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ok I think we’ll get started I’m Tess Godfrey I just want to thank you very much for joining me on this webinar this evening so I’m going to talk a little bit on my personal and my Naturopathic perspective on how these essential oils can actually fit into the clinical situation really very well and you know how it fits with my personal philosophy as a Naturopath and why i choose the doterra essential oils as well. Tonight I have to be compliant so be very aware that we can’t use certain terminologies and make any claims as to disease conditions and the you know and the cures that we find so just be aware of that. If anybody wants to get involved with a chat on here you are welcome to do that we’ll try and I have got a few things that i want to talk about in this webinar and if you comment and I don’t answer you it possibly means that i’ll be covering the topic or the question later on in the discussion or if you want to ask or comments please do so in the facebook event discussion as well can post or comment on there. I hope everyone can hear me, because it will be quite disastrous if you can’t but I’m going to get started. So just a little bit about me for those who don’t know me. I am a full-time clinical Naturopath. I also am a facilitator of Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection. As a Naturopath my focus is very much on information medicine or if you like energy and frequency medicine I do this as a bioresonance practitioner and firstly and foremostly that’s what I do I also use kinesiology or an energy testing technique called quantum reflex analysis or QRA for short I’ve done another video where I demonstrate that as well so if you want to find that one on my page you’re welcome to look at I also facilitate emotional release through a technique and the QRA technique called the emotional repolarization or emotional release technique and in between all of these things we are, Craig and myself actually do a little bit of the doTERRA on the side so we have found ourselves in a position where we are at the diamond level and and in fact it’s kind of one of those things where doTERRA found us. We didn’t really find doTERRA and our whole family, our two teenagers, everyone it has become that first choice of healthcare for us in our family I think that’s really important for me to mention that this is my first choice of healthcare and we work on a preventitive model of health care in our family so the first sign of any sort of unwellness aches and pains, wherever we can we go to the essential oils first. I run my clinic from home. I’m set up from home. I have a full dispensary of herbs minerals and other supplementation and medicines that I can pick from but it’s the essential oils for us personally where we go first and I also use these oils on an absolutely on a daily basis for myself in my skincare, in detoxifying our home in the cooking and every room in our house actually has a diffuser in it, so yes, is everything ok? yep. So we use it extensively and I use it in my clinic every day as well so just a little bit about my clients I’m giving a bit of background so that you understand where I’m coming from as a Naturopath I get most of my clients I get through referral …and I get referrals from medical integrated doctors and other clients as well. They come from all over Australia and and I am pretty much fully booked about two months in advance I’m saying this to you because I have been fully booked before I actually got involved with doTERRA essential oils so for anyone who thinks that there’s a possibility that as a Naturopath I’m using the essential oils purely because of money factor that is wrong and I want to make that very very clear and you’ll find out throughout this webinar how I actually fit it into my clinic and you know do it with a lot of integrity. So the people who come to me, they have very complicated disease conditions some of them a complete mystery to the medical profession and I see people with everything from allergies to the lyme-like disease that we have in Australia to MS and Parkinson’s and parasites and multiple chemical sensitivities and a lot of toxicity and I see metal heavy metals and molds come up a lot as well as cancer. So a little bit across-the-board everything but pretty much specializing in those conditions that the medical profession find to be a bit of mystery. And the reason why I get these clients is because I’m the lady with the machine and the clients would come in and we would do the frequency testing on them to find matching frequencies of the toxicity or the stressors in their system that often do not show up in your regular allopathic testing. Stool testing might not show up the parasites and blood tests just don’t show up everything that might be hidden, hidden infections and viral infections for example in dental infections. So this is actually where frequency medicine comes in as a very very important tool in determining the… at least get very close to the root cause of what’s going on in the body these clients of mine are often very very fatigued and they’re often so fatigued that they also have a very fatigued spirit so on a physical and emotional level, they’re tired and they’re exhausted and ninety-nine percent of people I see have shown me they have got one thing in common and that is something very traumatic on the emotional level and that they have experienced in their life and some of them feel very much like that lost the life purpose, maybe the sense of power and there is in other words a lot going on a much deeper level and a lot of stress going on on a much deeper level than just the physical in the body So basically how do I use doTERRA in my practice? And my philosophy? I’m going to talk a little bit through that over the next I guess 20 or 30 minutes, I’ll try and do it and not waffle on. About two years ago I started, I just knew I had to have essential oils because, I didn’t even smell them it was just something that happened and I bought my first kit. I hadn’t even smelled the oils. They just resonated and I knew I had to have them so I started handing out samples to my clients – lots and lots of samples and I did this for a good 16 months where I only handed out samples and every now and then I would sell an oil retail and the fact of the matter is I never looked for anything new to get involved in my clinic because I was already so exceptionally busy – just did not see any way I could spend energy or time on something new. But in those 16 months that I sampled I did come to a very important conclusion something worked! These essential oils were good for people. It brought faster results and faster turnover of clients as well and and it brought a lot more than that for clients which I will be talking through a little bit more. So I was perfectly perfectly satisfied that something that I brought into my clinic was starting to make a difference to the way people were feeling and it was when they started asking specifically for more of these essential oils that I thought to myself okay, instead of doing retail I’m just gonna offer it to them at their own membership and wholesale price that’s it get your oils, even use more, get it at a wholesale price and that’s how things started and oils that people actually asked for most was the OnGuard which is the immune blend and I just found that suddenly they were recovering faster or just just feeling their immune system strengthening and frankincense was one, excuse me. frankincense was one, but just about everyone asked for. I think frankincense because this is whole wellness, and we’ll talk a little bit more about Frankincense why he’s my favorite oil as well – we’ll talk about that later, Digestzen for the gut you know the got issues, there is an old saying that says death starts in the colon and so it’s really really important just to support the gut, and Digestzen was one people started asking me for and the Lavender Peace. For obvious reasons there it’s about peacefulness calm and nervous system calming, support on that level and and very good for sleep. So it wasn’t long before I then whent hang on guys we can make up my customized kit for you and you can get it at a wholesale price as well so I started out with my clients pretty much this customizing a kit with a few oils that they needed – I did offer them the bigger savings on the enrolment kits but a lot of my clients would just go – hang on a second this is what works for me this is what I want, this is what you sampled me and I want more of that and that is where I found that – you know the ethics and the integrity of what we’re doing with these oils really came through and my clients were very very happy with that situation. There were a few of them who came back later and said I should have bought the Home Essentials kit Tess. …but that’s okay because they are avid users of the essential oils now and and loving every bit of it. So some of my clients then started looking into and using, actually quite a few of them are using the DDR Prime and they do that on a daily basis and again i’m talking a little bit later about DDR Prime, it is with Frankencense definitely one of my favorite favorite things in – to use in clinic and when I say in clinic it is what my clients are asking for that’s what they they want use. Umm, so DDR Prime for people not sure is the daily support and it works on that absolutely deep cell and DNA level, now just think about DNA, DNA is where we have a blueprint for for our health and yup Annabel that was you So my job as I see my job in clinic is to help and assist as best as I can to use all the knowledge and the tools and machines and the healing and everything that I’ve got and the essential oils to bring back and restore the balance and the harmony within the whole being. There’s a lot of detoxification and decluttering that needs to take place – That’s my husband he is Mr. technical over there – and also we re-informed the body – we want to bring new information into the system and into the cells on a cell level and we can do that through all the tools and techniques and herbs and the minerals and combine that in partnership with the essential oils, so for me it’s really important that the essential oil is for me and for my clients – it’s a partner it’s a best friend it’s part of the journey to your balance and your optimum healthy and and harmony within your whole system again I wonder if Craig – if you just want to say hello quickly because he’s part of the whole – Craig: I won’t interrupt, hi guys all going well Tess: thanks love – So it is a partnership it is my best friend and and I think a lot of my clients are starting to feel that as well and we’re getting so many so many beautiful testimonials and every time they come in and they see me they say thank you again for the essential oils. So I want to talk now very much about the six principles of Naturopathy. Annabel says you can only hear me I don’t know. Excuse me folks I’ll just call on Craig – can you organize something with Annabel she can only hear me and maybe the others as well you. Ok Craig is Mr. technical ok so the first principle of naturopathy is very much that We Do No Harm. That means we must ensure our clients or patients for me its clients we must ensure their safety and that means we’ve got to use the most natural, the least invasive, least toxic of the therapies and the methods and the medicines for our clients, to minimize the risk of harm and to minimize any adverse affects. ok so, of everything that I can use I’m focusing tonight on the essential oils it’s a plant medicines so you know plant medicines include food we need to talk about food and nutrition and its herbs and herbals and teas and tinctures and extracts and the essential oils are part of that plant medicine. We have to be respectful of essential oils because they are very powerful and so that self-education part comes into play with the essential oils and how to use it safely and follow the guidelines. Can you guys let me know if you can actually see me now – there’s a slow internet connection unfortunately – Ok Craig says there’s a slow internet connection at the moment that’s maybe why you can’t see me alright i’m not that gorgeous so you may be better off not seeing me guys ok Doing no harm with essential oils also means we can only use essential oils that are pure grade therapeutic alright – that is where comes in with their CPTG – I’m not going to go into detail on that at all tonight, but i am very much assured that when I use these and-and use doTERRA in my clinical environment that I’m actually offering my clients a very very safe if not the safest of supportive strategies for them because they’re already in such a weakened state. Ok, so the last thing about do no harm is for me in my clinic it’s super important because I work with vibrational medicine – is that whatever I use for my client that I test on them and that I know that it will be a vibrational match to their state of being Less is more – so 1 or 2 drops of essential oils it’s might be all that you need just to raise that vibration a little bit and to open up the client to receiving so much more. I love that the essential oils from doTERRA are vibrationally absolutely exquisite. I have tested every single one of the oils in the box every single one of them tests very strong with the energy testing technique that I use, and of course you know it depends on how these oils are grown where they are grown and sourced from and basically from from the ground all the way into the bottle there is a lot of love and integrity that goes into it. I have tested other essential oils from other companies, that do test strong as well. For me the doTERRA Oils resonate with me and that’s really all I have to say on that topic. All right, the second principle of naturopathy that I am very much bound by and I live I kind of live my life by these philosophies anyways is believing in the healing power of nature. So we want to trust in the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself, it’s about letting nature doing the healing. You might think about the sun, the air, the water the earth thing that’s so important to get. Plants again, plant medicine and and then on top of that we need love, we need purpose and understanding, and we need to laugh. So this is the body naturally raises its vibration and there is science on all of these on how for example grounding can change and influence blood pressure ok, there is science on these natural ways of living and using for healing We’ve got a very powerful and an innate instinct for self-healing it’s it’s in our DNA we have our DNA is a blueprint for our health so if I think about what health is and then what dis-ease is, I’m going to put it like this. I think dis-ease in the body is when we’re out of balance and out of harmony. So healing would mean that we come back to that optimal level of balance and harmony. Why are we diseased then, what where does that come from. My personal opinion is that there are barriers to healing that there’re certain barriers and interference fields and blockages and I work with these things on a daily basis we actually use vibrational medicine to move through those barriers and interference fields and blocks. They are things like stress, the emotions, heavy metals like mercury in the body electromagnetic frequency, and geopathic stresses, hidden infections – big one. They do not show up – not always anyway and often not in conventional testing. Scars on the body chakras that are that are out of alignment out of – out-of-balance spinning too fast too slow – some inherited issues in the DNA – meridians that our blocked – look I can carry on and on and on but there are things that can if they’re not in balance or there is too much of this – or they’re blocking nutrients from getting into the system and it can throw the body out of out of whack um so the essential oils in terms of nature’s healing power -well they carry nature’s own ancient ancient wisdom. They are very wise and powerful plant medicine They are a natural healer so what I like about it is that it can actually support us on a very very deep level – on a cell level every cell every organ – every system every gland and also on that emotional level – can support us very naturally and just so you know I think excuse me I think very much that the nervous system and digestive system are basically your second immune systems – so its really really important to take care of the nervous system and the digestive system if those guys are not you know looked after then everything else seem to just sort of fall apart a little bit as well. The third thing as a Naturopath for me is identify and treat the causes rather than covering up the symptoms or suppressing symptoms we you know they’ll only return if you don’t find the root of the illness so I’ll give you an example if you have a stomach ache that’s a very broad thing but lets say the stomach is a little bit sore – we might want to use the digestive blend for the oils and rub it topically and yes it’s gonna bring relief on the tummy area, but it might be something like an emotional support of the console or easy air or something to balance you know balance the balance out the nervous system about something to offer that support on a different level that’s gonna be the thing that actually shifts that tummy ache. So you know the oil can be used very much on that level and they’re intelligent and they’re complicated and have complicated biochemistry. They’re bioactive I almost want to describe it that they can find where the stress in the body lies and go there it’s like they can find that spot where they need to be and because they have nature’s intelligence built into them and this complication, complicated molecule means that there are hundreds of different therapeutic compounds in one drop of essential oil and they work very gently and powerfully and they bring that intelligence and that biochemistry into every cell and every part of your body so dare I say, you can actually, by using essential oils you may actually be addressing unknowingly the root cause of the of this imbalance in the body and bring balance to that area of the body without actually zoning in on it mentally you know just thinking about it just use the oils it might do it’s very versatile they’re complicated and that’s why I find that it looks for clients who have complicated health concerns as well The fourth one is about treating the whole person and that links in with this previous part that we just spoke about as well and you know we are more than our physical bodies and I think nowadays you you probably, you’ll hear a lot of talk about we’re all one and yes there’s the quantum physics that goes into that you know that I might actually do a quantum physics for dummies that’s including myself, but on the essential oils and how that vibrational stuff actually works and i’ll do i’ll do a workshop or something on that soon as well. We are more than our physical bodies we have a very unique physical and mental and emotional and genetic and environmental and social and sexual and spiritual makeup – we’re all different and we are more on all of those levels of our being so much more than just this physical body so as a naturopath we know that all these factors affect our health We know we just use the word stress – we know how stress can make you feel – just the other day I felt stressed and I my head started spinning and I got a headache so fortunately I realized why and, and I dissapated that really quickly by becoming aware of it and changing my mindset about something and so just you know if you think about a spirit when you’re emotionally stressed and those emotions are vibing quite low and I’m talking about things like anger and fear and guilt and shame, and a few other ones – they just you know they’re very much lower than gratitude and love and, and all those beautiful little emotions. We all have to go through them but we actually stuck in that state and then the physical body will begin to show us the signs and symptoms of this dis-ease this disharmony and this imbalance in our whole being in our whole system because we are a whole being and we know we believe that we need to treat the whole being and it’s also possible that people get to a point in their wellness and I see this here as well is – that we have done so much work on the physical body they starting to feel amazing but there’s it’s almost like they reach a little plateau so they’re better than what they’ve ever been before but they’ve just reached that little level there and it’s like what else is needed to jump to get over that little hurdle where they feel amazing and that’s very often working on that emotional / spiritual level a little bit more – people to help find their purpose in life and to just find their joyfulness again and then we’ve got someone who you know comes back to that optimal state of well-being which is what we want to achieve ultimately as practitioners. So how did the essential oils fit into this we’ve mentioned a little bit of the essential oils are incredible and you just have to hear all of the amazing testimonials from – from the essential oil users and also from my clients that they may – are just amazing on that emotional mood support and even mental support for clarity and focus and also on a spiritual level if we – I’m not going to go into detail on this either and this is again talking about emotions is going to be a whole it will be a whole webinar by itself Emotions are biochemistry ok so they’re neural biochemical molecules and they work very very closely with our memory and our moods and our behavior so by using essential oils we can actually affect the biochemistry of our moods and our emotions. Okay, it does make sense – it’s a bio chemical – it is a biochemical change and then there’s that vibrational change that can take place because when we actually storing some of these more lower level emotions of anger and things like fear – you know guilt that I mentioned before what happens is is it can actually get trapped in our bodies and the Chinese model of healing explains that so beautifully with the mind-body connection is you know this certain emotions that can get trapped much easier in certain organs like anger in the you know the liver and rejection and resentment in the gall bladder etc etc and fear in the kidneys and it actually starts to change the vibration of that the cells in that area and so when we’re taking the essential oils what we’re doing is that we literally bringing the light back in the life back into that that cell remember the oils work biochemically it works vibrationally it it works through their own signature imprint and it can help to raise our own lower vibrations on on a cell and organ and a gland level – as well. Again I’ll do something more on this another time and now – DDR Prime and frankincense to me, are just some of the most, you know amazing essential oils to bring a transformation and on that cell level it brings transformation for people and then it works on that DNA level and just to give you also just a little example of how our DNA and frequencies how you know how that works is that – at a frequency of about 528 hertz DNA can mend – DNA can heal itself so if you have got broken DNA, it can mend when you put the frequency of 528 Hertz through there and hence this solfeggio scale that the Gregorian monks would sing and enough of that for now. The fifth one that we’re talking about is “the doctor is the teacher” so as the Naturopath my job is to teach its to teach you a whole being wellness approach it is to teach the principles of healthy living and preventitive medicine and it’s my job to teach and offer you the tools for natural healthy living and self self care I must encourage self-responsibility I must empower you to find your purpose and your inner peace it’s my job to love you ok so it’s important for me in my clinic that I do all of these things and and hopefully set my clients up for lifelong health and well-being so that eventually they don’t need me – because people think they need a healthcare practitioner sometimes they do – it’s just to help – help educate and help bring you to a point where you feel self empowered. Wouldn’t it be amazing if people don’t need a prescription for the rest of their lives that would be my ultimate goal – is to have no prescription medicine needed required if we could – it’s not always you know a reality for people but they could turn to essential oils – hopefully turn to that first like we do in our family as well and they can come see me for that maintenance – like tune up you know – come have a chat and a little bit of a discussion and come for that sort of the other levels of healing – for Reconnective healing for example this here for me the doctor is the teacher is really important and very close to my heart and is also why I’m actually doing this webinar tonite to put it out there – it’s a very empowering tool the essential oils it’s about self-education it’s about putting that power back into the client hands and saying here’s a choice for you if you want it take it – I will be here to guide you and I will help assist you the best I can you’re going to educate yourself and you’ve got something that at home you can turn to and have a go – use this if you start feeling a little bit unwell worse than the day before – go to your oils and use them first the way that I approach it with my clients in clinic is very simple it’s a partnership I have full disclosure with my clients about essential oils – I tell them exactly what it’s all about I talk about the product and I talked about the company and I offer them the full choice whether they want to actually get involved in and getting themselves a wholesale account or not and ninety percent of people say of course I want to do that I want to try something that I want to have at home and I’m so blessed and so thankful that I can offer my clients something that is so beautiful and empowering it’s a very very loving and a kind thing to do and I firmly believe that it’s a partnerships so we talk about the essential oils and what to use and you know we have nice little chats. So just on all of that stuff I do get asked quite a bit about ethics and multi-level marketing well just to say to you I don’t care about any of that multi-level marketing word that comes out there because I don’t approach it in the way of I need for people to be locked into anything and this is not what it’s about this is about my client – my client comes first they have a choice whether they want to buy essential oils or not and if they want to get it they want to get in a wholesale price because it’s just silly not to and that’s as simple as it is and some of my clients decided they love the oil so much that actually want to share with others as well and that is just the most beautiful thing because you know they are sharing their experiences from from the heart ok so we do discuss the essential oils part of that lifestyle for them were it becomes toxin-free start using things at home to remove the toxicity in there because I find people just so toxic on every level – I test for toxicity there is every kind of toxin that you can possibly find – can be a stress on the system and cause blockages in the system and clog up the information pathways. I did not prescribe essential oils – I want to make that very very very clear – I never prescribe an essential oil – I make a suggestion – I say try this – people love it they come back and say they want more I say fantastic and that’s how we go. Now we look up everything we look up in the basic guides that will have the modern essentials book and the APP so I just don’t have the time to answer all the questions for my clients anyway so you know it becomes self-empowering and self educating and that’s what it’s all about and guys the 6th one here and this is pretty much the last – there is six principles that I work with and I wanted to share with you tonight – is that it’s all about disease prevention – we have to focus on prevention – there is a beautiful saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure – save your money Proactive medicine – it saves money it saves you pain misery, it can save lives if we just look after ourselves a little bit better what better way to use the essential oils it’s based on a preventive model – use – here is my recommendation because this is what I do and I’ll recommend that to everyone – use your your oils extensively – use them daily use them in your food – in your smoothies in your room – diffusing – get more diffuses – use them at work use them for low toxic living clean out the toxins from your home it’s it’s actually there’s so much there’s so much toxicity that block up our systems and I see this in my clinic everyday – use it topically for your skin care that’s what I do as well so use DDR internally DDR – amazing oil as I said that oil of transformation its got frankincense internally – that you can take internally – you can you can do that and clove and antioxidants and lemongrass for you know pain and thyme it’s all anti-infective stuff as well as working on that cell level – really fixing up DNA it’s it’s the DNA repair & and detoxifier and think about the lifelong vitality complex I’ve got clients who are doing that who are using the LLV as well. and they pick a few other things they might want to decide to do the PBS system just come and tell me about it and work around that – I do not prescribe as I said this becomes client-driven none of this is driven buying me as a practitioner – I want to make that really really clear – none of it is driven by me so it’s the opportunity for someone to take the power back – get their – you know get their vibes up and have something to go to when they’re home so just some of my clinic faves quickly I want to just say that I am a bioresonance practitioner which means that my clients get treatment from me it’s a vibrational treatment its information medicine – together with herbal prescriptions and mineral prescriptions and and vitamins for example and they use the oils in combination with all of that – I love diffusing in my clinic based on I’ll go through my clients for the day go through my 8 or 10 files, my folders and I’ll go mmm, I think to match and work on that emotional level I might diffuse X, Y or Z or a combination of these oils for the day or halfway through the day I change it to facilitate healing while my clients are here with me for daily support my favorite is the DDR and frankincense – cell level – cell level healing and then of course the emotional oils are really very cool and I hope you guys have got the emotions APP or just using this little book there as well ok aromatools should have it there might be some of our members who who actually sell these books as well use them for emotional support and then of course we’ve got the emotional kit as well – Balance and frankincense come in really really nicely for emotions for me in a clinic and then I do support for me one of the most important things to support with a systems to support will be the gut the nervous system and the immune system other things seem to come into balance even the hormones they come into balance when we start to work through those systems detoxifying removing the blockages clearing out and and and take it from there – so that is basically my you know that’s all I really wanted to share today – I was hoping to say little few things about the the results that we have been getting in clinic but I’m a little concerned about being compliant you know if I say I’ve got someone with motor neurone disease and this is what’s happening because they’re using frankincense haha and I could be and you know I could not too compliant so probably won’t do that Um yeah there’s an emotions APP guys that we will post the link in the facebook group The link for the emotions APP and the name of the book as well it’s really very beautiful okay i’m going to just wrap up and say if there is any questions post them as I said either in here or in the the facebook events page and if you’re new to the essential oils and this is someone invited you to watch this then please go to that person and tell them that you are super inspired to start using essential oils – I hope that some of you who are practitioners or who want to maybe introduce essential oils to your practitioners feel inspired to do so as well – and if you and if you have any specific maybe any other topics that you think could be useful let me know as well and maybe we can do some webinars in the near future there will be one on energy frequencies and healing and on the emotions as well and we also keen to do some workshops for our team and across teams as well around the globe so if anyone is keen for us – to my contact with us to do that just let me know and I’ll be very very glad to see if we can facilitate that so thank you very much for joining me on this webinar I appreciate you taking time out of your day to join in and and let us know how you feel if there’s anything else that we can actually assist with to to help you in your practice and then your use of essential oils. ok so that’s that’s all from me, enjoy and have a very good weekend. Bye

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