Taking Charge of Your Health

It’s very common for me to get questions about
homeopathic medications or homeopathic remedies or remedies that patients read about on the
internet. I actually am very, you know, supportive of, you know, different views and different
perspectives on medicine. I just, the the thing that I think is most important is you
have to really notify your doctor of what you’re taking even if it’s something that’s
over-the-counter or something that is, you know, a natural remedy, it’s there still is
potential for side effect and potential for interaction with medications that you may
or may not be taking that are prescribed by your physician. So anytime you’re exploring
natural products or, you know, experimenting with sort of different things for different
symptoms, whether it be depression, whether it be for prostate health, whether it be for
general well being, I think it’s critical that you talk to your primary care physician
about what you’re taking and what you’ve heard, and and where you’ve heard it from, and and
what you read and where you’ve read it from, so that you know that you’re getting reliable
information and that you’re taking medications and you’re taking supplements safely without
risk for side effects.

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