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today in this video we are going to review about nicip tablet. In this video we will explain you about uses,
side effects, how to use nicip tablet, how nicip tablet works. And at the end of the video we will share
you some advice and precautions related to nicip tablet. Composition of nicip tablet is nimesulide
. Uses of nicip tablet. Nicip tablet is used for pain relief and fever. It should not be used in children below 12
years of age . Nicip tablet side effects. Side effects of nicip tablet are vomiting,
dysentery. These above side effects are possible but
do not always occur. How to use nicip tablet. Take this medicine in the dose and duration
as advised by your doctor. Swallow it as a whole tablet. Do not chew crush or break it. How nicip tablet works. Nicip tablet works by blocking the release
of certain chemical messenger that cause pain, redness and swelling. Advise and precautions related to nicip tablet. Take it with food or milk to prevent upset
stomach. Ling term use of nicip tablet may lead to
stomach bleeding and kidney problems. Avoid consuming alcohol while taking nicip
tablet as it can increase your risk of stomach problems. That’s all about today’s video for more information
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