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No medications taken over 3 generations… Not even Vaccination.. Seriously? See, I’m blessed to be born in such kind of family where from last 70 years, 70, Yeah, 70 No medication has been taken, maximum time once they get thyroid they will never be off medication Yes but in our centre if they give 1 or 2 months they can be off medication the next generation kids, 3rd generation, 4th generation kids are growing very well in holistic way. Dr. Neetu Jain & her team have successfully treated a number of modern day ailments with amazing results Cases like a person recommended Bypass surgery having been treated here without any need for surgery, cases of infertility being treated & showing results within 4 months. All of these being treated successfully, holistically and literally liberating them from the need for life-long medications Listen in to my conversation with Dr. Neetu Jain Co-founder and MD of PIYAS Hospital For more information on alternative treatments and wellness tips Subscribe to the channel Over to Dr. Neetu Jain So, welcome to you, Dr. Neetu jain Welcome to Proholistic heath. Thank you very much. So, I hear that your family has some pretty amazing experiences with medications rather NOT taking medications. and you don’t believe in external interventions as far as health conditions are concerned. so tell me something about it. See, I’m blessed to be born in such kind of family where from last 70 years, 70?
Yeah 70 No medication has been taken, maximum time only yes, sometimes when some accidental or surgical investigation or maybe sometimes you need expert advice Absolutely For that only we go to consultation if at all required or sometimes some investigation if you are not sure about the problem We tackle each and every problem at home I understand this medicine is love medicine, Oh Haan, and if the family who understand love it is suitable for them and you won’t believe we have the kids from the 4 years young age to 70 – 80 years people and they are doing wonderfully in their life. so there’s where my confirmation comes This way of lifestyle is being adopted is not only you gain in physical health, you gain educational health, you gain economic health and whatever person needs in life, so we are seeing by God’s grace the next generation kids, 3rd generation, 4th generation kids are growing very well in holistic way. Okay,
So our message to the world and to you also, if this can be done. I think there will be drastic change across the world which we can do. Wow. very interesting. So the other question to you is today some people have tipped the extreme, you know, extreme side of going overboard, with you know, dependence on external factors like Doctors, Hospitals, medications.. Is it really possible for today’s generation to be away from medication and these kind of factors? Very rightly you asked. You see if we go 100 years ago in India, have you seen anybody educated? or literate? now why changes has come? we understood the value of education, so now everyone especially girl’s education, why she will go to her in-law’s house, why should we invest on education? But none of us understand it, health education, right way of living, if we don’t do, we will never gain health rather we will gain more sickness, more illness, more ailment and this I think is right time when we have done so many experiments and we are understanding that health is somewhere else, neither in medicine nor in pharmacy Because we have done enough experiment and research confirms I’ll give you one example, you’ll understand very well.. Suppose I’m treating someone, I’m a pulmonologist, okay and somebody is coming to me, 10 years given all or whatever the treatment I know as an adult and still he is suffering from Asthma and people number of people are increasing Yeah something wrong
is growth? We have to understand this
Yeah So there’s where holistic health approach comes We have seen people, you will be surprised to hear this within 3 months the complete scene changes of health and if they really want to become independent in health exactly they can become Very nice
But yes, please remember I think your cars, your bungalow is much more costlier than your health True
you invest on them but you don’t invest on your health Very nice, Yeah
So the day you will understand, what is the right investment Yeah
I think health will chase you and then you don’t need any external support much Whenever it is needed in terms of investigation expert advice, you should seek otherwise for the resolve problem permanently I understand person should go through nature Very true So it’s a question of also reprioritizing your prioritizing important things in your life Health is important First and foremost
because it is not mine Yeah Across the world health is first right? True but we remember when we already lost Yeah So why don’t we put first step for health? How we are putting first step for education Yeah When I put my child when he is 3 – 4 in school Can I plan something like this? so we are ready for that Yeah
So at least now people those who are suffering next generation after 20 years you may see hardly suffering or maybe it can be overcome so this is you know broader vision Very nice So we can think it over as a human being, this I think is our right Yeah
And everyone should think in this terminology Yeah Very true, very interesting
So any young, elderly people, senior people everyone can be healthy see health is their asset Yeah But we should know how to manage, maintain, promote, prevent that is what PIYAS is doing Very good So, what would you say is the difference in approach that people need to take today? That is, what would you say is your mind-set that makes you strong with regards to health? because I see personally you’re pretty strong in terms of your resolve and your mind-set regarding health Obviously, see each human has a capacity to resolve and the more you resolve right thing right thing only will approach you and person is ready that willingness See, you’ll be surprised, when people come to us we ask first question Do you really want to be healthy? Yes, for that only I am there Okay, then all these years what you were doing? I didn’t know Okay, fine But now you know Are you ready to take the ownership of your health? and we are the supporters So, then maximum people say yes Yeah
So 80 – 90% we are able to produce the result the way it is supposed to whatever age I can say from 1 month to 80 years Very good Very interesting because they are willing Yeah
if not willing then willingness can be created then that also will consume a lot of time Yeah Otherwise, health can be regained like this but person also should be ready like this Yeah They should make their mind that i want to have a good health
Yes You are very right Yeah very good Dr. Neetu jain, I hear that you have some amazing successes treating women with fertility issues so what has been your experience? and how have you handled it or tackled it? You are very right not only fertility issue and not only for women men also yeah low sperm count, hormonal balancing that is where our main area, where we cover and once the hormone comes back to the normal, PCOD disappears you will be surprised to hear conceiving is normal process in fact, to not to conceive they have to make a lot of effort but today because of our understanding or misunderstanding or lack of understanding we have forgotten that conception is effortless process yeah non conception is effort process yeah if somebody doesn’t want to conceive you will be surprised to hear not only PCOD or other fertility issues we have lot of other disease in terms of thyroid which you have also heard typical once they get thyroid they will never be off medication
yes but in our centre if they give 1 or 2 months they can be off medication but we taper down suddenly we don’t do
true see what we do nature also has a chemical natural chemical right but very few people understand true so we start taking supplements from the factory right
any day today I was not knowing I have taken support, fine fair enough I should protect myself but the moment I know that there is a natural supplement and that too also in terms of food which directly I can eat it absorb it, resolve my problem
yeah and then a lot of such kind of programs hydrotherapy and which helps to resolve the toxins from my body I give the health to such kind of, thyroid, high BP, diabetes, asthma, obesity you can name it, such kind of which is day to day problem which we see hypertension, easily can be resolved, not manageable, wow resolved very nice generally, we hear this word
yes managing I’m managing my disease
true why disease to be managed? yeah is to be managed na?
yeah correct very nice so, it’s no longer true that once you are on medication for thyroid or hypertension you don’t have to necessary subjugated to it for life you can be off it exactly, you rightly said you see what happens, when we go to school, they give 4 lines book so initially when I was not knowing 4-line support given through medication fair enough needed then I progress, I go on 2 lines writing then I go on single line writing then I don’t need any rule
yeah and then I write on blank paper also in straight line yeah so that’s how health is also very nice very interesting perspective thank you so, Dr Neetu, what would be your recommendation for people who are normal, healthy, and would like to take care of themselves to ensure that they are healthy for long and for ever this is the wisest question and people should be wise enough to take this approach see, I have some problem, I resolve this is normal extraordinary people if I see, if my father was suffering or my mother was suffering, why should I suffer? or my friend was suffering can I take some step? which we have taken in education and finance but we have not taken in health yeah, very true like, see India you see, think of 100 years ago corporate, never heard so that time you talk that today the company value is 1cr and it can go to 10 cr or 25 cr in 3 months no one will believe today?
yeah is a fact of story yeah like that for health also so human mind is potential enough yeah to set the system, processes and if you approach rightly health does miracle wow
and become your assets very nice, very well said so, do you see any role for holistic healthcare in India today? what is it? and what in your opinion alternative therapies can do see India was always prevalent for all these things in fact, India is the hub it is heritage of India yeah
yoga, nature cure these are the heritage of India true and we are lucky enough being an Indian see science is science either it starts from India or anywhere the concept remains same truth remains same yeah suppose, if I need oxygen I have to take air only yeah I cannot pop any pill and take oxygen yeah so that’s what nutrition my body needs I have to take it either from the supplements or from natural source yeah please understand what is better, natural source or factory? any day natural source obviously because we are product of nature not the product of factory true the day we become product of factory, factory can help you like anything
very true then you need not think about nature or anything then you need not come to PIYAS also correct otherwise you have to come to PIYAS only very nice and I like the fact that you are promoting this concept and not only restricting to yourself you are also looking at ways and means of promoting it going out to the community and educating them and that’s really very empowering so in your opinion what do you feel are the myths and miss understandings around holistic health? and overall about misunderstanding about non allopathic streams of treatments what are the myths that you think? see my expertise is Nature Cure and Yoga I can tell you about these two specially these are the 2 field which blend together and science, where investigation comes if a person comes to me let’s say for example, if he is suffering from diabetes and his HbA1c suppose if it is 10 we can tell him if he listens to us, within 3 months we can 100% come to 5.5 which is normal but the processes generally it is being said the nature cure and yoga is slow processes according to my knowledge it is the fastest process see, tell me which problem can be eradicated in 3 months or which ailment can be eradicated in 3 months’ time? I am talking about eradicating, resolving wow not managing yes so like that maximum problem which you see in day to day life can be easily resolved so this is 100% myth that all alternative therapies work slowly if I give you example, right now we can do one practice if you smile how do you feel? feel very relaxed, happy and feel one with the surrounding so immediately it connects your mind and emotion right isn’t it? true right? so can we have such kind of tools a technique which, can be practiced anywhere anytime in PIYAS 1000 tools and technique that are also customized wow if you are working in a certain sector your program will be different if you are housewife, program will be different if you are heading something program will be different and I am lucky enough health the opportunity to cater to from layman to you name it industrialist
India’s richest wealthiest person across the world I am lucky enough very good I think you are doing a terrific work and great service to the people by your approach and by your openness and by your style of educating people and empowering them with the knowledge that are required for them to have very good health thank you very much I think you are doing a commendable job
you are the right person who assessed well thank you

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