Taking Charge of Your Health

Hi! I’m Monica B, creator of and
author of In Your Elements: A Blooming Ayurveda Guide to Creating Your Best Life. My constitution is predominately pitta, so
it’s very easy for my pitta to become elevated. I tend to notice it when I catch myself feeling
irritable and judge-y – mostly with myself. My inner critic comes out and I say sassy
things in my head like, “I’m not achieving anything” or “I don’t have time”. The number one way that I chill out my pitta
is to make sure I take enough time for breaks. Time to take my dog to the park, time to breathe,
time to just sit or doodle or read. High pitta makes me feel like I have to get
everything done right now… taking breaks help me stay relaxed and actually
boosts my productivity. Pitta loves to keep striving, but it’s crucial
to stop and recognize everything you actually accomplish! I use lists to see what I’ve done and review
them often. Then I make sure to celebrate how hard I’ve
worked! Food and herbs play a big role in keeping
pitta cool. I focus on fresh, crispy, light and cooling
foods and eat more fruit like apples, berries, grapes, avocado and coconut when I feel like
my pitta is high. I stop drinking coffee and cut out garlic
and onions too. I always take two healthy pitta tablets in
the morning with water.

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