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Dr Greeva Mankad (MD(AM); BHMS; DNHE) Dr Greeva Mankad’s talk on painful periods and natural homeopathic medicines for pain relief generally its common to have painless periods or little pain during periods but in some cases in girls monthly cycles are painful and many times pains can be more severe that she cant cope up with routine life easily we have seen it in many cases painful periods may be accompanied by vomiting, nausea… diarrhea, constipation mostly pain appears at lower abdominal or pelvic region pain sometimes is very intense that daily life may be she is doing job or professional or house wife so in these cases obviously homeopathy plays a wonderful role homeopathic treatment will surely help relieve pain successfully medicines are totally harmless its dangerous to take painkillers many times a day one should avoid taking painkillers as today’s girls are future mother… if you have painful periods, you should definitely think about taking homeopathic treatment opting homeopathic treatment would be of great help we will discuss regarding some homeopathic medicines which can help you combat pain homeopathic medicines: 1. mag phos for any kind of spasmodic pain in lower abdominal region …and that pain is relieved by hot application or by applying hard pressure over painful region can also be used in 6x power and with water relief is sure shot with mag phos if symptoms matches.. next medicine homeopathic medicines 2. colocynth very powerful medicine every medicines are powerful natural they are totally natural having no chemicals colocynth: very effective medicine especially for those girls who get relief only after bending double no other position relieves her pain sitting double up only relieves 3. belladonna for sudden, intense pain and characteristic of pain will be comes and goes, comes again from one hip to other hip region sidewise pain belladonna will serve purpose only if symptoms matches one can think of taking this 3 pulsatilla best female medicine pulsatilla for pain relief for girls having painful periods since puberty from starting of first menses best medicine 4. viburnum opulus pain goes to thigh region from lower abdominal area patient is having less menstrual flow if she needs vib as medicine it remains… only for a day or some hours during a day other is lachesis an important medicine for severe pain especially for girls having pain during starting of periods and pain is relieved after menstrual flow starts at starting she is having intense pain lachesis is best for this kind of pain now will discuss about some medicines which are helpful for symptoms accompanying pain like diarrhea, pain with diarrhea then ammon carb is best if she is having constipation with pain: nux vom is the medicine some other medicine are headache with pain then belladonna is the medicine fever along with pain ferrum phos is best many of patients complaints about feverish during pain she feels heat in the body during painful periods some other medicines are if girl is feeling nausea along with painful periods she cant be able to look at food or smell the food and she does not want to have her meals ipecac is medicine one can think for ipecac in those cases one other medicine is cinchona officinalis for feeling of weakness during periods along with pain does not want to get out of bed and feels weakness then cinchona is best choice if you feel you are having similar symptoms of having pain and other symptoms during your cycles then opt homeopathy if you also feel having dysmenorrhoea then definitely those medicines would help you out obviously you can not take any medicines on your own as many other symptoms needs to be noted by homeopath we need to focus upon overall symptoms of mind and body to select suitable medicine for you so that frequent spell of pain can be cured with the help of homeopathic medicines call us on 9737736999 or contact us on our fb page Dr Mankads’ Homeoclinic definitely contact we are there to serve you, help you thank you

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