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– How did you do that? – That’s hypnosis. (upbeat music) – Today we’re gonna get hypnotized and figure out past lives
that we may have experienced. – I’m very nervous. I’ve never been hypnotized, because I like to be in
control of myself at all times. – I’m scared of like being exposed. And it doesn’t mean like necessarily just like physically naked. – I’ve been practicing
past life regression therapy for over 700 years. Today, we are going to see
three different examples of past life regression therapy. This is when a person chooses an issue that he or she would like to overcome. Then we travel back to who the person was, the past life to the event or events that are going to illuminate the cause of the issue. And from there we are able to heal it. So Joyce, do you mind having the hypnocat on your lap. – No, I completely enjoy it. – What is your intention for having your past life regression? – I wanna heal my migraines. – For today I would like to focus on my fear of waves and water. – Is there something in your
life you’d like to heal? – It’s doubt, it’s doubt. – So the induction, is to
go from a full waking state down into the hypnotic trance. – I feel like you’re
doing it to me already. – I am.
– You are right. – I am. Now I’m gonna show you how
powerful you are Joyce. You are so powerful, that you can relax your eyelids, wonderfully, totally, and completely. For the subconscious mind
knows how to generate healing. Your power word is the word trust. Because you can trust
yourself more and more. You’re now in an alpha state of hypnosis. And we can now hack into
the subconscious mind. You can imagine or visualize getting pulled to an amazing corridor. And you’re gliding through. Three, step into the light. Two, step into the light. One, step into the light. At zero take a big step forward, you are in another time and another place. Now look down at your hand, are you a man or a woman, a boy or a girl? – Woman. – And look at your palms,
and your fingertips, are you a girl of leisure or do you work hard with your hands? – I don’t know, I have jewelry on though. – Ah tell me about the jewelry. Describe it. – They’re like teeth,
like alligator teeth. – Yes, and describe the landscape. The environment. – It’s like a swamp. Like high grass. – Travel to your home in your past life. What does your home look like? – [Joyce] It’s small, on the countryside. – [Lisa] And look around
and orient yourself. Do you know in what land you live? – [Joyce] Scotland. – [Lisa] What can you see? – [Kate] I’m in like a canyon. – [Lisa] And are you alone
or are there other people? – [Kate] There’s other people. – Men and women? Men only? – I think it’s just men. – Yes. Do you know your name or
is someone calling to you, even a nickname? – I heard Alice. – Yes, Alice. Speak your name out loud. – Annabelle. – Tell me about your home. – It’s good. It’s like alligator people. The alligator means a lot for us. – See if there’s anything that you carry. – I have like tiny bag with me. – I have kids. – Boys, girls? – Boys. – How many? – There’s two.
– Tell me about your home. – I don’t think we can go home. Shouldn’t have left. – No, of course not. Why shouldn’t you have left? – The people we’re with aren’t good. – Let the amazing wisdom
of the subconscious mind pull you towards the event that will illuminate and resolve your ambivalence about the ocean. What is happening, Annabelle? – We can’t stay here anymore. – No, of course not. Why do you have to leave? – There’s a war, and
we goin into the water. My mother and my aunt are there. – And what’s happening? – I’m pushing their boat into the water and I’m trying to go
but they pull me back. They won’t let me leave. – Who’s not gonna let you leave? – The forces, the other side. They won’t let me leave. – What happened with the ocean? Take a nice deep breath and
release any shame associated with it. – I think for sure I drowned in there, but it was by accident. I think I went in looking for something. – So tell me what you see? And be brave. – I left. – Yeah. You left and who did you leave behind? – I think I left everyone. – Did you go by yourself? Did you take the boys? – No. – It’s okay, because this
was not a good place for you. What finally happened? – They hit me on the head.
– They hit you on the head? And what happened? – And I died. – Yeah. You’re at the moment after death. And you are going to
go up higher and higher til you connect with every incarnation from all your past lives. You may ask the question, how am I able to release the trauma of wanting to go, but having to stay? We’re going to go just to
the moment after death. You are there, how did you die, Alice? – I just am on the floor. – Something just gave out huh? And where did you feel it in
your body before it happened? You can remember. – My heart.
– Yeah. Look at my finger with your eyes closed. Look even more with your wisdom. You can enjoy the ocean. What insider perspective does
the wise self reveal to you? Speak it out loud. – There wasn’t really a choice. – And really listen to your wise self. Can you allow yourself
to forgive yourself? Give me an honest answer. – I don’t know. I thought they’d be fine. – When you were Alice, you didn’t have control,
freedom, or power. Breathe that in and acknowledge it. And now ask, as a daughter
of the 21st century, is being held back still serving you? And if it’s not, take a
very, very, very deep breath and release being held back. Now I’m gonna ask you a question as Kate. Do you have power, freedom, and choice? – Yes. – You have power, freedom, and choice. And one, two, three, four, five, Joyce eyes open, wide awake. One, two, three, four, five. – Well I think it was very uncomfortable with how intense that was. – It was strange. I was like her at first, and then I like became this alligator. – Damn. I didn’t wanna say anything I was so like ashamed of
everything I was saying. – Of course. But your wise self told you you didn’t have a choice
under those circumstances. – Yeah. – Would you trust me that
it stands on it’s own as what has happened to
women for generations who truly had no choice. – It taught me a lot. I usually get a headache
around once a day, but today I just feel
really calm, really chill. – I have to figure out what
I feel about all of this. If it’s a way for us to like personifying our underlying guilt
from other situations, or if I actually believe in past lives. – It was interesting just cause like I’m both super spiritual and at the same time I try to
be as logical as possible, and I’m just like what
was real and what was me? It kind of doesn’t matter. It was just a really good experience to like, just let your mind flow exactly the way that it wants to. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “People Discover Who They Were In A Past Life

  1. Ok
    I don't remember much
    These might give me hints to see my past life
    But I have a birthmark on the side of my head
    I have this obsession on being a mother
    And I'm afraid of chicks
    Because I might hold them too hard and kill it

  2. Lol preeettttttyy sure she meant 700 yrs like all her past lives combined….that’s what the video is…past lives.

  3. When the lady said she had been doing this for over 700 years, I was like “oh that’s cool” and then like ten seconds later I was like “wait a minute” how cool is that hypno cat though

  4. I did it 2 times tne 1 time I was in a cloud so I'm pretty sure I was god the 2 one I was on world war 2 and I was German and the leader… what a minute

  5. I have done loads of tests and I was a globe trotter and I was a hero but i was treated like a villain because i robbed from the rich and gave to the poor but then the people who I was saving started hunting me and then i had an accident and died

  6. According to the Buddha we have uncountable number of past lives. But our minds are not pure enough to recollect them. Blessings from sri Lanka.

  7. The girl with migraines got hit in the head. The guy afraid of ocean was a alligator. The girl who has doubt was in a situation where she had no choice.

  8. Hahahahahahahjahahahhahahahajahahahahhahajahahajhahajajhahahajahhahahahahahahajhaahhahahahahhahahahhahahahaahhajahhahajahhahajahhqhahahhajajahajjajahajjahahahjajahajjajhahhahajhahshahahajajhajahhahahahajhahajajhahahahahjahahhajahhahhahahahahhahahahhahajhqhahahhaahjahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahshahahahhahahahahahahjahajajahjahahajhajahajahahjahahajahhajajajajajjahajajhajjajahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahmwuhahahahhajahshhshahahahajjahahahha

    P.S this was a dare

  9. when I was like 5 and was playing I saw war planes with a red ball on the wings going down in flames as I was shooting them down I only found out years later those were zero planes

  10. What the hell that cat is doing on there lap🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣….. Love from India 🇮🇳🚩…. The land from where a knowledge of Reincarnation given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the battlefield of Mahabharata just before battle starts…..☝️🚩🇮🇳😁

  11. According to dreams & nightmares and Google tests my name was Nova I was with my grandma looking at the house and I looked at the tv after we bought the house I was sitting under and apple tree then someone shot me in the lower back that part was a nightmare i woke up in the night as Emi in my actual life and had a panic attack NOVA JUST DIED. I have a dotted birthmark in the design of the front of a gunin five rows and its faded pink I was freaked out when I pieced this together

  12. I'm 41 and British. I remembered being alive in nazi occupied Europe. I was a Catholic, I had virgin Mary And crosses on my wall. I remember fear and panic and running.

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