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Osho OSHO Talks OSHO Talks: silence shared in words Osho Osho International Foundation presents Osho About Drugs What are your thoughts on the drug problem that exists in the North American society: cocaine usage, marijuana? Any thoughts on that? In fact, all the governments should help the scientists to find better drugs with lesser side effects, rather than repressing drugs. It is stupid. Whenever you start stopping something you give great importance to it, and particularly to the youth. It becomes a provocation. The government is responsible for all young people who are being destroyed by drugs. There is no need. In my birthplace, just in front of my house, there was a beautiful temple. I persuaded the priest of the temple that because of the big wall around the campus, people used that wall as place to urinate. And it was in such a space where you can sit down, nobody will be seeing you. So, write down on the wall in big letters, “Pissing here is absolutely prohibited.” He, of course, was convinced. Before that, nobody had pissed there. After that, you could count lines of people! The priest was very angry. He came to my father and he said, “Your boy is dangerous. I have never seen people queuing, and when I asked them they said, ‘Just because you have written it, immediately the idea arises.'” Any prohibition is dangerous. But the Christian God started the whole stupid thing, by prohibiting Adam and Eve, saying not to eat from the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Now, in the Garden of Eden there must have been millions of trees. If God had not prohibited about those two trees, I don’t think even now we would have found them. It was impossible. But prohibiting it and then dumping the whole thing on the poor snake, the serpent…. God has done it already. He provoked. All these governments should make an effort that better drugs are available which give you more euphoria, more joy, and no side effects. Now science is capable of doing it. But you don’t allow drugs here in Rajneeshpuram. No. But you are saying outside of Rajneeshpuram it’s okay? No, I am saying these drugs are not okay. And the reason is, because because governments are prohibiting them. Otherwise science could have figured it out very easily…. LSD can be more purified, and then it should be made available without prescription, through medical stores, through hospitals. In fact, every hospital should have a room. Anybody who wants a drug experience under medical care, he should be given it, because it is worth having. And I think that is the only way to take the whole charm out of drugs. In India they have tried many times to prohibit alcohol. And each time they prohibit it, many more people start drinking. And they drink a wrong kind of alcohol, because it is made by people themselves. All kinds of poisoning accidents happen. Thousands of people die, because they have drunk something they knew nothing about. Again and again the same stupidity. Then they withdraw the prohibition and the percentage of people drinking alcohol falls immediately. In fact, the way you have made the society, people are so miserable that they need something to forget what is happening to their life: what their wife is doing to them, what their boss is doing to them, what their husband is doing to them, what their children are doing to them. They need, those poor people need something, at least to have a few hours of relaxation. My people don’t need it; that’s why I don’t allow it here. We have better methods. Our meditations are nothing but drugs — perfect drugs, without any chemicals in them. A man who can meditate will not be able to enjoy the drug, any drug, because his meditation gives him so much peace, and the drug will disturb it. Drugs never give you anything. If you are too disturbed, then a drug relaxes you. But if you are at the peak of your bilss, a drug will relax you downwards. So people who live in the valleys need drugs. People who live on the peaks don’t need them. Our people don’t need them. It is not because of any government law that we are prohibiting people from bringing drugs in. It is because of our own people: they don’t need it. In fact, it is destructive to their meditation, their love, their joy. The drug makes them dull, stupid, takes away the sharpness of their intelligence. But, what I am saying about the outside world is that governments should emphasize the fact, that it is a tremendous problem. Sending young people to imprisonment does not help. You simply destroy those young people, you destroy their education. And I have not seen that a single person who has been imprisoned, has been changed. He comes out and again… back to the drugs. Now he comes out more professional than he had gone into the prison… because there are experts already inside the prison who know more about drugs. He was just an amateur. From all those people he gets all the ideas of other drugs that you will get in Kabul, in Manali, in Kathmandu, in Goa… where you will get the real thing. There is no need for all this nonsense. Courts are involved, jails are involved, young people are destroyed. It is the duty of every government to provide people with some kind of relaxation, some kind of peace, some kind of silence. If you cannot provide meditation, at least you can provide medicine. To me, drugs should be medicine. And if we want, we can change all bad effects. It can become a healthy thing. Each Sunday morning, rather than going to the church, you just go on a trip! 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  1. prohibition= what you resist persists… Holland does not have too much of a drug problem, because there is no prohibition on drugs… when you hear that you cannot have it, that it is forbidden than it is more tempting for you to have it, it's like a forbidden fruit, it just tastes better, so you want to have it. Once this fruit is widely available, it is not that tempting, you do not feel attracted to it that much.

  2. I haven't seen anyone having such a wonderful thoughts on drugs. There are two types of people, either people hate it or love but Osho is of third type. One of a kind. 👏🏼

  3. Very true. Marijuana is growing freely and available at no cost but when it is illegal the price shoot up benefitting many people and governments. This all because of money.

  4. In one sentence the interviewer referred to the drug problem with the examples of "cocaine usage, marijuana". That label "drug" instantly connects them as if they were very similar, where alcohol and tabacco are excluded from that label. Concepts and cultural influences have a way of make us blind to reality…

  5. When he says "My father" I'm kinda surprised, i always see him as life itself, or god or jesus whatever, not an ordinary human

  6. Wow. Now Ireland is using his method. They are opening illegal drugs injecting facility under medical care.

  7. Beautiful lines about Drugs that Drugs is need for valley stages Not for peaks stage.
    Meditation is an pure Drug that is Really Relax with No any side effects

  8. Love you OSHO for me its a simple with no mind…
    He is the partical of Indian wisdom go in depth youll find more miracle individual who capable to change the world…

  9. Words of truth, in Europe Suisse, France….., there is special rooms controlled by medical professionals for ppl to take drugs in safe environment, this actually led to less crime rates in those countries.

  10. "Each Sunday morning instead of going to the church, you just go on a trip" Haha OSHO that's the way it should be 😀 anybody still on here listens to him? Would like some friends lol

  11. 🙏He is way way ahead of his time. 🙏Today some country has such a place where people can take drugs in monitored way. Exm. Canada🇨🇦

  12. I just found him through recommendation and found through comments that he is dead😢. A very wise men.

  13. “The government is responsible for all the young people being destroyed by drugs” that was some real shit. Make anything illegal and the black market will adopt it and sell it to anyone with who can buy regardless of age.

  14. Prison should provide nutritional food, teach dynamic meditation, clean place to live so that they can be really transformed. The current system is an inhumane and inefficient use of capital.

  15. you don't know osho how much I've come to love you… you have spoken my mind with so much ease… honestly my respect for you has no bound

  16. I really don't understand why people listening to him are laughing, the don't realize that the man before them is a genius. I wonder what he thinks of those stupid ones before him.

  17. … and he was poisoned!! Why stop him if all his saying is nonsense? Unless you want to keep him mute soo that the old age business of religion continues! Truth cannot be hidden, truth stand !

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