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Hi, I’m Shannon Burford and I’m the director
of Cura Integrative Medicine, a clinic offering integrated health, nutritional medicine, herbal
medicine and naturopathy. I’m on a mission to change the world and help people be truly
healthy and well. How do I do this? In a consultation, I listen, educate and empower and treat you
as an individual. The Cura clinic has experience with helping people from all ages and often
people who have exhausted current medical treatments. Being on a healing journey myself, I was told
by doctors that there wasn’t much more they could do. Testing, medicines, more testing,
but no progress. I wasn’t convinced, and I went in search of better answer. I discovered
that an enormous growing amount of evidence to support herbal medicine and nutritional
medicine and diet lifestyle, and they’re almost associated with all diseases. Why didn’t doctors
tell me about this? Our bodies are made up of minerals, proteins, vitamins, fats, nutrients,
so deficiencies influence health. Chemical medicines don’t really address this. Before we go any further, I’d like to tell
you a little bit about myself. I’m a scientist. I have a degree in Naturopathy. I’m a master
herbalist and nutritionist, lecturer and author, and have helped thousands worldwide. Now, consider an iceberg, you can see the
top and these are our symptoms. We need to look underneath to find the cause and address
nutritional path ways and help the body balance, so the top symptoms will improve. If you have
a nail in your head for example and you’re getting headaches, you wouldn’t keep taking
medicine. You’d want to remove the cause which is the nail. It’s the same with [mysionis
00:01:43], find the underlying cause and correct it. When you have a chronic illness or you’re
looking for preventative medicine, or you just want to stay healthy, I want to help
you. Get in touch and we can talk. Add your details for the sign-up page two on our webpage
for monthly newsletters, health tips and healthy news from the Cura clinic, looking forward
to helping you.

24 thoughts on “Perth Naturopath uses Herbal & Nutritional Medicine for Wellness

  1. What pathology tests do you recommend for my son with ADHD? The doctor has just diagnosed him and recommends medication. Surely there can be some further tests I can do

  2. Can you give me any advice for the best herbal medicine for fertility issues? My husband and I are thinking about IVF treatment and want to give naturopathy a try first. Can you recommend some herbs that might help please?

  3. There are really quite a few herbal medicines with real evidence to support the use with fertility issues but it all comes down to the patient. Is it a male fertility issue or a female one? Do you have a regular menstrual cycle? What does your hormone pathology look like? I would recommend the first step to consider some good quality nutritional support and then make an appointment with a naturopath or herbalist. Good luck with it all and let me know if I can help

  4. Glad you like our video about our naturopath! The concept of the nail in the head explains the basics of the philosophy of naturopathy and natural medicine. If you are in Perth, stop in and say hello

  5. Hi Mika – the core naturopathic tests for ADHD/Autism that I would recommend would be (and probably most naturopaths!) – MTHFR gene test, vitamin D serum, iron studies, an IgG food allergy panel test, a complete stool analysis, hair mineral analysis to assess toxicity such as mercury toxicity or copper overload and homocysteine (Hcy). There are a lot of other helpful tests too and you can find a list of available tests. Have a look at the webpage under pathology tests for more information

  6. My sister actually has Lyme disease and has been fighting it with all sorts of natural remedies for the past couple years. We're hoping she should be cured within the last year!

  7. Hope she regains her strength quickly. Lyme disease is not commonly diagnosed in Australia and naturopaths are at the frontline! Doctors are reluctant to check for Lyme disease and the media says it doesn't exsit! Luckily we have a lot of great herbs and nutritional medicines to help patients. Thank you for the comment!

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