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So, today again he had Nadi Pariksha and during the period of 6 months, you know There is a drastic change in the condition you know, because, I have been suffering from this auto-immune disorder called Pemphigus Vulgaris Over the past 6 months, I can say that may be 60 or 70% of this disorder is gone. And its just like that the matter of time, that I get back to 100% normal. And you know, I am talking because this is a first hand experience I have had I visited Sanjay in the month of April when he called me to help with his condition.. And… Subsequently, I came here, to Jammu To do his Nadi Pariksha and and he has this symptom called Penphagus Vulgaris After that we took a review… after 2 days Sanjay had some psychological benefits which he had stated. And now, after 6 months.. in the month of October I have come again to do another review of his I’d like Sanjay to let us know what is the improvement that he has been feeling, and I will also let you know what improvements have come about through the diagnosis. Sanjay, onto you… Yeah! So, it’s been now 6 months since I have been on remission So, in the month of April Mahesh had come over and he had done Nadi Pariksha on me. And based on the findings, he had suggested me some medicines and also some….. and other activities you know… and then….. Apart from that, he had changed my diet plan also. So, I followed that whole thing for 6 months and after 6 months today, the 1st of October Mahesh is here for a review And today, he had this Nadi Pariksha and during this period of 6 months… there is a drastic change in the condition, you know, I have been suffering from this disorder… auto-immune disorder called Pemphigus Vulgaris Over the past 6 months, I can say, that may be 60 or 70% of this disorder is gone. And… just like that, in a matter of time, that I get back to 100% normal. So, you know… I feel much much better than before The first time Mahesh came, that was the time I was full of anxieties always there was a feeling of illness in me. After that, Mahesh, he just redefined my proceedings for each day Just told me what I had to do early in the mornings.. afternoons, things like yoga, meditations journal writing and there were some other things plus the medicines which I had to take It was a… It was not a easy job because these medications also, requires a technique Just you cannot gulp the medicines and say that I am done with it. There is a procedure there is process for all these things and we follow the process and proceedings and most important thing is the diet which we followed what Mahesh had told us. The doctors at PGI Chandigarh had put me on steroids and that was the time I was taking 10 mg steroids per day. Today is the time these steroids from 10mg has come down to 2.5mg per day and… 2.5mg of steroids, everybody tells me that it is insignificant for the body. So, probably, after 7 or 8 days, when I go back for a review, they will put me off these steroids.. And hopefully, with the new procedure, new things what Mahesh has suggested based on the Nadi Pariksha he has done yesterday. And you know I am 100% sure that within a short period of time I would be fully cured. And you know I talking this because this is a first hand experience I have had and I am so grateful that Mahesh came back And it is not an easy job to just make a decision to come from Bangalore to Jammu. specially during this time, when there is a a shout for Article 370, there is a total clamp down in Srinagar and Kashmir. But, still he came for a review and I am very happy with the findings and the results. I will give it back to Mahesh because, he will be able to tell you more… that what he had found out during my first Nadi Pariksha, and during my second Nadi Pariksha which he has done yesterday. Over to Mahesh…. Thanks Sanjay! So, The most important thing I found was, first when I came here… I found there was so much Pitta Dosha in the body Pitta Dosha primarily means that the body is hyper-active the body is producing more enzymes and there are more reactions in the body going on… and I attribute, from my experience of doing Nadi Pariksha that all physical ailments have got a psychological stand to it. So, typically all of us, who ever is living in a city and involved in businesses, we all have certain limitations or what we call as occupational hazards… balancing family and work, travel, and Sanjay being very close to Punjab, especially the diet is something that is very rich. I would say, it is more than what is necessary. So, anybody who comes to Punjab and this place would really know that how you are smothered with goodies in dry fruits and various kinds of dishes and I mean, they just kill you with their love. Typically, that was Sanjay’s diet when he started. So, he didn’t have specifically any dietary recommendations from the doctors. They just had put him on steroids. So, when I found so much of Pitta Dosha and Kapha Dosha which were blocking all the channels, and that’s how the auto-immune disorder had set in, the first thing I had to do was to open up these blockages. So, I put him on medications that will flush out all the toxins, And then, I also put him on very strict dietary regimentation which would help his body recuperate on its own. The best of this whole thing is not what medication went in or what dietary recommendations were given. The maximum strength or rather, the outcome of this whole procedure was, the dedication with which Sanjay had followed. It is not easy for a person living in Jammu to follow, I’ll tell you why! Because of the kind of diet they follow! For example, Sanjay treated me to Kilari, which is a kind of Paneer that is extracted from goat’s milk that is so rich… And… if I have and, I had two and I was not hungry for lunch and the family thought they were constantly asking me… Why I was not having lunch at home! That is the richness of the food. So, for a person who is being traditionally raised here, eating this kind of food… to give up this and to eat a kind of diet that is almost saintly… It was not an easy job. And more than that, the family supported him thoroughly in all of this. His wife Anjaliji was a major support in terms of making sure that the diet is appropriate and they have Ramesh, who is a help at the kitchen who absolutely made sure that everything is followed to the “T”. So, this is very important.The dedication is very important. It is not enough if you just believe that by taking the medications you will be alright! It is not enough if you believe that by following the diet I will be alright! Most important thing with Sanjay is that, within the first two of doing Nadi Pariksha, the amount of belief that he had and… the shift in accepting this particular therapy was so humongous and that is what I would give the credit to. Having followed it to the “T” and Sanjay kept in constant touch and any kind of deviation he would ask.. is this ok for me to do, is this okay for me to do… And he also travelled abroad on a holiday which I think happened after a long gap, where he was really he was perturbed, he was apprehensive about so many things and feeling uncomfortable to travel. Finally, with all of these medicines and therapy Sanjay had the confidence to travel abroad. He had a wonderful holiday! And, after that, when I came for the second review, the good news is that Sanjay’s organs are much better! His liver is recuperating. Yes! It needs some more care I have changed the medications. I have put him on lighter medications which will continue to work on his liver and his system and to make sure that his immune system further gears up to support him. Again, dietary recommendations will continue for another 2 – 3 months and after that we will have a third review.

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