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all right so this is going to be part
two – what if austa had sunshine so with that being said let’s just roll the
intro alright so before we get into the what if I like to say that it seems like
you guys really like the series from what I could tell from last episode you
know you guys wanted a lot you want you wanted like a second part pretty soon
right so that’s why I’m making this video and I like to say this kind of
quick announcement a lot of the comments there’s a couple comments that are like
being reported as spam so if your comment is like removed just know I
didn’t do it and if it is tell me and I could approve it because last time I
checked it was like around 30 something comments that were marked as spam and
like a lot of them are just like saying that they liked the video or they’re
just like suggestions for what if and I don’t know why it’s like marked for spam
so if it is like let’s say you look through your comments and I don’t know
if you could see it or not if it’s like marked as likes I gave you don’t see
your comment there then you can just tell me yeah I could just approve the
comment right and the last episode I asked you guys
what spells he should have and I got a lot of suggestions so we’re gonna see
more spells in this one and I would like to also say that we’re almost had 600
subscribers so you know I’m I I don’t know if I’ll do anything for 600 but I
might and I was also thinking of doing this idea for this what if like when
Oscar goes to the dungeon I was thinking that he could get something in the
dungeon that would like kind of split his grimoire in a way that that like
halfway through his grimoire it would be like a chapter two and that would be
like it would be the opposite of his magic instead of like sunshine or not
sunshine sunlight magic it’d be moonlight magic so he would be able to
use moonlight magic at night but they both both versions of him like the
daytime and the nighttime would be able to use both magics it’s just that in the
daytime he would be better at sunlight and at night he’d be better at moonlight
magic and you know the different ways and how they might be what’s it called
the the spells would work like his fighting style would change obviously
because during the day he’d be more up close and personal things like that but
I think at night he’d be more distant because he’s not as physically strong so
if you guys like that idea I’ll put a poll and you guys can tell me and then
like the kind of elements that moonlight magic would be made out of would be
light and in I think water since it would be the opposite of sunlight so
it’d be instead of light and fire it’s light water and it could there could be
a lot of like freezing attacks instead of like heat attacks so if you guys like
that idea again I’ll put a poll so yeah the last time we left off so this is
actually what if so last time we left off we’ve asked just getting you know
except in the black Bulls offer and are actually going to the black bull’s hide
out so when they get out of the portal
austell would see this place and I said last time that his personality is
different than a scanner at night instead of being like shy and timid he’s
more cold and distant and I read a comment saying I’m talking about ice
corners like personality and I like when he’s in like the day for me doesn’t feel
any lover for anything he only feels pity and what I would like to say to
that is that I’m pretty sure he still feels loved like I’m like that’s what he
that’s as I character with like Merlin right that’s always their interaction
that he loves her right I’m pretty sure you still have love for his friends
because like scenes like the one with like him versus the two two Commandments
the the giant and the fairy where he talked about the sin of time of other
people’s hearts and like things like that and I so wrote so fight where he
said like he only pities people that are weaker than him he doesn’t say anything
about not loving so again I don’t know I just tell me how you like the nighttime
personality now change it like there was only one comment about that
so as Oscar is looking at the base he says wow this looks really rundown
because I’ll be like different parts of the buildings are like misplace and
things like that because I don’t know if I should spoil it but for at like it’s
like people in the anime already caught up to what I’m talking about but I guess
if people haven’t seen that show that far I guess you’d be a spoiler
but anyways we would you know they would I think Austin would not like run to the
door like he does in the anime and be really excited I think he would just
walk in normally announce his presence like and I think he’d be more people
would notice him more since he’s a lot taller and buffer and they might mistake
him for Yami or you know not he’s not that since it’s
nighttime he’s not buff but he’s somewhat tall he’s like around around
you know his height maybe a little bit taller a little bit shorter I don’t know
so he would basically say all right I guess in this one he wouldn’t really
announce himself since it’s at night and his personality is different he’d
basically say like hey I master from Hadj village looks like I’m joining your
squad and that’s all he would say and he would just like lean against the wall as
Yami and Fenrir walked through the door and Magna and luck are still fighting at
this point so Yami would hit the side of the walls saying telling them to stop
breaking stuff just like he doesn’t canon man Yami would say like this is
the new recruit Austin and all right I guess before that fit
Magna would go up to Yami and ask him like is there any arrogant like rookies
this year so I could teach him a lesson and Yami would say yeah he’s right there
good point to Austin and Magna would be like oh yeah I’m kiddin you think you’re
so much better than this how about we you know do our traditional
baptism by fire and I think Austin would just shrug your shoulders like sure
right and this is when funeral would kind of like try to break the tension
and try to introduce everyone he would introduce Gordon Ghosh Magna Vanessa
Charmy Gray himself and then Yami I think that’s everyone oh and luck so I
don’t think Austin would give him any that much of a
introduction for himself so they would get straight to the baptism and for the
physical parts I think he would barely be able to do it like not anywhere near
as he could in the Henan but he would be barely able to do it right for the
magical part where he has to dodge everything at this point he doesn’t have
that moonlight magic unlocked yet like even if you guys want that right so he’s
like for the like scatter shots that he does I think he’d be able to dodge it
pretty easily and for the was it go fireball that fire bolt shot or
something like that I think this is a comment like this was
one of the spells that people were commenting first and I think it would be
good for this situation and the spell that that person what’s the code commented was something
called solar singularity and what it does is it’s basically like call
Yami’s black hole where it sucks up magic it’s kind of like that but it’s
unlike magic and I was thinking that that here the sunlight magic should have
things like what I would refer to follow ups which or follow followed by like how
I scan or does like he’ll do like a cruel Sun followed by pride flare so I
was thinking that solar singularity could be followed by something called
red dwarf and that could be followed by supernova and I could explode the giant
the red knight red dwarf I mean red giant I could explode the red giant and
this could create like a white dwarf which if you don’t know how like
supernovas work in real life it can either one age a red giant exposed it
could either become a black hole or a white dwarf so yeah I was thinking about
something like that if you guys are interested and tell me in the comments
below but yeah basically as as the projectiles getting closer Austin would
like take out his grimoire in his it’d be kind of heavy for him since he’s not
buff he was just open it up and be like
sunlight magic solar singularity and that would just redirect the shot
towards it and kind of his orbit infinite role was waiting to like kind
of save on sonny’s and he would tell this young like wow that’s the first
time in a while that we need to save the rookie magnet would be kind of mad he’d
be like what the heck was that you snuffed out my flames like it was
nothing and I still would kind of like put his hand on his neck and kind of
croc and be like yes it’s my magic what you expect you thought that was gonna
hit me and I think Magna would kind of be mad but at the same time he just got
like a really powerful like teammate so he has mixed feelings on this so he would get the magic not magic B yeah
magic Knights Club coat when I coat robes I think it’s
called and Vanessa would use her magic to like drop it on him and you know put
that emblem on he’s like headband and austell would be like can I get a bigger
one of these because when Austin becomes buff it’s not gonna really work or it’s
not gonna really fit in Vanessa would be surprised and she would say how come
and I think Austin would use would like use some of his like stored up energy or
at first mrs. what he would do he would use sunlight creation magic divine axe
Rita and this is the kind of object that would let him or his like creation magic
that would let him use some of his energy that he has stored up and the axe
itself can store up energy independently from him but he would need to have it
out during the day for it to um kind of absorb energy right and seeing this like
kind of scrawny somewhat tall my kid become like this muscle-bound like the
human of a man out of like in a few seconds they’d be very surprised and I
think Vanessa would kind of like gawk over auste because of this
and maybe Charmy but that’s I don’t think so and luck would be like pretty
happy like wow we get to we have such a strong opponent let’s fight that’s spar
and Austin would like since he’s some he’s still confident cuz he has that
sunlight energy going through him or sunshine
he’d be like he would say something similar to what how people reacted to
his psyche grimoire he would say you’re witnessing the form of perfection so
it’s understandable that you’d be staring for so long and after that he
would just like to snuff out the flame of Rita the axe and he would just
transform back into his like weaker version of himself so after that was
done we would get to the point where hasta or Magna would show off so to his
room and Aastha would be still excited to have
his own room since he’s never really had his own room because he lives in the
church as an orphan so he Magna would tell us so that he should write to the
church for being you know because he doesn’t want them to worry right and
also would be like yeah yeah I understand because this is still his
other personality so he would he would write to sister Lily and the priest and
he would tell him that he just got to he would tell him his experience and how
like everyone at the magic Knights Rose rose their hand and he chose the black
balls to make a statement and they’d be like kind of like how explain this they think that would be a dumb move
since he could have been part of the best squad in the country which is the
Golden Dawn or at least the top three right so we would get it to the next day
and this is the point where us the and Magne Magne showing him around the
building and showing the different chores and obviously this is when
Austin’s in the daytime so he’s very buff right so he’s able to do most of
the chores without breaking a sweat even like feeding the Beast right because
they don’t want to go near him since he has so much magical power and I think
for the power skill I think he’d be around when he’s in daylight he’d
probably be like hi captain tier like hi captain and then when he’s like when
he’s like at night he’s probably around vice-captain or low vice-captain tier
and then when he’s at noon I think he’s able to probably rival the
best captain which at this point would probably be Fargo Leon but yeah I guess that’s a little bit of
power scaling but I don’t know maybe maybe during the day he’s like made me
tear captain level and in at noon he’s like heights here so after a while they
go to walk to the the back or yeah I’m pretty sure no they walked towards the
front of the hideout and this is when they actually meet no well and also so
being that kind of um cheery prideful version of himself but this is sunset so
he’s not as buff and not as as arrogant I guess so he’d be like and he would go
up to Noel and this he’s like a lot taller than her right so he’s like
towering over her and he’d be like hello my name is Austin from Hodge village I’m
the newest member of the black bulls Nowell wouldn’t shake his hand because
of how here’s the here’s a scenario right she would say like what is a noble
like you doing here and the black bulls the worst squad and basta would be like noble such words
don’t have meaning to me everyone maybe those words would fab meaning if I
didn’t exist or prior to my existence but no longer that is no longer the case
I am the pinnacle of all magical beings in this world and I am what – I am what
do you refer to as a commoner right and she would be like a Commodore how’s that
how’s that possible you have so much magic and like his physical appearance
like makes her doubtful as well since he’s very tall and muscular for a
commoner because obviously commoners don’t have I’d say enough food to like gain those
kind of muscles or at least the right foods I guess if you would I’d give you
were to take this realistically and also we continue it must be your lucky day
no Zell are no well was it I am I am what you call a prodigy I am I’m going
to become the wizard King in the future sooner probably than later so it was
night to meet you it was nice to meet you right and you know I’ll still would
start walking away and she would be like don’t ignore me I am a royal and austell
kind of laugh Oh royal huh anyway like point his finger like in the air just
like a scone or does and you would say like haven’t you heard anything I’ve
been trying to tell you those words have no meaning to me and he would do like a
like a miniature like crows Sun and people were someone was timing
I can name I should give it and he was like sunset
I think sunset Sun but I don’t think that sounds nice so I’m gonna change it
to Setting Sun so he has like a small Setting Sun and like things that were on
– it’s hard to like heat up anyway like you see this this is the clear
difference between me and someone of what you would say royalty and he would
like snuff out the flame anyone continue and like no Noel would try to shoot him
with a magical like water ball but obviously would just like turn in like
public hip Magne right if that’s possible so I don’t think Noel would
have that idea of leaving the BOK pools but she would still try to train in the
front yard just how she did in the anime so hasta would you know still find
himself outside because he was looking for the bathroom right so he would go up
to the front indeed he would hear like or he would see like an explosion come
near him that was the water that I fell from the sky so he tried to go to the
source of it and when he gets there he sees those l9 nosal Noel and basically he sees her
trying to shoot this tree but it keeps missing and this is when Nero goes on to
like Austin and starts rustling rustling the leaves around him and this is what
catches Noel to ask his location and she’s thinking of all the stuff that’s
happened in her past how she’s been ridiculed and things like that and how
Oscar was talking to her yesterday and she can’t take it so she tries to shoot
him and the magical power that she had actually backfires because she can’t
control it and actually wraps herself around herself and becomes that kind of
like giant water ball thing and you know everyone in the black bulls
consensus so they all go outside and they go and check what’s happening right
so they would be like we can’t use magic
any like offensive magic because it’s gonna hurt her a foreigner or can use
your spatial magic dude and get her and he would be like what are you talking
about there’s no way near there’s no way I’m gonna go near that thing
and you Yami would be like huh if any if only we had someone that could absorb
magic somehow and this is a gnostic comes flying by but not he was like
getting uh he was basically like thrown but he wasn’t really hurt he just kind
of let it happen and he’d be like okay kid
let’s do a combination spell to get rid of this magic he and he’s like hmm a
combination spell all right and basically they would come they would
come combined solar singularity with black hole and they would create either
I guess it would be called combination magic
so black solar singularity or I was thinking like Black Sun singularity
something like that so they would do that and it would
basically just absorb all the magic that was surrounding Noelle and she would
look at Austin and she was just waiting for the ridicule and Austin instead of
being like like making fun of her he would be like like why why are you so
sad don’t you know that every ever like compared to me everyone has a weakness
so it doesn’t matter if you have a few more right and she was gonna be like
what I thought you hated nobility’s and Royals and Oscar would be like I think
you’ve got a misunderstanding I have no hatred for those who are weaker than me
I only feel pity right and knows Noel would be confused
by this right and Magno be like if you had that kind of weakness why did you
just tell us right this is what we’re here for we’re here to support each
other and make ourselves stronger and protect the country so the next day
would come around and know Noel would ask Austin like how come your physical
appearance changes depending on the day time and also since this is the morning
you’d still be buff and things like that he’d be like well it’s my magic and
again he would have his finger in the air my son like magic it makes me
incredibly powerful during the day but weaker at night and that’s always how
it’s been ever since I could remember right
he knows oh it would be like or Noel would be a while that’s a strange kind
of magical ability and later on Magna in Austin the Magna and Yami would come by
and they would tell him that they lost a poker from the chief of saucy village
yeah believe it’s called saucy village so um he would basically say that we been
recruited or what they bet was to do one one thing that they want and that one
thing that the Builder chief wanted was to kind of get the or hunt down the bull
hunt down the boar that’s a round of village so hasta noel in magna are
getting ready to go but Noel tells them that there’s no way I could find a broom
because I can’t control my magic and I’ll still be like don’t worry about
that and he would open his grandma and be like son like magic Apollo’s Chariot
Apollo like the his chariot what basically imaged in Greek mythology he’s
the one who that carries the son around on his chariot so it would make sense
and I got that from a comment and I know we be like Magna would be like wow
that’s a it’s a sick ride right because how he’s like broom is like kind of
tricked out and stuff like that so I think they would all go on his chariot
and he would tell also like I didn’t know you had this kind of magic you
should have told us from the beginning and I think the chariot would be really
fast since it’s it’s since they would be being it would be be be pulled by like
four different horses like it is in mythology
so they would get there faster than they do in then in doing like normal so they
would get there and they would like it’d be no contest in this one because I lost
I would just use he’d be like cruel son right son like magic cruel Sonny we just
like throw it throw a psycho son throughout the bars and it would be
cooked instantly so you would instead of taking like wild or like fresh tea like
hunted me he would bring to the village like what’s it called
that’s he we bring cooked food right and I would say that he would they would
meet up with the eye of the Midnight Sun before they reach the village because of
how fast the chariot was so they would see this guy make like boars in the
woods turn into ice so he’d be like really confused so they would go up to
him and say what do you think you’re doing here what’s with these different
robes and ye turn turning these boars into icicles right I think that Magna
would have said that so as he says that the main mage the leader that’s there
would check his pocket and says I can’t you I can’t have you being here you’re
gonna take off my schedule like off like minutes right so he would tell his
lackeys do kind of like dispose of him so one of them would use like ice magic
with the other users like mist magic or whatever a frog magic and right when
they’re about to hit magma this is when Aastha comes in with his his divine acts
real and he would say like why are you trying to hit like hit my my squad
members and basically the the main leader would be surprised that mmm AUSA
has so much magic at him gonna be like listen to me you have enough magic to
join the magic knight squad so why does it matter of a few villagers died right
and you do that speech and and I Canon where he talks about how like they’re
basically animals with no tools because they have simple magic and things like
that so us that would be like I don’t think you’re wanted to talk cuz to me
you’re not even like a speck of dirt you’re less than that I am what I am
strength incarnate right that’s what he would say to them and seeing how strong
hasta is he would tell his lackeys to to go to the village without him to kind of
kill everyone that’s in the village and pasta would try to stop him but the ice
mage would try to like block him with his icicles
and what happens is that Oscar gets you know he’s like oh so you’re the one who
wants to try to face me I’m so sorry for you and he’d be like for what for and
Austin would be like for being born in the same world as mine for being born in
my world this is one did leader actually starts to get angry and he would be like
this arrogant like kid right and this is when the kind of what we called the
underlings try to attack Noel and I think she would learn her her so
that she learns in Canon through this event because she feels very useless but
she was able to shield herself and as they’re trying to attack her this Riven
Magnum would be able to get a good chance of taking them out pretty easily
since they’re nowhere near the level of the leader and also would just kind of
be like alright let’s just end this and you be like cruel son and this is when
he would throw it at him and then he’ll be like followed by pride flare you know
just blow up and the guy would be knocked out pretty easily because his
eyes magic is nowhere near the same level as Austen’s magic in terms of
being able to resist the heat so the guys down in Austin would use his
binding magic which is another spell that you guys suggested in his called
son cage or yeah today was called son cage and he just Donnell binding magic
so it would so goes the same way as in Canon where the main guy would use or
one of them would escape and the main guy would use his like I have magic item
to basically kill everyone off so they wouldn’t get any information from them
so Austin would be four Magnum would be more mad that he chose to end everyone’s
lives instead of giving up some information canasa would be like it is a
sad state of affairs for someone to decided to take other people’s lies and
he would be like let’s go talk to the village and see if they’re safe so they
would go there any works in this in this version the chief doesn’t die so he’s
still alive in this so as a way to say you know thank you for not only the ball
the boars but also saving the village I think he would give him the magic stone
and you know he would tell Magda like you’ve become a great man and being to
our knowledge Magnezone lee real father figure thing and maybe yami he would
feel very happy to hear this from him come someone he’s respected for so long
so I think I’ll end it here like I said I’ll make a pole for the moon night
magic idea and remember I did I still make other videos of it and what is
recently I did a are I made two different reviews ones ones about the
shield arrow and the other ones about kaga sama and both of them I talked
about the the manga mostly and with the show Lyra to talk about how the
storyline and the stuff like that so I don’t want to spoil too much so I want
you guys to watch my videos so with that being said it’s in a video so yeah

50 thoughts on “Part 2 What If Asta Had Sunshine

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    Moonlight Magic: Lunar Scythe!
    Sunlight Magic! Solar Axe!
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  2. ComicSansTheMan Hernandez you said during the baptism ceremony that his grimoire was too heavy to lift did you know grimoire's can float in the air.

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  4. Night Eskenor loves his friends when he was fighting the giant and fairy it was night time he just tapped into the power without changing his personality

    Read the manga Eskenor has a big change in character later on and if you havent got their what I've been saying makes no sense

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  6. I love that moonlight magic idea sunlight would be the Axe, Moonlight would be a Scythe. He is very proficient with both of them. But you can make him more willing to kill at night since he is more ruthless or like when they have to torture he would be down because he’s indifferent and cold.

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  12. Sun & moon magic would break the cannon lore for black clover. Half breeds & ONLY half breeds can have two magic elements at once.
    In this case sunlight magic would be solar element a combination of light & fire elements.

    Ice magic is a combo of water & wind but you can't do water or wind magic only ice magic.

    You could give Asta an item that would let him store sunlight or focus/suppress Asta's power like Escanor's sacred treasure Rita.

    But if you're dead set on the sun & moon thing you could say that his magic is celestial body magic. I would imagine the grimoire would look like a circle in
    the middle with the four leaf clover in it with a yin/yang symbol around that in the yang part would be the sun & in the yin part would be the moon but the moon was never there when Asta got his grimoire symbolizing his lack of fully under standing his own powers.

    However Excanor's power is based loosely on the Chinese concept of yin&yang "in (Chinese philosophy and religion) two principles, one negative, dark, and FEMININE (yin), and one positive, bright, and MASCULINE (yang)" which is why he buffs up. (Yeah that's not just to look awesome.) So it really wouldn't
    make since character wise for him to get moonlight (yin) as if anything it would go to a woman. With that said you could give moonlight magic to Noelle.

    Ps. Wouldn't the reverse of light & fire be darkness & water? And moonlight is just sunlight reflected of the moons surface. The moon itself doesn't produce
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