Taking Charge of Your Health

How’s it going everybody? This is Javier
and I’m just taking a short video to kind of like show you around… to where’s the
best place to to go if you’re ever here in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This is the
Seaside Park and right beyond those trees you’re gonna see the beach very
shortly. Of course, this video is not about Bridgeport, or Connecticut whatsoever. (Rather) This video is to educate you and tell you a little bit about who I am and what
I do
as a Naturopathic Doctor, which is a little different from a normal doctor
that you see in the hospital. Instead we deal more with natural alternatives.
Before I get started to what I do specifically as a profession I want to tell you a
little bit about my story so I I was born and raised in Chile for my first
eleven years of my life. I arrived to the US, and I had to learn the
language. It was not easy because it was not just the language I had to get used
to. It was also the whole culture shock. I left a lot of my family back home.
It was just myself, my parents and my sister at that time. It took a while for me to adapt even though I lived in a Hispanic community. It was
still a lot of culture shock on the other hand however I learned valuable
lessons about your identity as a Hispanic person, as a Chilean, and also a citizen of the world in a way. That’s brings me to the point of
what I want to tell you about why I became a doctor in the first place. Not a naturopathic doctor, just a Doctor.
It all started when I was five. I remember today so vividly. I was
watching the news like around 9 PM because 10 PM they would show movies
every weekday, for the most part. By the 9 o’clock news and I remember
seeing this old man who used to live under a bridge. (I’m gonna take a
little stop right now) This old man touched me (touched my heart) a lot because it showed me that our society is very sick, to say it generally. This old man lived
under a bridge He will go up and ask for passengers for
money anytime he needed to eat. He lived there because his family
abandoned him, because he was an alcoholic. That’s what I remember. But of
course the news wasn’t about him. The news was about the fact that one day the passengers, who knew him as a regular, just stopped by and noticed that he
didn’t make it (through the night). It was a winter a cold winter night and
in Chile, winters do not snow usually but they’re very cold
He didn’t make it (dead due to hypothermia). He was found dead.
I remember crying a lot because it was very touching. From that moment, I just
said to myself that I’m gonna be a doctor. I’m gonna help society.
Basically that’s the reason, in the back of my mind, when people ask me why I became a doctor.
I know this kind of sounds like a Social Work kind of story but I’m looking at it
more globally. I’m not looking at just for the (obvious) health in people because in medicine, at least in my perspective of being a doctor, is to not, only get better or get
people better (physically), but also get relationship better, connections better.
In this society people are very disconnected from each other. They’re very disconnected from nature. That’s where things start going wrong. When you’re disconnected from family, When you’re disconnected from nature,
illnesses arise. They manifest very differently. Everybody has a different story to say as to why (they are sick). But I think that’s why this is what I needed to do. To become a doctor. Show people that it’s not only about
their bodies and their mindset That’s going to get them better; but also their surroundings, their environment/ For example, you can see here. It’s nice! It’s a nice environment. It’s a nice day. You go for a walk, and you kind of feel a
little connected. And there are times that you may be at the city (for example). There’s plenty of people, but in a way They’re all strangers and isolated from
each other. It’s about connection. It’s about getting people to connect again and that is (also) an improvement in their health. So that is the doctor aspect,
as to why I became a doctor. And my vision of health is not just
to take care of your body and your mind But also your connections If you want to learn more about what Naturopathic Medicine is, just Click the Link. Or if you know what a naturopathic doctor is and you want to know how I can help
you directly. Then click on the Links of Skype and how to make an appointment in Skype Or how to make an appointment with myself, back in Pennsylvania. That’s where I’m practicing. So I’ll see you in one of those three

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