plan B there’s not another
option so then patients are told hey there’s nothing else that can be done
and so then they’re convinced that a there’s no hope and we can’t do anything
else now when a contrast step in a personalized approach that we have a
cause n time we’re going to measure all kinds of details within your body and
want to find lots of areas that we can actually improve your health and then
indirectly by improving those areas we’re gonna help you do a better job at
fighting cancer so where someone else would say hey there’s nothing that can
be done we’re gonna say hey there’s lots of opportunity here to improve your
health and make sure that you have a better quality of life so that you’re
able to function and live life under your own terms and not just waste away
in a bed and hospice somewhere and watch everything go by you as time passes on
so if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer and you’re looking
to get help I strongly encourage you to go to cause Entercom and fill out the
form at the bottom of the page and find out for yourself how we can help you you

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