Taking Charge of Your Health

Today I’m speaking with Dr. Trevor
Cates, best-selling author and PBS host and today we’re going to be discussing a
lot about brain and skin issues. Before we get into that doctor, I’d like to just
get a little bit of information about you. So I’m a best-selling
author of Clean Skin from Within, I also have a PBS show called Younger Skin from Within, and I’m known as the spa doctor. I have a natural skincare line, and what I’ve found is that skin gives us great information
about our overall health. A lot of times people don’t know what’s going on
internally in their body — like what’s going on with the brain — you can’t see it, but you can certainly see your skin just by looking in the mirror. One
of the common complaints that I think a lot of people my age, older, even younger -memory, concentration, focus, things like that, and I hear it all the time in
situations where people walk around their house and circles looking for
their keys or their phones, or even the other day, I was walking around the house
looking for my phone while I was on the phone — so typical issues like this where
this seems to be a constant thing, are you seeing that as well and you know
when it comes to these things about memory concentration focus what are you doing to help your patients overcome those things? Yeah it’s definitely
something comes along a lot in my practice, people talk about how frustrating it is
to get older, because they feel like they’re losing their you said
— where did I put my keys? what was the name of that person? Also just not
having it the same kind of drive that they used to have, their energy level is lower
and sometimes people will say to me is it just because I’m getting old
and I have to live with this the good news is that they don’t have to there
there are definitely things that we know that we can do to support our memory,
cognition, our focus, our energy, our drive all of that. And a lot of it goes back to
the lifestyle choices that we make so that brings up an interesting point, you
know, from a physiological perspective is there like past the point of no return
when it comes to brain aging, or are the things that we can do once
we start to recognize those senior moments or the where are my keys, my
phone, my kids? You know, can we actually reverse a
lot of what we would call damage, or is it that once you get to a certain point
its just maintaining? There definitely are changes that occur in the
brain as we get older, our brain actually shrinks as we get older, which is a scary
thought, that our brain is getting smaller…but the good news is that we can
do things to help stimulate our brain to slow down that process so that it
doesn’t happen so rapidly. So are their things that you recommend to your patients that really can address some of the root causes of brain and skin
health. Well you know anything that we can do to help our body on a physical
level to support our brain health is gonna be important, like those Omega 3s, those nutrients, the good fats that are good for our bodies and
and the antioxidants to protect our bodies from the oxidative damage that
speeds up the aging process. Being careful not to eat too much excess sugar,
processed foods, because that leads to glycation issues in the body which also
speeds up the aging process… any of those things that we can do to support
the body are gonna be helpful. So one other thing I want to talk about is is
choline, and and I think that there’s been a lot of talk lately about choline
and and impacting brain metabolism. Well we know that choline is a really
important nutrient for the brain, we know that for pregnant women and developing
brains that choline is a really important nutrient for the brain, and
again, as we get older our nutrients start to get more depleted, and part of
that is just the aging process, is the oxidative damage that occurs in our
bodies as we age also we’re not absorbing the nutrients as well from our
foods so our demand for nutrients tends to go up as we get older so choline
would be included in that. So what are things outside of supplements, what are
things outside of lifestyle changes that you really recommend and I
guess that’s it that’s a pretty broad question but, if people are looking to
really live healthy do you have three keys
to success I guess would be the best question. Well you know certainly
addressing these root causes the inflammation, the oxidative damage, blood sugar issues, hormone imbalances, gut issues…you know, when it comes to
lifestyle or looking at is what can you do with your diet, what can you do with
your stress management, what can you can you do to impact these
root causes, and then when it comes to the brain, as we age, we also know about
the importance of maintaining our memory and cognition.. which are some of the
things that tend to go as we age, is to do things. Social interaction with people, doing things that stimulate the brain, like puzzles and games, and listening to
music, and interacting with people, and having conversations — those are all
things that help support the brain as we age. Dr. Cates, thank you again for
joining us. It’s been an absolute pleasure, there’s been so much great
information. Again, I can’t thank you enough. Thank You Evan, it’s been great to be here. you

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