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My name is Patti Porto and I am not a young person. Hi. Hi, Patti. Welcome. Thanks. A few years ago I was going through
menopause and I was really angry. I’m having a really hard time
and nobody’s listening to me. [ laughing ] I definitely needed help. At UC Irvine Health having a patient-centered approach is
the key to achieving health and wellness. I got involved with the Samueli Center and it changed my whole life. So, Patti you’re back. I’m back. When I started going there I was feeling so bad I would have tried anything. I am very enthusiastic to see a great improvement in all the parameters… It’s not a 15-minute appointment. They spend at least an hour with you listening to all of your concerns. I got on the right supplements and vitamins. I wasn’t on the same medicines
that everybody else was on. Integrative medicine combines
the best of the east and the west. This combination is going to truly
make a significant difference. I got involved in running, because I felt so good. I lost 35 pounds. I went from a size 12 to a size 6 and I was like, Wow I wish I had found this place earlier. Imagine if I had found it when I was 40. If you have a patient who’s now empowered. They’re going to see results. They’re going to be successful. Since 2009 I’ve run two marathons. I ran the second marathon with my
daughter, which was so much fun. She told all her friends at work my mom could do anything. She can do anything if she
puts her mind to it, she’ll do it. That got me into thinking. If I could do a marathon perhaps I could do a triathlon. I can already swim a mile in my pool. 1 Breathe. My goal isn’t time. My goal is to finish. What’s important to understand
about living healthier lives. It’s not just about living longer. It’s living fully. People at work say to me Oh, wait till you get my age and I don’t want to say to them.
Well, I’m already older than you. I’m amazed myself at how great I feel and I attribute that all to the Samueli Center.

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