Taking Charge of Your Health

>So they’re the different forms of the
pill if that doesn’t work then what do we look at. >So we move on to the next
group the second and third group which are a different class of medication
these are mixtures of medications that are vasoactive, okay. Usually it’s a
combination of three prostaglandin, papaver n,’ and phentolamine, they’ll come
in two different forms one is a gel form and the other one is a liquid form.
These are local therapies so you’re not gonna have the side effect that you
typically would see with some of the pills. —
okay — these are local therapies inject right into the actual phallus. So this is
a cross-section what the inside of a penis looks like it’s a little lopsided
but if I move it this way you have right up here the two corpora cavernosa
oh you can put it up there you go that this right here is where the actual
blood flows in and here’s your urethra and so for the gel form you put it into
the actual urethra. So a few minutes before you have sexual intercourse
you’ll have a let’s say a syringe that has no needle and you’ll put it right at
the tip of the penis and push it in move it in a few minutes — you do it yourself —
the patient does it themselves a few minutes before they have intercourse —
okay — that’s the gel form then you have the probably oldest one of the oldest
forms of therapy that we have which are the injection forms. Typically you get a
needle like this which is an insulin your standard insulin needle holds about
one milliliter worth of fluid and then you’ll get a medication that comes with
a vial like this — and you that yourself as well — The patient does it themselves. it’s
again a mixture of papaver and phentolamine and prostaglandin three
vasoactive medications you can have a combination of two three you would take
some fluid out and then you would take this needle and you would take the
actual phallus right here and you literally just inject it right into the
side of the penis at the base right before you have intercourse. Everybody
when they see the needle they they can sort of they cringe yeah. Well nobody
likes deep nobody likes needles period and that let alone needles in that area.>
but does it hurt.>It’s most guys get used to it most guys will come in worried
about it and by the time that we’re done trying it out because I always do one
test injection in the office they say that’s not that bad. This has been around
to the 1980s you can imagine there’s a lot of men who still uses one of the
most popular forms of therapy. Now this therapy though you have to realize that
this is a vasoactive substance and so with the medications the pills you need
stimulation with this and purely is related to the to the
concentration and the and the amount of the volume that you’re injecting>And it
works instantaneously.>And within a few minutes it should work and you want the
erection to last less than an hour that’s the importance of starting with a
low concentration and working your way up.

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