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I’m sure you’ve heard someone say or joke
about “having a panic attack,” but panic attacks are very real situations where someone
has a sudden period of intense fear or discomfort that something bad’s going to happen, and
that there’s some imminent threat or danger. These feelings are often so intense that they’re
accompanied by physiological symptoms like heart palpitations, dizziness, or shortness
of breath. These symptoms peak within the first 10-20 minutes, but some might last hours.
Sometimes patients having a panic attack might feel as though they’re having a heart attack
or some other life-threatening illness. Panic attacks can happen even in familiar places
where there are no real threats, and therefore they’re unpredictable, which can further
increase anxiety about when the next panic attack is going to happen. In order to be characterized as a panic attack,
the Diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders, the fifth edition, or DSM-V,
says patients need to have an abrupt onset of four of the following thirteen symptoms:
pounding heart or fast heart rate, chest pain or discomfort, , sweating, trembling, shortness
of breath, nausea, dizziness, chills, numbness, feelings of choking, feelings of being detached
from oneself, fear of losing control, and fears of dying. Admittedly, some of these symptoms might naturally
happen together, and so they can be very hard to tease apart. For example, it would be unusual
for a person that is sweating, feeling dizzy, and feeling chills, to also not be trembling.
It’s also important to note that some of these are physical symptoms whereas others
are specific thoughts/ideas. Panic attacks can happen in the context of several mental
disorders including depressive disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and substance
abuse disorders. It can also, however, happen in the context of a panic disorder, which
is basically defined by the panic attacks being recurrent, meaning 2 or more, and unexpected.
In addition, the DSM-V says that for somebody to be diagnosed with a panic disorder, they
also need to have persistent worry or change in behavior because of their panic attacks.
Also, the panic attacks can’t be due to the effects of some substance, like an illicit
drug or medication. Finally, the panic attacks aren’t better explained by some other anxiety
disorder, like agoraphobia or social anxiety disorder. Patients with a panic disorder can’t predict
where the panic attack will happen next, so it’s important to get treated before patients
develop something called avoidance, which is when they actively avoid the places where
one previously happened. They might stop doing activities that they think might trigger the
attacks, like going to the park, riding in elevators, or driving. Avoiding these situations
might temporarily reduce symptoms of anxiety about having a panic attack, but it makes
daily life really tough, right? And ultimately doesn’t stop the attacks from happening. Sometimes patients get anxiety just thinking
about the possibility of having a panic attack, and this is called anticipatory anxiety. Anticipatory
can be particularly debilitating because it might cause the patient to be reclusive and
choose to endure the attacks alone instead of risking an attack in public—this situation
can actually lead to the development of agoraphobia, a fear of going into crowded spaces. Panic disorder is twice as common among women
as men, and it appears to have a genetic component and run in families, although we don’t know
exactly what causes it. Treating someone with panic disorder usually involves psychotherapy,
medication, or both. Cognitive behavior therapy has been an effective type of psychotherapy
for patients with panic disorder, and this relies on five fundamental steps. First, they
just learn about panic disorder, and how to identify certain symptoms. Second, they monitor
their panic attacks using a diary. Third, they work on breathing and relaxation techniques.
Fourth, they start rethinking and changing their beliefs about the severity of a panic
attack from totally catastrophic to a realistic level. Fifth, they allow themselves to be
exposed to situations that provoke fear and anxiety. Now if medications are used, antidepressants
like SSRIs are the most commonly prescribed, which have sedative and relaxing effects.
Anti-anxiety medications might also be prescribed, like benzodiazepines, which also have a relaxing
effect, although the use of anti-anxiety medications can sometimes lead to unwanted side effects
like tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal. If very severe, anti-seizure medications may
sometimes be prescribed. Overall though, between cognitive behavior
therapy and medication, many patients can be effectively treated for panic disorder.

100 thoughts on “Panic disorder – panic attacks, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology

  1. Is it normal to cry non stop during a panic attack? I feel like I had a panic attack but I’m not sure, I was trembling, feeling dizzy, heart pounding and I was really scared, but none of the symptoms I’ve read mention crying. I spent one hour crying and I wouldn’t respond to anyone. Is that a panic disorder or not ? I’ve experienced it twice.

  2. I have epilepsy and take lamictal that is a mood stabilizer and used to treat bipolar disorder as well as epilepsy, but even that isn't helping with my anxiety which is strange.

  3. For me, since I was a toddler, I get very dizzy. It feels like I'm spinning in all directions at once. Head over heals and around and around. When it begins it feels like it comes into my body from behind my neck. It oozes in and takes over.

  4. This problem started for me about 2 years ago. I was just walking to school to practice for a performance i had to do with my class and out of nowhere i started to feel super dizzy and i started panicking because i didn't know what was happening to me. Ever since that day my life has been a living hell! I can't live normally anymore. I'm anxious 24/7. I feel dizzy amd anxious every single day. It's been so hard and what sucks the most is that i have no one but myself to help me. My mom and brother always call me crazy and tell me to chill out but they just don't understand how hard it is for me.

  5. I got diagnosed with this it’s ruining my life! I constantly am out of breathe, nauseous, dizzy, my heart races, I cry uncontrollably and I can’t breathe

  6. I had a panic and anxiety disorder plus depression for many years. I thank God that He delivered me from these illnesses. I study the Bible. Through God’s Word we can learn more about life and come to know the One who has created us — Jesus Christ! I have come to learn to trust and meditate God’s Word and focus on Jesus. The key is: develop a relationship to our Creator. Study the Bible and pray everyday to Him. It’s about where our focus is. To God be all the glory! ❤️🙏🏽😀

  7. I am confused because some times I feel dizzy my eyes hurt my hearing is muffled I have short temper I get hot and I am very shake a lot and I feel like I am going to pass out but never do and never lose color and feel very tired

  8. Fear of death, fear of losing control, detachment, choking, chest pain, heart palpitations, numbness and shortness of breath. I just had one that lasted more than an hour.

  9. As for me, I think I have social anxiety mixed with panic disorder? Like I'm really anxious about being judged or meeting new people and I'm really introverted and I can't even raise my hand in class (and if the teacher calls me anyway, I'm always starting to panic and my mind goes blank even though I know the answer). Whenever I actually need to hold a presentation in front of my class, I feel like I could break down and just start crying in every single moment. I'm also scared of being in a crowded place sometimes. But the thing is, there are times when I'm in a crowded place or when I'm sitting next to a stranger and have a panic attack but there are also times when I don't. Honestly, I'm so confused by that because idek what mental disorder this is? I'm pretty sure it's at least social anxiety but I don't know if it's also panic disorder because my panic attacks don't happen like three times a week or something. Could you please tell me your opinion and say, what you think my problem is? I really don't know at all.

  10. I don't believe I have PD but I have had multiple panic attacks.
    I remember in 5 or 6 grade, I went to a symphony, and after words, I had a panic attack.

  11. Right now I do not know if this is the right term but I believe I have Mild P.D. because most of my panic attacks only happen in a certain situation but sometimes like 1 or 2 times i had it out of the blue. It happens mostly when I am having an exam or Math competition where i just start having a panic attack when I do not know the answers or just feel like I am going to fail my test or my school for getting a bad score. It also happens when I can not keep up with all the advanced classes I have (Especially math) which are like for the grade 2 years above me. My parents also have pretty high expectations so I get pretty pressured. I also fear death a lot. I think about the future every single day andhave a persistent worry on what might happen later on. I also expierence a change of behavior quite often. It this classified was Panic Disorder? Correct me if I'm wrong.

  12. I had panic attacks for years. It has been a few months without it. I believe I found a cure for it. I started to study several romance languages. I read and write a lot. I love to read the Bible every day. I believe in healing through prayer as well. "Nothing is impossible with God." I drink a lot of water. I don't use make-up or perfume. I eat less meat, no fast food, well balanced meals. I do drink iced tea. I do not take any medicine at all. If I have headache, I place a wet cloth on my forehead. Hope you get better as well.

  13. A moments ago i saw my sister in law and it start it likes i start swetting,palpitate and shaking and nervous its like im so threatin of nothing and i dont know if thats a panic attack or anxiety attack i hope i can through this

  14. People! Just exercise daily. Hit the gym, go for a jog, buy a punching bag and beat the shit out of it. Just release your serotonin and endorphins. No need to take medication when there are natural ways to treat this

  15. If you hold your breath it's impossible to have a panic attack, I learned this many years ago not had one since.
    Takes a few times to master because the heart rate may go up but then it has no choice but to slow down, reason is you cannot hyperventilate if there is no oxygen coming in.
    American cops are trained to do this in in a similar way in tough situations to slow their heart rate down. Slow breathing works too but for me holding the breath is better.

  16. Numbness and tingling all over and nausea are my symptoms,also feeling like I need to burp but can't so I end up yawning literally constantly,I also can't feel my arms sometimes ,they literally get so numb ,it's scary

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  23. I never smoked anything i drank 1nce on my 21st bday i workout play sports and eat healthy im 34 now i had 1 of these 2 months ago thought i was having a heart attack and i had 1 a week ago its starting to bother me alot

  24. i don’t know if i had one but here’s what happened i collapsed on the ground and i was screaming but nothing was coming out i couldn’t breath and i felt light headed

  25. Hi just asking. There was one time when I felt very dizzy, in the verge of collapsing, sweating, blurry vision, blocked ears (like when you're in a swimming pool), and not knowing how to control it. What does this mean?

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  27. So how do you know its a panic attack and your not actually dieing. I had a panic attack in grade 7. And im afraid it was no panic attack but i was actually dieing by cardiac arrest. I live with ptsd today because of that.

  28. This is glorious, I've been looking for "panic attack shaking chills" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Wanatthew Janlizabeth Eradicator – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my brother in law got cool success with it.

  29. Mine always happen in the shower I have shortness of breath chocking detachment fear of both and I have between warm and cold showers

  30. I have 12/14 symptoms and my mom won’t let me tell my doctor about it..or see a therapist or anything, she thinks I’m doing it for attention and in reality I’m suffering….

  31. I feel like I am drowning while everyone else is normally walking..And the more I think it gets worse..As I hear my heartbeat I get scared and everything gets worse..

  32. Every morning I wake up with anxiety, takes around 30 minutes of puking and breathing to relax. Stomach upset, can't eat. I will see a doctor. This will cost alot…but I can't live like this anymore.

  33. Every thing this video explains, I'm going through. It started with shortness of breath and it slowly started to get worse.. I just want this feeling to go aaawayyyy. I've been trying CBD oil 500mg doses. Gonna see if that helps……..anyones help or input would be appreciated…

  34. Do I have anxiety or panic attacks? I experience shortness of breath, trembling, feelings of choking, sweating, fast heart rate and feelings of somewhat detachment.. I really don't want to self diagnose because I just think it's bad if I think I have it when others are actually suffering with it

  35. i had a panic attack in front of my bosses for 2 hours i was gagging and almost threw up on their desks cause i got a write up for the smallest thing and i thought my life was over it felt unreal it was like i had an out of body experience i don’t think ppl understand that having anxiety and panic disorder should be heard and understood were not dramatic this is real and it fucking sucks to barely function at work

  36. my first panic attack got triggerd by smoking weed i think i am not completly sure since it happend like 5 hours after i did it but damn i won't ever forget that moment lol, i slept in my parents room that night litterly to scared to be alone i got sick right after for like 4 days, right now i have them once every 4 days or something im glad that they'r slowly going away but still these are no fun it's like misstepping on stairs but for like 10 – 20 minutes straight it's weird to explain.

  37. Struggling with Panic since 18/19 ( 5/4 Years ). I hate it. Been clean since 2 Years now but still have to fight with it. But whats me helping is trying to do exactly what I'm scared of and just do it. Because even if I feel like shit or experience failure after doing it, I can be proud of myself that I even tried 👍

  38. I will be in a normal situation, completely calm, and almost be struggling to breathe..also my mum didn't come into my bedroom to say night and I cried and curled up and my chest kinda hurt and I felt like I was pathetic..(I'm 12)

  39. 4/13 to be diagnosed with panic disorder, I got 11/13, and I just discoverd this mental illness exists. Even tho I suffer from it since I was 9 years old

  40. So I just had my first panic attack. I obviously can not assure it was that, but I’m pretty sure it was. I literally cried for so long and it lasted for about 20 minutes then went and then came back again. This video made me feel so much more better. Thank you so much 🥺❤️

  41. Good morning. We Selebrita Trans7 are asking for permission to use this video footage in addition to supporting impressions. Thank you in advance

  42. This video helps me have more of an understanding of a panic attack. For me it can happen anywhere. Didn't know there are different symptoms of a panic attack. I take a pill when I feel a panic coming and depends how strong it is or not. Times the pill wont help and you feel your nerves are on the edge and stress on that. Mine are daily and are both mental and physical ones. Racing thought and pounding heart. When that changes your whole routine in life can cause depression or sadness. Well there's my two cents for ya.

  43. I’m a teenager and I have panic disorder. My mom told me that I’m not aloud to take medicine for it because it affects teens differently. I have tried the psychotherapy ideas but they can’t seem to help me. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can maintain with this disorder?

  44. I don't have anxiety disorder; I have health problems that just keep getting worse. At this point I'm going to have to have a G-tube and I'm panicking. I don't want everything to just keep getting worse I just want fun and happiness. Not the constant, crushing weight of my dreams shattering around me.

  45. Anyone got those symptoms randomly through the day? I mean not all of the at the same time. E.g i go to the shop I get dizzy and after a few minutes i get shortness of breath and after high blood pressure. I usually have high blood pressure instead of palpitations. All tests fine, just wondering If I am the only one.

  46. These videos are golden for nursing students! Thank you thank you! (I do not have time to read fifty chapters LOL)

  47. I have multiple panic attacks almost daily about my health, I'm constantly worried about dying. I'm losing fuck tons of hair because of this (luckily it's thick) and almost all of my relationships are suffering. It's awful and I feel like I'm spiraling.

  48. I feel a kind of vomiting and butterflies in stomach when iam with few new people (i feel i should just disappear)…
    And also feel uneasy whenever i think about something that i have said or done in the past which was embarrassing (i always try to dodge from those thoughts but it comes in without my permission and iam sick of it)

    And i really lack social skills (even the basics like smiling at people while passing by) and people think iam rude…..and hear them talkin behind me

  49. I had a panic attack when I was sleeping because I couldn’t breathe. Turns out my face sank inside the pillow lmao

  50. I start overthinking a lot and stressing and the simplest thing can make my brain say things that I don’t mean. Like wishing a love (as Iwrote that i started saying bad things in my brain) one death when I don’t mean it. I used to have this problem where if my foot touched the floor without any shoes on it would become dirty and I would have to wash my foot. Or if my hand would touch my foot I would have to wash my hand. All of this because my brain/thoughts threaten me. I don’t know if this is anxiety or just some mental disorder I don’t know. Can someone help me understand this better?

  51. I have all of those and it's really bad but my mom won't take me to a doctor cuz I already have physical therapy for my injured ankle and the fact that I'm sick rn I went to the doctor. I had a panic disorder since I was 11 and I'm now 16 and it's hell. I tried everything, journal, stuff to play with in my hands, slime, weighted blanket like it's so bad I feel like I'm going insane

  52. So I wanna know why my family doesn’t believe my panic attacks are a thing when I literally wrote a whole page about what I feel during one: for mine I get them almost everyday and in them I can’t move. I don’t get why it happens but I can’t love if I try to move it’s physical pain or if someone touches me physical pain after the attacks I’m really sensitive to touch and my whole body goes numb and achy please someone tell me I’m not the only one with this right?

  53. Do anybody else thought they were schizo or going completly nuts while this happening xd i almpst convince myself that i was schizo and ill never come back lol

  54. the most thing i hate about this is the ‘cold sweat’ part.. it’s like i’m going to die and my body need to be laid down while i’m on the bus? how??! 😔

  55. Ive had one panic attack (im pretty sure)i smashed a cist in my wrist that was really bugging me and right after it hurt for a moment and in like 0.2 secs i was basically dry heaving into my bathroom sink looking into the mirrior and watching sweat seep through my pores while the edges of my vision got darker and i was trembling thinking this is what death is like. Mintues later i feel fine but i remeber thinking i never wanted to go through that again and im just confiring it was a possiblr panic attack. People need to be aware of this because some people go through this daily and i just couldnt imagine man….

  56. today i had my first panic attack..
    i was in a movie theater when suddenly i had trouble breathing. then my hands started sweating a lot0-0 i felt restless/ dizzy.. i thought i was dying or something i was s scared :,(

  57. Last night I think I had my first panic attack. Me and my family were going back home which is 3 hours away but it suddenly rained and there was lightning and it was so dark and we got lost because we went to a different route and I'm afraid of that kind of events happening. I was trembling, I felt like I was choking, I was crying, I was afraid something bad was going to happen like a car crash. But we planned to stay at a hotel overnight so nothing bad will happen.

  58. I've got a lot of mental problems, panic disorder being one of them. When I have a panic attack, or even when my anxiety spikes up, i have a 'fun' time with misophonia. But besides that, when something happens to randomly trigger a panic attack, it seems like the world either stops or goes too fast. When the world 'stops'; it's like nothing is going to change and everything will forever be stuck as a horrible thing (although I know it's probably just my anxiety and depression). When the world gets 'faster'; it's like I become super aware of my body as if I was never in it. I also can't think straight or focus (more than usual, i have ADHD). It's like a million thoughts just swarm everything and each and every thought creates this overwhelming emotion of uncontrolled fear. I've only ever had 3 panic attacks, but I usually have anxiety spikes every 2 weeks. I'm on meds and I have a regular therapist, but it still feels hopeless most of the time. When I'm in that mental state, it's like everything depends on that moment and I can't change anything. I don't know.. i just felt like venting in case any comment scrollers can relate. yep.

  59. Ohboy, juat started to have something like this, three times lately. It's been off and on right now, hoping to get to a doctor soon even if it freaks me put talking to someone about this

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