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Hey everyone this is Dr. Ryan Shelton
thanks so much for tuning in today to our channel dedicated to educate you on
topics of health and wellness today. I want to talk about two ingredients that
thousands of people around the world are using to defy the aging process. I’ll get to the science of these two
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your friends and loved ones. So the search for everlasting youth and not
aging is nothing new for human beings, in fact it began in the beginning and the
dawn of civilization. I remember as an undergrad reading one of the first books
ever published by humans called the Epic of Gilgamesh and Gilgamesh was an
individual who was on a destiny to try to find anti-aging. And forever youth
and it’s now evolved into a 50 billion dollar a year industry so about 3 decades ago scientists really honed in on the processes the
metabolical anatomical biochemical processes of how we age genetically. And
they basically came up with three theories, the first is oxidation so basic
basically wear and tear over time. The oxidation process just rusts the body
away. The second theory is called AGE so age stands for advanced glycosylated en-product. So basically just over time, tissues and cells binding together
making us age more quickly. The third is actually about genetic and DNA pathways
that individual cells can choose to take. One pathway is growth and reproduction where a cell divides over and over and over again. The other pathway is
protection and maintenance ie anti aging. So every cell in the body has
depending on the cell about 50 to 60 divisions that it can go through and
during that process a couple of things can happen. Telomeres or the end of
DNA shortened with each division and scientists have clearly shown that the
shorter telomeres get the more likely it is that that the cells and you age over
time and a few important enzyme processes DNA processes are involved
with that one is sirtuin and the other is tor enzymes and what I like about
these two ingredients resveratrol and terminalia is that they they actually
address all of these theories of aging in powerful powerful ways. so resveratrol
is an antioxidant it’s very powerful antioxidant obtained by red wine but
other antioxidant foods but in a refined form resveratrol increases sirtuin
enzymes which help to increase the pathways of protection and maintenance
in fact in some studies a decrease in sirtuin activity decreases a lifespan by
30 percent whereas an increase in sirtuin enzymes can increase lifespan by
50 percent. Resveratrol also works on something called the Tor enzyme pathway
to decrease the pathway of growth and repair and push it more towards
protection and maintenance. Now terminalia is an antioxidant in
itself but it increases the activity of the enzyme called telomerase which can
lengthen the telomeres at the end of DNA and lengthen your lifespan. It also is an
aged or advanced like consummated in product blockade so it it blocks that
process. So it’s an antioxidant. It increases telomerase and it’s an age
blockade so resveratrol terminal 2 really important ingredients that people
are using around the world to defy the aging process. I’ve actually worked with
some researchers and pharmacists to develop a product called
Longevity Activator and you can try Longevity Activator risk-free for 30
days and see what a difference it makes. It contains these two ingredients plus
several others that work on these three important theories of age and you can
try it and share it with your friends. I want your feedback after trying it I
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and every week we’re doing new posts to educate you I’m really impressed with
the feedback that we’ve been getting so far. I believe in the original meaning of
the word doctor which is docere which means teacher. So I’m on the forefront
I’m on the vanguard to make sure that you have the information you need to
live a happy longer life. Thanks so much! I’m Dr. Ryan Shelton.

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  1. Hi. Does this product have the two components that were meanton in your video, and does this product reverse the signs of aging?

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