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he slept with their red onion around his
neck when he woke up he witnessed a miracle thyroid disorders are conditions
that affect the thyroid gland a butterfly-shaped gland in the front of
the neck the thyroid has important roles to
regulate numerous metabolic process throughout the body different types of
thyroid disorders affect either its structure or function the thyroid gland
is located below the Adam’s apple wrapper around the trachea windpipe a
thin area of tissue in the glands middle known as the islamís joins the two
thyroid lobes on each side the thyroid uses iodine to produce vital hormones
the function of the thyroid gland is regulated by a feedback mechanism
involving the brain when thyroid hormone levels are low the hypothalamus in the
brain produces a hormone known as thyrotropin-releasing hormone trh that
causes the pituitary gland located at the base of the brain to release thyroid
stimulating hormone TSH TSH stimulates the thyroid gland to release more t4
since the thyroid gland is controlled by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus
bazaars of these tissues can also affect thyroid function and cause thyroid
problem onion is a well known to be a skin cleaner bacteria killer and blood
purifier another way onion can be helpful ease in the case of disturbed
thyroid then massage the neck with a cut-up
onion around the area of the thyroid gland with a light circular moments go
to the bed without washing your neck so that the onion juice can take effect
throughout the night onion juice naturally enables the function of the
thyroid gland afterwards put a slice of onion in each socks and sleep it is
known that onions clean the skin kill bacteria and the phosphoric acid and
does the blood stream and miraculously helps to purify the blood folk medicine
says that onions have the following effect
they purify the blood kills bacteria and pathogens purifies the air ginger juice
cures thyroid ginger is not only a flavorful additive for cooking and
baking it also may improve health ginger is used to treat a number of
conditions from nausea and congestion to cancer treatment and prevention
individuals suffering from thyroid problems may find that the compounds in
ginger have a positive effect on thyroid function thyroid health the thyroid
produces two different hormones that travel through the blood to all parts of
the body these hormones regulate the body’s metabolism and tell the organs
how slowly or quickly they should function the pituitary gland controls
the thyroid functions when the thyroid is producing too high hard monel level
it is called the hyperthyroidism which causes a faster metabolism when there is
too low of the hormone level being produced it is called hypothyroidism
where the body’s metabolism is slowed chronic inflammation in the body can
damage the thyroid gland let us see the ginger juice preparation take two to
three big ginger pieces peel and clean ginger put them into your blender and
add some water and blend well now squeeze the juice from choppered ginger
take this juice into your glass and add one tablespoon of honey drink this juice
twice in a week follow this remedy regularly to get rid from thyroid
benefits of ginger the phenolic compounds in ginger are known to help
relieve gastrointestinal irritation stimulate saliva and bile production and
suppress gastric contractions and movement of blood chewing raw ginger or
drinking ginger tea is a common home remedy for nausea pregnant women
experiencing morning sickness can safely use ginger to relieve nausea and
vomiting daily ginger supplementation reduced exercise induced muscle pain by
25 percent ginger has also been found to reduce the severe pain during a
menstrual cycle thank you for watching this video like
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100 thoughts on “Only 2 Ingredients Kill Thyroid Gland Forever

  1. You consumed over 100 lines in description, you could right all that spoken statements rather wasting descriptive space.

  2. How do you eat or use the wheat grass? I have tons of it growing in the yard. Is Lemon Grass helpful? I have ts of it too.

  3. I am diagnosted with hyperthyroidism. I am very happy with this video clip,hope it work well and cure quickly

  4. Why do yu want to kill the thyroid? Plus you must sleep alone because my husband won't like me smelling like an onion at night. Crazy.

  5. rub an onion on my neck and then put raw onions in each sock and go to sleep……..perform a human sacrifice the following morning. Holy 3rd world witch doctor medicine…..

  6. You will become more fat, weak, unhealthy…. n you won't be able to survive longer if thyroid is killed… we need to improve thyroid gland…

  7. I would consider retitling your video to say 2 ingredients that help or heal the thyroid gland. What you have written sounds like you are telling us what will destroy the thyroid gland.

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  9. Herbal Treatment and Prevention

    Most people who take anti thyroid herbal replacement therapy do not experience side effects. However, if too much thyroid hormone is taken without any herbal remedy, symptoms can include shakiness, heart palpitations, and difficulty sleeping. Women who are pregnant may require an increase in their thyroid replacement by up to 50%. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the effect of an initial dose or change in dose to be reflected in laboratory tests.

    Anti-thyroid herbal medications : can bring hyperthyroidism under control within 6 weeks to 3 months. These medications cause a decrease in the production of new thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland. Lack of herbal vitamin remedy therapy doses will not work more quickly, because its lacks Anti thyroid herbal remedy therapy and it may cause side effects including skin rashes, nausea, loss of taste sensation, liver cell injury, and, rarely, a decrease of blood cell production in the bone marrow. To get this herbal antibiotics roots contact: [email protected]/ WhatsApp cell +2347063075416.

  10. I think you mean CURE not Kill — the thyroid gland is very very necessary and if it has to be removed for some reason you have to take replacement thyroid hormone for the rest of your life. I found in the last two years that the Keto diet has corrected my problem of too little thyroid.

  11. How can I trust whatever you say if you are not even able to choose the right word for the title of your video! How on Earth a reasonable human being wants to " kill thyroid gland "!

  12. meri mom ko thyroid tha, maina sab desi nuska try kiya hai kuch nhi hua, Fir ik our ayurveda company ki AYURVEDIC Medicine li 2800rs me aur kych hee dino me 200mg tablet se 100mg krr di, aur 3 months 100mg wali tablet V band krva di, abhi 1 saal se V jadda ho gya m shod kr

  13. Hi friends, instead of complaining, lets try her remedy and see whether it works well… Then aft some days if its not effective we can post our reply. I think this is the right way.

  14. I dont understand, which one produce more hormones and produce less, what i hear is hypo produces both. Please make it clear.

  15. Only 2 Ingredients Kill Thyroid Gland Forever? What a stupid title! Do you want your thyroid gland killed? What idiot came up with this title?

  16. Your red onion remedy does NOT work! I've been under observation for a sluggish thyroid for many yrs. The doctor kept pushing to take hormonal medicine. I kept resisting taking it. Last month in February, my TSH was 9.7. A few wks ago I repeated the blood test. The TSH was at 8.2. I followed your red onion remedy for the past week. Today, I had a blood test at the hospital and the TSH is at 10.2.

    Have you tried this remedy before posting the video?

  17. If you kill thyroid gland forever, then who Is going to watch your video… We need to cure thyroid and not kill the gland to kill ourselves

  18. This video is contradicting other thyroid videos. Really confusing . Guys please avoid videos, just follow healthy life style . Drink water avoid unhealthy food also do regular exercises

  19. it's not about the grammar, but it's contents. people tho, she only wants to help us, but your criticism over flow. search for your own info. narrow-minded people.

  20. Title is not important its in the core can you people understand she is not born with an english tongue at least she can relate well understanble enough for a non english tongue like me.

  21. You can control your thyroid by a good paleo or aip diet. I was diagnosed with Graves last yr. Conventional doctors wanted to remove or radiate it and put me on supplements for the rest of my life. I went and got a functional endocrinologist instead and she put me on a diet and within a yr..well…I still have Graves of course but I'm off all my medications

  22. DONT TAKE IT!!! Please take advice from me. I have hyperthyroidism (Graves disease) and my endocrinologist told me there's 3 ways in treating this which is pills, radioactive drink, or surgery . I chose neither. This will all mess your body up in the process because doctors need money and the more pills you get from them , the more money they get so they push this on everyone !
    What you have to do is vodka and walnuts remedy and eliminate gluten out of your diet! All autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease which is autoimmune in nature, it all starts in the gut! And what causes a leaky gut? GLUTEN!!! About 60-70% of people have intolerance to Gluten , some know it and some don't!
    Also , please buy moringa powder! It's a plant which helps bring your thyroid levels back to normal.

    Walnut and vodka remedy
    GLUTEN-FREE diet

    Follow these steps and you will be cured!

    More info:

  23. I tried this for 3 dAYS… My symptoms disappeared….. it worked for me luckily. Hyperthyroid is the situation….. I slept without using my the beta blocker! will follow up with a new lab test to verify this experience…thank you

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