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21 thoughts on “Old Scars: The Best Treatment Options

  1. The best options for old scars are: silicone gel scar cream (example Biocorneum), microneedling, CO2 laser resurfacing.

  2. Boots- scar reduction serum is non greasy and not oily. Can be used several times a day. Is inexpensive, I used this on a surgery scar and it's practically invisible. Very good reviews.

    Also, try solutions for scars- another serum which is non greasy and has great reviews.

    Scars are best treated as soon as they have healed over, also a high protein diet and collagen, vitamin C.

  3. When I was 4 and a half I was bitten by a big German shepherd. I'm 42 now and I still have the scars on my left thigh.

  4. Best wishes to everyone who ended up with these scars from these incidents. Don’t hide your scars, embrace them! I know some people might not understand but scars are beautiful. Much love 💗💗

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