Taking Charge of Your Health

At Oregon State Hospital patients are
part of a treatment team. The treatment team develops individual goals and
identify steps to help patients achieve these goals. This is called a treatment
care plan and it’s an important part of the hospital’s discharge process. We want you to know more about the
treatment teams, the roles of some key team members and what goes into a
treatment care plan. Patients are the most important members of their
treatment teams. They’re encouraged to ask questions and share ideas about what
would most help them transition to life outside the hospital. Patients may invite
people to join their treatment teams such as friends or family members like
you. For this to happen they must first sign the appropriate authorization form;
this will give the hospital permission to share information with you and to
invite you to the treatment care planning meetings. If you’re part of the
treatment team you’re encouraged to attend the meetings in person or you can
call in. Please contact the team social worker for more information. There are
several other required members that you will likely work with on each treatment
team. They are a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, a
registered nurse and a clinical social worker. Psychiatrists and psychiatric
nurse practitioners meet with patients regularly they make diagnoses prescribe
medications if needed and approve the treatment care plan. Registered nurses
work with patients every day there is always at least one nurse available on
each unit and one is assigned to each patient’s treatment team. They help
address any medical concerns patients might have. Clinical social workers help
to navigate the complex pathways from admission through discharge and into the
community. They partner with the patient, their support system and community
partners to overcome any treatment or social barriers. Social workers want to
build on patient’s strengths with an emphasis on quality of life. These are
just a few members of the treatment team for more information about the other
treatment team members click on the treatment team link in the description
below. Together the treatment team develops a
treatment care plan. This plan identifies short-term and long-term goals. Achieving
these goals will help patients be successful in the community once they’re
discharged from the hospital. Examples of patient goals could include:
Learning to manage the symptoms of their illness, understanding their medications
or gaining job skills to find future employment. All patients have a treatment
care plan that meets their specific needs,
everyone’s treatment care plan is different and patients progress at their
own pace throughout their hospital stay. Patients will meet with their treatment
teams regularly to revisit the treatment care plan, make appropriate adjustments
and monitor progress. To learn more about treatment care
planning at the Oregon State Hospital or if you have questions about the
process go to or call friends and family services at 503-947-8109

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