Taking Charge of Your Health

I have real anxiety about speaking in NA meetings and stuff like that. To start with I couldn’t do it. I got up and tried many times and I just ended up like [STAMMERS] Yeah, I couldn’t do it. I tried but, yeah. Skype meetings definitely are a good thing to start with. I decided, I think after my second or third relapse that I’ll give…I’ll listen to what my mum’s saying about getting a sponsor and doing the 12 step program and doing the steps. That worked out really… ..well I’ll just say really good, like I’m not going to say it was fun. For me the steps have definitely been very challenging. I had the same psychologist for like a year and a half and that was really like, yeah, I’ve met the right person He’s gone to the same concerts that I have and he’s listened to the same music, read the same books. Wow, like there’s a connection. I mean a lot of times we don’t get to talk about a lot of things in a social environment and having that structure of one on one is it can be daunting but also, once you overcome that barrier I feel, it can be life-changing. It really can because you’re able to talk about something that’s tucked away like, that the bottle’s been treating. I linked up with a group called Marrin Weejali. They do one on one drug and alcohol counselling living with addiction courses, NA, AA meetings, trauma counsellors, domestic violence counsellors and that that are stated there as well so a lot of alcohol and substance abuse comes from a lot of trauma and background that’s not dealt with so that’s integrated into this service so that it can be just a one-stop shop for recovery and your mental well being. I started going to Marrin Weejali when I was about 18. I used to go to my first meetings and then go and get drunk. You had to be present. You have to be present at the time, you know. and believe that it’s a disease, it’s an addiction that can’t be broken, you know. and believe that you need to attend a meeting every night you know, just to fight this disease. I know that if I need help I call…one call away. Give just one phone call away to my support worker. They motivate you, they push you. They even tell us ‘Oh mate you’ve got to do it now before this thing happens.’ so they help you set your goals as well. So I love it and it’s just it’s just like someone cares for you and that’s where I got the benefit out of like I’m not doing it on my own, there are people who are assisting me behind the scene. The main thing that helps me for recovery is keeping myself busy. My recovery was basically doing courses just keep myself busy. Early in the morning, get up go to the library, spend time, do…’cause they’ve got a range of courses, So I am doing…I was doing four courses. People find their peace in many different ways, in many different ways. So I tried therapy and I tried counselling. That’s all part of the journey I think, of recovery, finding what works for one and what doesn’t.

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