Taking Charge of Your Health

good morning I’m here at the Tanglewood Wellness Center with my lovely friend and client pradilla who is leaving us today but only one post about your experience here you’ve been here for how long yeah infested what’s hard did you had a time now you’re not new to cleansing the Orient tell us a little bit about your previous experiences I love the bench interesting for well experiencing that for that 10 years so even after all that time cleansing all the time eating raw food you still had a serious process where didn’t you yeah yeah so I know it’s difficult for you but now that you’re done and you’ve been eating now for the last week yeah I feel I feel anything yeah I thought I was you know I was I was really afraid in the end you know I feel amazing and yesterday I went for a 30 long high-speed warm in the okay and I could have done hungry but I didn’t want to like yeah anyone overdo it so now you’re planning on fasting again yeah so obviously you think this is a beneficial process oh yeah this is something you’d recommend to people let me ask you a question with all the experience that you’ve had and all the time you’ve been wrong why don’t you do this at home you live in a beautiful place on the beach in Thailand yeah well I have been doing Shore fests that I have never experience the same thing I’ve been doing like seven days 10 days and 12 days but when I came this time I mean from the beginning of those part because they’re being prepared my buddy – yeah but after 10 days if it got really hard I got really deep into it and now it seems very short right so in retrospect having pretty was it a good idea for you to be here as opposed to doing on your own you

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