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[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey guys, I’m Barkley. If you’ve ever wondered
about permanent hair removal, there are some really safe and
affordable options out there. And guess what. I did my homework so I
can give you the lowdown. So your main options are
electrolysis, laser and Intense Pulsed Light, which people call IPL. People tend to confuse lasers and
IPLs, which use broad-spectrum light. Well, they’re both very effective
at targeting hair follicles to reduce growth. They just use different technologies. So this is the device that I tried
out, the Venus Silk-expert IPL. What I loved most
about this product is I could use it at home, which meant I
skipped the whole hassle of having to go into the salon for appointments. So before you start, you have to shave
the area you want to use the IPL on. I prepped with the Venus Swirl. It has five blades, so I
got a really close shave. Also, I like that it has
this pivoting FlexiBall which contours to the curves
of your body, which is great for tricky areas like
your knees or your ankles. So after you’ve shaved
and patted down the area you’re going to use the IPL
on, go ahead and plug it in. So for larger areas, you
can use the Glide mode. Just hold down the Treatment button
as you glide it along your skin. For small areas, just go ahead
and press and release the button. And make sure you wipe
it down after every use. The IPL works by
targeting hair follicles while remaining safe to the skin. When it’s In contact with the skin,
it uses a smart piece of technology called SensoAdapt, which adapts
to your skin tone with each flash. So it delivers exactly the
amount of light needed. So it’s pretty good in
terms of how long it takes. I’d say it’s about eight
minutes for an arm or a leg. Plus, you didn’t even have to go
to a salon or leave your house or go to a professional. So there it is. You should use the IPL once
a week for 4 to 12 weeks. And then you can adjust,
based on your results. If you’d like more shaving and
hair removal tricks for women, be sure to check out these other videos. Also, I would love to hear your tips for
permanent hair removal in the comments.

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  1. Please tell me how i want to use this machine and please tell me in full name in this machine ,can it's available in garmany

  2. May we use this on face as well ?or its just for lower body..

    Please answer. Bcz my friend has so much facial hairs..

  3. I did 10 treatments/weeks so far! It worked perfectly on my legs. My armpit and bikini line are still growing in (although it's thinner or patchy), and I think this is due to the thickness and "strength" of the hairs. Also… I found this exact product, slightly used, on Ebay for less than $80 🙂

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