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Hello I’m Dr. Subashri from LiveRight Ayurveda Nipah virus -Reason and threats Zoonotic virus – spreads from animal to human and also human to human This can also spread from contaminated foods,
open water and other contaminated source may also contain this virus Symptoms for Nipah Virus are very sub-clinical which are more common like Fever, Headache, and Drowsiness etc.., If we face respiratory issues it’ll further
lead to brain Within 24-48 hours the patient might get
affected from Coma Respiratory illness is quite dangerous as might increase The speed of human to human spreading Incubation period – 4-14 days is considered to
be the incubation period But WHO says it can be nearly to 45 days. Diagnostic Factors for this virus are Throat Swab,
blood and Urine tests This virus has attacked several lives There is yet no remedy or vaccination for this virus Researches are going on for this virus and
vaccination for the same. How can we prevent from Nipah? Avoid mangoes/other fruits seem to be
bitten by animals and birds As we are not sure about whether it is bitten by parrot/sparrow
or the dangerous fruit bats, it is better to avoid them Ask your kids to avoid such fruits from the garden Nowadays in Cities we have closed water tanks,
but in rural area we still have open well, bores Bats would be roaming around such water area,
so avoid drinking or consuming water from that area Third important thing to be avoided is Infected Pigs Pigs which seem to be sick or affected, inform about this to
local municipality or officials to get rid of such pigs As we saw about threats and preventive measures now we’ll look forward to food habits It is always better to take food items such as
vegetables, fruits, spinaches and etc.., Can also drink Nellikai, tulsi juices. So we saw about what is Nipah virus,
preventive methods, threats and symptoms, Kindly share this video with family friends to
make them aware of the Nipah virus.
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