Taking Charge of Your Health

I’ve been a naturopathic doctor for over
15 years working with my patients trying to give
them the best possible care but I became more and more dissatisfied
with the quality of supplements that I had access to. This force me into studying the way that
supplements were created and to my shock I realize that most on
the market or synthetically made from chemicals and
all contained unhealthy fillers and flow agents That was how VitaTree was born it was
created to bring our customers the highest quality whole food vitamins. Losing my mother to
cancer at a young age had a profound effect on me as a mom my self I do my best to keep a
healthy work-life balance I love my precious time with my five
children and my husband and are yellow lab Jasper I wouldn’t
dream now of giving my family or my patients unnatural supplements. VitaTree Nutritional’s is a very different supplement company. It’s a family
business using whole food ingredients directly from
nature without the use of synthetic vitamin fillers or flow agents like magnesium
stearate At VitaTree we pride ourselves on our
high quality health supplements backed by scientific and clinical research and more importantly based on what I
know about what works and what doesn’t work after so many years of practice as a
naturopathic doctor with my patient on of the cornerstone philosophy of VitaTree is all about giving back we donate proceeds from VitaTree sales to our charity the Janine Bowring Foundation helping children in developing countries
to have clean drinking water, school supplies, clothing and shoes if
you are a new or not so new member of the VitaTree
Family, Welcome! Your health and your vitality will never
be the same.

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