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Hi, this is Dr. Kishor Reddy from Lifeline Hospitals and in this segment I am going to talk about obesity treatment. On this channel we are going to clarify a lot of medical doubts so do subscribe to this channel All of us know that obesity is a killer with very dangerous complications, and today, we are able to effectively treat obesity with the help of specialists. Obesity can be treated in two ways. One is with lifestyle modification of adjusting your diet and including exercise in your daily regimen. If that fails you can always resort to surgery. Eating the wrong foods is one of the primary reasons for obesity. So if we can cut down on eating high fat foods and having high frequent meals and subjects to having a conditioned low calorie diet, we can combat obesity. Along with this, one of the most important factor is to include a little bit of exercise in your daily regimen There are trained nutritionists who can help you combat weight and there are targeted trainers who can help you with targeted exercises for losing weight. If you can lose 45 minutes of exercise at least four time a week you can definitely combat obesity. Please understand that there is no specific exercise that you need to do, you don’t need to swim you don’t need to run, you can do whatever it is that you can do. If you can do it consistently for forty five minutes four times a week there is a very good chance that you could fight obesity but please make sure that you eat the right food. When all of this fails, please understand that there is another option available to you, surgery. Bariatric Surgery Surgical treatment for obesity, today, is in a very highly advanced stage because we are able to use laparoscopy to perform these obesity surgeries We are using small holes with the help of long instruments, we are able to see what is inside your abdomen and perform these surgeries, which means almost no pain, zero blood loss and we are able to send you home within 48 to 72 hours. In any case, do feel free to consult a specialist. We will be delivering a lot of information and clarifying a lot of your medical doubts just like we did about obesity on this channel So subscribe to this channel to gain knowledge about your medical problems.

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