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100 thoughts on “Non-Surgical Management of Scoliosis – Boston Children’s Hospital – Orthopedic Center

  1. When I was in 4th grade, I was diagnosed with a 40-50ish degree curve so it kinda sucked ngl. They said I most likely had to get surgery. Dunno why but instead I got a brace. AND AM I GLAD TO SAY IT WAS ONLY AT NIGHT. I mean… Yeah, it SUCKED cause I couldn't sleep, but I didnt have to go to school wearing a fckingg corset. I had to wear it for 2 years and I hated everything lmao. Its been years since then and I'm happy I dont have to suffer that. My back still hurts tho E 😩👏

  2. Ugh I hate the brace!! I have a pretty bad curve but I’m still supposedly not ready for surgery! 😭

  3. I have dextrocoloisis and I wish I could experience to have correction for specialist Dr. But sad I'm poor 🙁

  4. I was diagnosed had scoliosis just couple days ago and seriously it makes me so so sad until right now. I get depressed everyday and fucking lower back pain. Could be worse if I sit down. Is it normal guys? Idk what should I do right now. I feel so abnormal right now and can't do anything like I used to. Please help 🙁 or do you guys have recommendation for the best yoga channel in YouTube? 😭

  5. If your curve is big don't waste your time wearing a brace . It's unuseful and a waste of money . It's basically torture

  6. I got my brace last weak I’m 13 with a 45 degree spine I can’t sleep with this bull shit but who am I to complain I got the type of brase so I only have to sleep with it on. But my dumb ass talked it off while I’m sleeping and I don’t even know till I wake up it’s like sleep walking for me

    Please pray for me not to have to get surgery

  7. Honestly that’s the worst brace mine is the one where I only need t sleep with it in but it’s super uncomfortable

  8. See I have scoliosis and I’m going to have a major surgery and I have a 50 degrees angle at age 12 and they said it is to late for a brass that I need surgery so like what do I do?

  9. I really want my body to be normal . sometimes I got jealous with my friends when they wear dresses . and tbh I got hurt when I hear them saying abt my back

  10. I have government insurance and I swear the doctors hate me for it my doctor refuses to prescribe any kind of meds for my pain and when I got an x-ray they said my curve was only 12 degrees but when I went to an orthopedic doctor he said it was at least 25 without even doing an x-ray

  11. I know we all hate wearing the brace, but just wear it till ur ok then complete ur life as what it was but with a better back and thnk God u have a treatment cuz life is not better without it!! Just SUPPORT each other.
    Many love and hugs❤️❤️❤️

  12. i have scoliosis but mine is very very little. i don’t need a brace or anything. i just need physical therapy to strengthen my back and help the misalignment on my hips. i thank god its nothing major but the amount of pain it causes is awful

  13. I have scoliosis and it sucks!!!! My degree is 27! What’s yours? And how are you being treated I wear a brace 16 hours

  14. Having lived with congenital scoliosis for over 50 years, means I was born with it, braces, body jackets and Milkwaukee Braces DO NOT WORK. For those who do not have a spinal fusion look for Israeli medicine, they have the best corrective procedures and they use your own body to correct the diagnosis. They trigger the muscular skeleton in the opposite area of the curve to correct the scoliosis. Please take it from me, I have had two fusions and decades of braces and THEY DONT WORK. They are using a wait and see attitude. Not a fix it cure

  15. I have a small curve right now so they watching it but if it gets big I’m gonna need a brace :/.

  16. I got 2 scoliosis surgery’s because the brace did not work for me. I got the surgery’s 1month ago RECOVERY FUC*ING SUCKS

  17. i wear my brace at night and i thought a day brace would look wayyyy different but the only major difference i see is that the straps are in the back and not the front.

  18. Hi! I'm from the Philippines, my girlfriend suffer a lot of severe pain because of scoliosis, we already talk to her doctor for a her propper medication but the doctor here in the Philippines is so luck of information, i mean they don't share a lot of info about what we will do next or what we need to do to ease the pain long term, they just given the medication that we need to buy. They are very expensive medicine. can I ask for a help to your Good community. Can I get your email for I can ask questions. To also send the xray of her back. I really appreciate your response. It hurt me a lot when I see my partner suffer and cry. I don't know what to do ease the pain. Pls! Thank you 😔

  19. I remember when I had to wear the back brace, was around 9 years old. Wasn’t fun at all, but the threat of surgery scared me into wearing it VERY willingly. I guess I have some kind of phobia XD But it was good in that case, I wore it so much my S-curve actually corrected itself a bit. And now I’m 18 years old and very happy I went through with it, but I probably can’t speak for everyone. If I’d been forced to wear the brace as a self-conscious teenager, I could imagine myself caving. But I just feel like saying it was worth it to me, and it was the first experience in my life that made me feel truly proud of myself. It really is an amazing feeling once you get that thing off for good after years of endurance.

  20. I’m 11 but my doctor said my spine is curving a little bit
    She also said the curve was common in growing kids but it’s getting a little harder to breathe
    I used to think it was Anxiety but it’s because of this,,,
    I pray to god every night
    Praise Jesus I’m still alive <3

  21. I got a friggin S-curve scoliosis.Last Time checked it the top was 25 and the bottom was 30 I think?I can't remember but they say if both are 30+ I have to wear braces and I feel so sorry for my parents to have to pay for all the treatment needed and MY MOM IS ACTUALLY SCOLDING ME FOR HAVING SUCH A BIG CURVE LIKE-,it's not like I can control my spine to move this way or that.The doctor says the spine moves whenever it wants to so it ain't in my control 😔😢☹️

  22. my doctor said i’m proved to getting scoliosis because i have no arches in my feet, and i’m hella paranoid because i sometimes get back pain

  23. I have to and I’m 16 mine is like curved to the left a bit but it never hurts I’m allways running and jumping I’m going to spinal docter to check if I need brace or surgy or therapy verry nervous 😟 why do us young people get it what cuz it plz tell me

  24. I was diagnosed with scoliosis close to end of 2016 3 years later I’m thankful it hasn’t gotten worse I just want my spine straight it’s a lil to one side:/

  25. I have a cat and dog allergy, nut allergy, had multiple panic attacks in a month and haven’t even been diagnosed with a disorder, mild asthma and now scoliosis. I’m only a kid 🥺. Why did I have to inherit all the health issues? What’s next? I grow into an adult and have diabetes or a heart condition?

  26. I am as straight as my spine… Spines will never even be straight even if they are a normal spine, and also I have scoliosis.

  27. My partner (21) has scoliosis but doesn't want to check it out. It doesn't seem to have been addressed by his parents when he was younger. It concerns me as I think it is more than 30 degrees curvature. How do I convince him to take care of it?

  28. I only have a mild curve in my lower back, it causes a lot of discomfort and lower back pain.
    I can't image what people with severe curves must feel like.

  29. I learned today that I have scoliosis, but my chiropractor is fixing it up. If y’all are younger, you body can heal much better that when you are older. Try a chiropractor so you don’t need these braces!

  30. even before when i was in 8th grade i already notice that i have uneven backkkkk i didn't care about bc i thought its just nothinggggg i thought i just need to practice a good posture, but not until now that my back really hurts and im already graduating shs 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  31. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 29yrs old, as I had two young children doctor wouldn’t put in a rod or let me have a brace, & told me by the age of 40 I would be in a wheelchair, I am 72 this year, not in a wheelchair, but curve is worse & now have spondylitis in my shoulders & neck, & pain is excruciating, but rather than take tablets which doesn’t help my diverticulitis, I use cream pain relief, I cannot do the exercises they recommend as pain is too bad to do them. I now have lost sight in one eye, due to steroid drops for a corneal graft, the drops have caused cataracts & glaucoma, the pain I have with the scoliosis is bad enough, but losing my eyesight is worse, & that along with the scoliosis means I now have to rely on others to help me, which after being an independent stubborn lady for so long is so hard. But I have a very strong faith, so know I’ll be ok.

  32. 🙌🏾God Bless Everyone With Scoliosis And Any Health Issue ❤️❤️❤️Pray For All To Have Better Days❤️❤️❤️

  33. Hi in Indonesia,my daughter has we can get the brace?how much the price to get to INdonesia.thnks

  34. Yea I'm 14 and I have a back brace on for scoliosis and it's really painful because everytime when I go to bed it gets in the way..but in June I'm getting back surgery so I won't be able to do summer at all

  35. I wish I could’ve went this route instead of that surgery. Worst time of my life. Couldn’t play sports the rest of my life. I would definitely advise against it.

  36. So I have scoliosis but mine is curves lower back so near our muscle so when we walk u can feel the muscle poping out so my spine near the middle curved to the left no bad curve probably 10dergre and in goes straight down to the left and if I bend down the lower part of the spine it’s like rubbing next to the left with the muscle so when I walk it poping out the lower spine part and the muscle but it’s not curved to multiple lungs doctor said I have to do therapy but like all weight is going straight the left it’s so annoying it hurts sometimes just all wait on one the side that curved left side im16 pray for me plz stand up straight and all the weight is on the left side 😢😭

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