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Hello, I’m doctor T. Wayne Day and I’m a dermatologist in Nashville
Tennessee and I’ve been helping people with poison
ivy for about thirty years and I’ve learned
some things I thought I might share with you if you have a rash that is often in streaks meaning you might be able to see a streak where the fingers
with the poison ivy liquid came in contact with the skin. This the typical finding that we look
for and if you have previous poison ivy/oak allergy then the rash can come up as early as the next day otherwise it may take a week or more you
may have you spots appear later because they had less of the poison ivy or poison oak antigen applied to them or that area is less sensitive so that may help you with the diagnosis
also in most areas of America there may be no poison sumac. You can look at
geographical maps and see if you have sumac in your area. For poison ivy and oak we’re looking for the plants that have three leaves. “Leaves
three let it be” is the old adage to remember. The leaves can
be any size and any color and they often are camouflaged almost they look like
the surrounding vegetation so you have to look closely. So now let’s move on to treatment. Here’s my suggestions. You may end up seeing someone for treatment that may not have
had as much experience or training so they may not know proper length of treatment for instance. One of the most common mistakes
mistakes I see is for people to receive only a 6 day dose pack and that means you take the series of prednisone or
cortisone pills for six days. You start out the lot in it then it tapers over the six days
with the problem with that is it takes twelve days of treatment
otherwise on the seventh day after you’ve just
finished your six day dose pack the rash comes right back! So if you have to
go to a walk in clinic or someplace similar and they’ve given you one of those 6 day packs, I suggest you just call back and ask for a second one and that way you
could take day one, then day one, day two then day two just alternate between the two dose
packs and that way get you twelve days of treatment. As far as topical remedies, the only topical that I have found effective is clobetasol foam and originally came out under the name Olux and now it’s available as a
generic so for mild to moderate cases meaning
you’re not covered from head to toe and there’s a no big
blisters then a lot of people can do better just
using a topical 3-4 times a day. The allergic reaction to poison ivy is not mediated by histamine release so the only benefit antihistamines my offer (even prescription ones)
with be if they help you sleep at night because they also have a sedative effect so there’s no need to fill a prescription
for an antihistamine you can just use an over-the-counter Benadryl at
bedtime, but you’ll probably need at least two
because the over-the-counter 25 milligram was originally intended for children so adults usually need more than one. Another thing that helps is what we used to call wet compresses.
Wet dressings give immediate relief but now we just tell people in
our practice to take a paper towel or soft cloth with cold water on it and lay it on the affected area for just a
minute or two. Don’t pat the top. As it cools down the skin that’s going
to give the skin relief from itching from the poison ivy rash. The rash is not contagious to yourself or others. That’s a popular myth. So it can be only transmitted the first hour or so
that you come in contact with the poison ivy. It reminds me of us small child that has
gotten a chocolate mess on his hands it doesn’t realize it then
everywhere that’s touched a lot of times that’s where gradually
the rash will show up. I hope this helps.

69 thoughts on “Poison Ivy Treatment by Dermatology

  1. Thanks for this video.  There's a lot of stuff out there that only tells you how to avoid it etc.  This explains after you get it.

    Joke comment: Summer just isn't summer without at least one bout of a poison ivy rash.

  2. Thank you very much for the information.  I was able to go to the Walgreen's clinic with this information and get the medications you recommend.

  3. Got ivy the 3rd time in 4 years, this time not from the leaves but from the vine that stick together in Christmas Tree that I cut. I just know that the vine will show a black line on its perimeter if you cut it. I agree with you, my weight is 160 lbs, the 1st doctor gave me 4mg prednisone for 6 days in 21 tablets and the rash comes again even more on day 6th. Go to another clinic on day 9th, the doctor gave me 10mg prednisone for 18 days in 63 tablets. Now on the day 13th I can say I feel nearly fully recovered, hope the dosage will not too much or less. Topical just momentarily work, I used these brands : Calamine oil, Tecnu, Ivarest, Calagel, Tricalm . Next time I'll try the Clobetasol Foam like what you said, hope I never have it for the rest of my life. Thank you very much for sharing the information about the treatment.

  4. I have had some MAJOR rashes with poison ivy.

    I use clobetsol propionate and the tiniest amount applied a couple times a day makes very serous rashes go away in about 2-4 days. I have also found flushing the site with hot water alleviates itching — if you get itchy, flush the site with hot water. While the skin is still most from the hot water, spread on about 1/10th of a gram of the 0.05% ointment to the rash sites and about 5-7 applications is all I ever needed.

    Clobetasol propionate 0.05% is an absolute miracle. Don't settle for less.


  6. Hot showers and baths, the hot water stops the itching and just wait it out or go get the shot from your doctor if it's bad. I'm not kidding scalding hot shot showers and water stop the itch

  7. Very helpful. I have been fighting this for over a week. I received Prednisone and you are right about the six day because I had to go back and the doctor gave me a twelve day prescription. I have been using calomine lotion and that helps some. I tried the Dr. Sheffileld's anti itch cream and stopped because that gave me no relief and made my face burn.

  8. here in mexico you have a tree in the yucatan peninsula wich is called by the mayans as the chechen it also contains the same toxic substance as ivy, oak or sumac.. and right beside it grows the chaca.. wich has the antidote to the toxine.. it really heals and recovers pretty fast from it.. in english the curing tree goes under the name of gumbo limbo, west indian birch, copper wood tree, tourist tree… might want to look into that.. wat they do it use a mixing bowl and crunch leaves and the pull the bark of of it and remove some kind of jelly and mix it all up creating a slimy mix that you can appy direct on skin and wrap with a cloth and keep on.. really help and cures much faster. something you might want to look into.. hope this is good gives you more posibilities..

  9. Great so I went out with some friends and they were drinking and other. One shared by showing he liked me. We listened to our friends band, drank some good brew and then went out on to his property in the forest with poison ivy. Going further they collected wood without thinking and grabbed poison ivy wood and burned it. Later he cared to touch my face, neck and behind my ears as he kissed me and I think I have poison ivy.

  10. Can I use clobetesol liquid? I have that for alopecia areata. I have both poison ivy and poison sumac. Sumac affected the face poison ivy affected hands. My doctor have me a six day dose of prednisone and also an antihistamine. Taking benedryl too. It's improving, but I hope it does not come back after the prednisone is stopped.

  11. No no just put cooked oatmeal on the rash and by by rash. Let the oatmeal dry on the rash. Make a mud pack of oatmeal. Let it dry on the rash. It will cure it. This guy is full of it. Poisin Ivey will spread to others and spread on you if you keep scratching it! Repeat oatmeal mud pack untill rash is gone. Usually in about 3 days the rash will be gone. Unless it's really bad then just keep useing the oatmeal untill rash is gone. Priceless info. Nothing works better than the oats.

  12. Want to know how Poison Ivy / Oak / Sumac lead to a rash? Read On: Urushiol is the chemical involved with all three but it's not what attacks you; Your body attacks you!  In fact your body is incapable of even recognizing any molecule as small as the Urushiol.  Your immune system has an amazing trick, we only have around 30,000 genes but yet we can create millions of antibodies.  But how does the body do that?  In simplified terms certain genes form a mechanism to spit out random antibodies in millions of forms but wouldn't that mean certain ones would be designed to kill skin cells or bone or nerves or intestinal walls….  Of course the answer is yes.  So your body has developed a system to sniff out possible self harming antibodies and kill them before they get released into your bloodstream.  Urushiol rash represents a failure of this system.  Once the Urushiol gets absorbed into your skin it oxidizes and binds with a protein in your skin.  Your body would not attack the skin protein by itself normally nor would it attack the Urushiol (too small to detect).  But combine these two and a defect, that's right a complete flaw, of your immune system sends out T cells to literally burst your own skin cells open and kill them.  This is completely senseless, this is a defect in your body's immune system.  Those who are immune to the effects of Poison Oak and Ivy and Sumac are basically those without this genetic defect. They are the normal ones.  Those who can suffer like me and you are the Freaks.  Make no mistake about it this chemical is harmless it's a defect in your body's immune system that destroys your own cells.  It's absolutely fair to call this rash an autoimmune disorder of sorts like Celiacs disease. P.S. I am intimately aware of all the processes that occur in the production of the rash but a couple hundred pages of chat would not be appropriate.

  13. Very formal learning how long it takes to completely get rid of the rash associated with poison ivy. Let me know if any of these remedies work for anyone as well?

  14. When I was around 10 or so I was very susceptible to poison ivy and sumac. Somehow I got the notion of preventing this. Early summer, I found some ivy and tore off a piece the size of a dime and ate it. I am NOT recommending anyone try that. But for 30 years I never caught it again. HOWEVER after that I would again occasionally get it again.

  15. Domboro solution. Only thing I've ever found to dry it up in record time. Soak it on a cloth several times a day. Dries up in a day or two.

  16. What if it is on furniture or car seats or clothes? Can you get it weeks later from that? I keep getting it.

  17. I was always taught to use Dial soap or Ivory soap an cool water. And use some calamine lotion. I have used colorox bleach, a cup or two in the bath water an soak.

  18. Thank you that was very helpful what I tried is baking soda and apple cider vinegar paste but it seem like it only spread it it's not drying off and the blisters have a lot liquid in it.. calamine lotion is not really helping either should I try a over-the-counter cortisone cream?

  19. It does too spread. I once had a bad rash on my knee. After two weeks I took the advice of taking a bath in washing powder. By the next day, the rash had spread evenly to both legs and both arms. I thought I was going to die.

  20. Yes, everyone, helpful, very helpful. Prednisone? Do you know how dangerous that stuff is? Why would you want to take that?

  21. Thank you. my son was exposed a month ago and the rash keeps coming back. each time it comes back worse and worse. this last one caused welling in the face and we spent two days in and out the ER. We have tried everything. He's 4 and you can see on his face that he's so tired of itching. The other day he broke down crying saying why itching…. he's been on steroid creams and liquids and shots and two different antihistamines and we do wet cool compresses but they dry the skin.

  22. Excellent advice! I recently visited a walk-in clinic with a serious case of dermatitis, and the NP prescribed a 6-day dosepack of steroid. Just as you said, the dermatitis reappeared after the 6th day. Now I'm taking a 15-day course. Had I watched this video sooner, I would have saved myself a lot of hassle and itching.

  23. Does it spread even more if I pop the blisters? I have a big one on my wrist and it’s uncomfortable 😞

  24. I was told by my old pediatrician to take a bleach bath this was a severe case it was all over and it sucked ass currently I have it in my eyes and it is driving me insane using rhus tox and it's helping some how I'm trying to find out how and if it really is doing something though my theory is that it's kind of like Anti-Venom

  25. Use Jewel weed as it grows with it many times. And this is free, you don't need a doctor or to take any drugs. It takes about 1/2 hour to relive the itching and it will kill it in a day or so with no further itch. This is a nature cure and works as I have used it many times. This guy is just trying to sell you something or get you to the doctor as he is a doctor and is how he makes a living. You don't need either one of the things he prescribes, look up Jewel weed, crush the stem and rub the juice on the affected area that's all that's needed.

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