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82 thoughts on “Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice and Patanjali Amla Juice AMAZING BENEFITS | Patanjali Ayurveda

  1. Hey that's really helpful thanks for sharing.. I wl surly try.. n please check my channel too m new here n please sub too m ur new subbie n keep in touch with me 😊

  2. i m using both of these juice ……. and plz do a patanjali haul video…… about shampoo and conditioner…. ….

  3. mamdum yeh Aloevera juice or amla juice pet ka gss, face pe chhota chhota pimples nikal jayegi?
    Please reply kijiyega please

  4. Hi,

    After watching the videos and getting to know the good reviews I have started using both the juices since two months So far…How long and years I can take it without any being normal and also mention the side effect for long-term use.


  5. I would like to add my comments of taking both juices in one can add 40 ml juice of each product in 40 ml Luke warm water also can add Isabella ghol one teaspoon in that solution .you can take this solution prior to bed at night believe me it will help a lot to get rid of constipation as well from other decreases it will very beneficial for lower down your cholesterol

  6. Hello mam
    Mein subha uthke 1 litre paani peeta hoon
    Nd uske baad amla juice pee sakte hai mtlb 1 litre paani ka koi chakkar to nhi ..
    Please tell me
    Juice and paani kitna rkhna hai?thanx

  7. Hi.. Please let me know if aloevera suits every one.. I started taking Patanjali aloevera juice from 3 days and i started getting pimples on my forehead. Please suggest me whether to continue or stop having it

  8. hi ma'am , these patanjali aloe vera and amla juice are safe? i mean no side effects? i have heard that some chemicals is been used! pls clarify it!

  9. liked your video but aloe vera juice cant contain vitamin b12 as it is required for animals for healthy blood cells and nervous system, and plant dnt have them so they don't produce vitamin b12.

  10. lukewarm water is necessary while taking aloe vera juice or cold water will work?
    u r the best
    thanks in advance

  11. मैंम मैं सुबह खाली पेट 20 ml आंवला जूस और 20 ml एलोवेरा जूस मिलाकर 40 ml पानी के साथ लेता हूं ।
    और इतनी ही मात्रा रात को खाना खाने के 2 घण्टे बाद लेता हूँ । क्या मेरी डोज़ सही है? कहीं मै ओवरडोज़ तो नही ले रहा हूँ? प्लीज बताइये मैंम ।।।

  12. I do have both amla juice and aloe vera juice ,i have heard that they should be taken on empty stomach , so which should i take first or how can i take them?❤️❤️

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