Taking Charge of Your Health

but if I was a child they never said
like you good whatever is spoken to you is laid into the unconscious mind as a
belief a negative belief and it could be a lifelong
influence after the first session, they will change People are walking around
all day long in a bad trance that I wake the people up can we show something to the audience, now? We can! can okay Joe so what I’d like you to do
and this is just an invitation is I’d like you to focus on your reading I know
you told me that you like to read and so go ahead and imagine that you’re reading
a book now you just get a sense of it that’s it and just get a sense of the
book in your hand The pages and I don’t know what story you’re
reading now but maybe it’s not a story maybe it’s a it’s a biography
autobiography perhaps it’s a fantasy novel or maybe it’s just a technical
manual I don’t know what I’d like you to go ahead and take a nice deep
breath in and close your eyes and continue to read that book each chapter Going by and I wonder if there’s something new
that you can discover because this book is a special book Joe this perhaps is a book of your life Doesn’t have to be from the past and does it necessarily have to be in the future it could be a story of you now and your experience that’s it I wonder if there is something that
begins to be revealed to you because it’s your story Joe you’re the author as you turn the pages perhaps there’s a
chapter on confidence Chapter excellence I wonder if there’s a chapter on
competency being competent confident is excellent! Is it not? and I wonder if there’s information
there that you might find useful as you become more absorbed in your book this really is a special book because
it’s a living book there are many blank pages and I wonder what’s the next chapter
that you’re going to write But you might discover now it’s very useful to you that’s it and I don’t know what you will call this
new chapter and you might not even know consciously yet but your unconscious mind already knows this new chapter that you’ve written for your life a guide perhaps a map some words on a page written deep inside something permanent
something useful a chapter that you can always access at
any time and each new chapter is followed by a series of blank pages For you to write the next chapter going forward perhaps having more confidence
excellence competence I don’t know but your unconscious mind knows what you
need and as you’re sitting here listening to
the sound of my voice Your unconscious mind could be making all the necessary adjustments to solidify these chapters prominently within your mind and heart that’s it and when you’re ready and only at the
rated speed that your unconscious mind makes all the necessary adjustments and
you want to put that pen down that book down and then put it up up where you can notice and access it at
any time you choose to pull it off the shelf off the bookcase and access that information that will be useful for you will you come back to your full
awareness once again Welcome back! Thank you! How do you feel? Before I did hypnosis I wasn’t really sure like because I’m not really
into yoga and meditation and things like that but I just kind of allowed myself
to relax and and I could go like quite deep inside myself right and like when
you’re talking I can I’m not really listening to you right I’m just focusing
in on myself yes and then like when you come out you
just feel like a sense of like uplifting behind relaxing yeah yeah it feels
amazing excellent thank you you’re welcome! yeah when’s the next one? Now when you saw Eli doing hypnosis now it’s my turn what I’ve learned Joe are you ready? I’m ready so now I’m going to before the hypnosis what I have learned It’s important to tell your client what’s going to happened

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