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Hello my loves welcome in this new video, thistle or thorny poppy (Argemone).
Plant native to Mexico, grows in several countries of the world, on the island of Reunion,
vacant lots, field borders, and in Reunion gardens, is very very
used for its virtues and properties medicinal
the medicinal use of Satyanashi or Argemone Mexicana (thorny poppy) Argemone Mexicana or Spiny Poppy is a
annual medicinal shrub found almost everywhere in India. We can easily
find it in parks, on the roadside or in abandoned fields pushing like
weed. This plant presents antimicrobial activity, antidiabetic,
antioxidant and hepatoprotective. Argemone Mexicana or Satyanashi is an antimicrobial,
antidiabetic, antioxidant and hepatoprotective used to treat many diseases
in traditional medicine Its decoction of leaves is used to cure the
Malaria, ulcers and problems of skin. Its root is diuretic, altered,
innocuous and is used in diseases chronicles of the skin. Its seeds are laxative,
expectorant and softening. The juice of the plant is used in cases of jaundice
and skin. Its latex is used to treat cataracts, redness and itching
eyepieces. The oil extracted from its seeds is very toxic and should not be consumed. Here are some remedies that can be
made at home to cure various diseases using thorny poppy.
* Impotence, infertilityTake root of satyanashi. Make powder after cleaning. take
this powder with misri to remedy to impotence.
* Impotence, infertilityTake all parts (panchang) of this plant. Clean them
and have them dry in the shade. Grind to make powder. Take 10 g of
powder in 200 ml of water. Cook on fire sweet until the water reduces to 50
ml. Filter and drink twice a day. * Diseases of the skinTake powder from
satyanashi. Dip in the water at night and boil it the next morning.
* Psoriasis, eczema, skin problemsTake fresh satyanashi. Clean it and grind it
to extract the juice. Cook this juice in mustard oil (report 2:
1) until all the water evaporates and only oil remains. apply
this oil outside on the affected area. * Boils, ulcers, wartsTake the
Argemone latex and apply to the outside on boils.
* Infection with ringworm (daad khaj khujli) boil fresh leaves in water. filter
and use it to wash the affected area. If you ever are new and you are not
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poppy are highly prized for their virtues medicinal


  1. salut la belle Rose je connais cette plante il y en a chez moi en Haïti on l'utilise pour traiter la fièvre et je vois qu'elle traite d'autre maladie merci ma soeur.

  2. Merci bcp ma grande soeur chérie je connais cette plante mais je ne savait pas que s'était une plante guérisseur merci bcp bcp qude Dieu te beni et te protège

  3. Bonjour Rose je suis une mamie et je regarde tres souvent tes videos je suis tres satisfaite en plus tu as une belle voix et tu explique bien as tu un cabinet de consultation
    C est ma petite fille qui me montre comment t envoyer des messages depuis longtemps je devais le faire elle m a montre aujourd hui et voila je suis contente je suis de la martinique et je reside a champs sur marne.gros bisou

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