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What is your name? Nemichand, from Rajasthan Ok! From Rajasthan What problem did you have? I was told that I had “Cancer” near my Gall bladder Ok! Since how long? Around 3 Months Ok! 3 Months So was there any help by the treatement that you took earlier? No! I went to Delhi and Bikaner They said we are gonna have to operate you! It may or may not be successfull,There are less chances of your surival I went through checkup’s and test’s for 8 days,reports were made but there was no help! So you did not get any relief or benefit? No there was no relief and my condition got more worse! Ok! So now the treatment that you took,from Dr. Deepak was there any help? This Panchgavya Treatment(Indegineous Indian cow urine based medicines) that i took has Brilliant results!Now I am feeling healthy and totally reliefed! So you are feeling healthy now? Yes i am feeling absolutely good now! For how much time you took Panchgavy treatment? Around 2 months right now! Ok! 2 months only! & you are feeling reliefed now? Yes! So what would you like to tell other people about our Indegineous Indian Cow? Yes! Every house must have our Indegineous Indian Cow and every person should serve her! And also our Ancient Indian Medical System that is Ayurved and Panchgavya is brilliant & we must believe in it! Its good for our health? Yes! absolutely brilliant! Thank you Nemi chand ji!

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