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If you find it hard to get into this
shape then this video, unfortunately, is not for you. All the rest of you please
keep watching because I will show you one bow leg yoga pose that can help
you feel better. My name is Chi and you’re welcome to
The Body Conditioner. Here we work in not out! If you’re new to The Body Conditioner, Hi, you’re absolutely welcome. Please say hi in the comments section because I really
want to get to know you. What we’re all about here at The Body Conditioner is working in. And that means we’re going deep. I make use of my passion for yoga, my passion
for healing and my passion for empowerment to help make structural
changes in your body and that needs your commitment. So, let’s get started with the
yoga pose for today. So, simply get your body into this shape, move your feet
apart, your legs apart and then move your elbows in between the legs and press the
palms together. And this is already about it because as you move the
knees out, the knees want to move in and I’m sure you feel what is happening. And you
can do this every single day. Do it as often as you like and notice the changes
happening in your body. Thank you so much for working in with me today! If you want to get your
free eBook on How To Correct Your Bow Legs Naturally then please click on the link further
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2 thoughts on “One Bow Leg Yoga Pose For Bow Leg Correction (Try This Once A Day!)

  1. My bowleg is bad and does it reduce how high can you jump because im 6’3 and barely can dunk and i workout alot and i want to jump high when i play basketball

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