Taking Charge of Your Health

Do you feel there is more you can do for your
health? Have you already read about some natural therapies
that could help you get well? Curious how nutrition, herbs or naturopathy
might be able to help you? You’re unique, with cultural, dietary and
environmental differences. One prescription does NOT suit everyone. It’s important to listen, educate and empower
you and treat you as an individual. Have you already been to several practitioners
with limited success? It’s possible that the true cause has not
been identified or even been considered such as nutrition testing. Hospitals are helpful in emergency situations
but often you are told there is nothing more that can be done, when that is not entirely
correct. Are you curious about what the evidence says
about how diet, nutrition and herbs contribute to recovery in your health? Maybe you already have done some research
yourself and know there are natural things you can do for your health. Why don’t doctors ever talk about how nutrition
and diet contribute to dysfunction? Our bodies are made up of protein, fats and
minerals. Surely what we eat is part of it, right? Before I go any further, let me introduce
myself. I have two degrees in science and naturopathy
I’m a herbalist and nutritionist. I’ve been lecturing and a keen health writer. All together I’ve helped thousands and aim
to help millions. If we relate your health to an ice-berg, we
see the tip. The symptoms. Pain, bloating, anxiety, etc. Underneath are the causes like your nutrition,
diet, lifestyle, toxicity, etc Let’s say you had a nail in your head and
you were experiencing headaches. Would you like me to give you headache pills
or take the nail out? It’s the same with most illness, including
yours. Have your doctors found the underlying cause
that is making you sick? Would you like find out what are the keys
to your current health problems? Are you curious what nutrients, herbs and
foods can help you get better faster? Have you got any questions? Get in touch.

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