Taking Charge of Your Health

I played club lacrosse at Virginia Tech, and
after graduating and moving to Indiana, I got quite a bit into bicycling. I was road biking a ton. Right from the beginning, the doctors said
they didn’t know, that only time would tell whether I would get function back in my hands,
in my arms, in my legs. Before surgery, all Chris could do really
was shrug his shoulders. In one arm he had a little bit of the ability
to raise it, but that was it. The significance of this is that, in the past
when a patient came in with a cervical spinal cord injury, my discussion with them was,
“There’s nothing we can do.” Now, my discussion with them is, “We have
a treatment which will return some of your function and take you from being completely
dependent upon others for everything to being able to live relatively independently.” After my stem cell injection, I slowly was
able to raise my left arm up to my face and then up to my head, and finally I’m able to
raise my arms up high in the air. The data are showing for this 10 million cell
group that at one year, two-thirds of them have regained two levels of motor function. Now that’s vastly better than anything we’ve
ever seen before. Five to six months after the stem cell injection
I was able to put on my own clothes on my upper body, dress the upper half of my body,
and shower my upper body. Normally following a spinal cord injury, you
will improve for a month or two and that’s it. We’re 12 months out, and these patients are
still getting better. That’s remarkable.

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