Taking Charge of Your Health

One of the problems I had when I was looking
through books to try and help my loved ones when I was a caregiver was that sometimes
the information wasn’t practical enough for me. So what I tried to do was really break
it down into things that were very digestible. So for example, why is blood sugar a problem?
How do you test to see if your blood sugar is too high? If your blood sugar is too high
what can you do about it and how can you put that into action with food? As an oncology and a nutrition specialist
what I do is I work with people with cancer. And I look at their –I like to call it either
their inner-terrain or their inner-ecosystem to see what’s going on in their body that
might be predisposing them toward cancer or a recurrence of cancer. Sugar is a very serious
problem, it’s probably number one on my list. Sugar raises insulin levels, and insulin is
a major growth factor for breast cancer. The cancer cells have special receptors to help
take in more sugar than normal cells. They actually thrive on glucose, they cannot use
fats and other types of macronutrients the way regular cells can. So they are dependent
on sugar. Number two, I would say it’s important to change your oil if you need an oil change.
Fats and oils are really the mediators of inflammation in our body. So if we are eating
healthy oils like omega 3, like fish oil, like flax oil and olive oil and avocados and
coconut oil and grass fed butter, things like that, those actually help to put the damper
on inflammation on our body. This is so critical in cancer because inflammation is a real problem
in cancer patients. On the other hand if we’re eating pro-inflammatory oils like corn oil,
soybean oil, canola oil, safflower oil, those actually are the oils that promote inflammation
in our body. So it’s really important that we pay attention to the quality of the fats
we eat. When we’re saturated with the right nutrients our bodies very often, and glutafin
and the right antioxidants, our bodies are much, much more capable of fending off disease
and fending off attack. So that’s why again I like to check for those. That really feeds
my passion. Not only the passion to help people but my intellectual passion is to try and
track down what is missing in somebody that they need so that they can create a stronger
deterrence field in their body for the toxicities that cancer brings along with it.

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