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hi everyone welcome back to hygiene and you.
since September is PCOS Awareness Month I really wanted to do a video on PCOS and
PCOD and covers some of the most frequently asked questions. those who are
new here my name is Priyanka and my channel is about women’s health and
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updates on my new videos. today we have Dr. Rashmi Menon with us since she is
based in Mumbai I wasn’t able to personally meet with her but she was
kind enough to answer all my questions and send them across and I’ll be sharing
her views with you very soon. Dr Rashmi menon is a life coach and she
specializes in reversing lifestyle diseases without medication. She’s
trained in homeopathy, psychotherapy and whole food plant-based nutrition, if
you would like to get in touch with her I will leave her contact details in the
description box below. so let’s get started here is a list of my questions
and the response from dr. Rashmi menon difference between PCOD and PCOS -PCOS means polycystic ovarian syndrome and pcod means polycystic
ovarian disease so in PCOS, what happens is the ovaries produced an extra
amount of androgens that you know are the male hormones because of which the
eggs are not formed properly and they don’t release well and some of these
eggs they start collecting fluid inside which is called cyst and that’s why the
one disease is called polycystic ovarian syndrome and then these cyst start
forming the progression of the syndrome you can say is manifestation of
polycystic ovarian disease okay now the symptoms the major symptoms
that you see is irregular menstrual cycles so you might find that
your cycles are not coming at all sometimes it’s more than you know thirty
days sometimes you miss one or two days and in very rare cases you might find
that people have frequent cycles also the second one is you start seeing hair
growth like when men have during puberty like some very thick hair on your chin
some on your belly some on your toes and fingers slightly thicker hair
than normal and also you’ll find these small skin tacks that come up on your
neck and under your arms and also thickening of the skin on all the folds
the neck, under the chest near your groin area and of course a lot of
acne and formation is on your face others symptoms are weight gain
although this is not in everybody who has polycystic ovarian syndrome but it
is quite common they find it difficult we find it difficult to lose weight if
you have polycystic ovarian disease also thinning of the hair again this is not
one of the most common problem and by itself any of these symptoms are not
indicative of this disease it is a symptom complex along with the blood
test you test your blood for androgens and also the USG shows the cysts in the
ovaries that’s when we confirm that this is polycystic ovary disease or if the
hormone is just the one would show the change then it is along with the
correlated with the clinical symptoms then it is PCOS now there is no
specific cause according to the regular medical background that anything causes
this but of course what we see is that there is decreased tolerance to insulin
and also there is high levels of androgens in the body so anything that
causes these two situation can be said to be causing this the pcod or pcos, now if you have a family history of diabetes we say that okay you can
have insulin resistance you have people and your family with PCOS although in my
personal experience I have found that when you look at curing the disease this
really doesn’t work or really matters too much whether your family history is
there whether your genetic makeup is there so why is this becoming so common in the
urban population it’s of course the lifestyle you know because our lifestyle
is what is creating diabetes and hormonal imbalances the amount of
chemicals that is going into our body now chemicals are hormone disruptors and
polycystic ovaries are a hormonal imbalance disease so there is direct
connection there plus the amount of exercise that we do the kind of stress
that we have these days the inability to handle stress all this add up to the
disease one of the major factors of course is the food that we eat we have
been eating a lot of processed and chemical filled food we are used
nowadays to just bite off the rack stuff which we don’t even read the
ingredients of and most of the time this is what is causing the hormonal
disruption in the first place so the reversal or the treatment has to work on
those lines now if you look at the traditional line of treatment it is set
in the traditional line that PCOD or PCOS cannot be reversed cannot be completely cured but I have seen in my personal
experience in my clinical experience that it can be done the clue lies in
changing the causes in changing the lifestyle having a healthy whole food
plant-based food habits having enough exercise, eliminating chemicals from your food and environment basically having an exercise
routine and having good thoughts meditation all these things can actually
help you reverse the disease of course eating organic plays a huge role here
because we have to keep the chemicals as less as possible
so the traditional approach is to give medicines which are hormone regulator is
the contraceptive pills and also to give medicines which can suppress the
androgens and of course when the cysts are too big then you can have surgery to
remove them but again that is not hitting on the core cause of the
disease so for eliminating the core cause of the disease even if you
may have to undergo an emergency or a stopgap of treatment of the pills or
the surgery I would recommend that you eliminate all kinds of processed food
from your diet all kinds of animal products including dairy, especially
dairy because some dairy contains all the female hormones which create the
imbalance of your ovaries in the first place and next would be to eliminate all
kinds of direct sugar and oil, does not only jumps up your metabolism but also
affects your insulin resistance and the next would be to clean your
toiletries your perfumes everything has to be as chemical free as possible, buy
organic food and inculcate a good exercise regimen which is regular have a
meditation practice or any other stressful relieving exercise
okay many women who come to me with the polycystic ovaries their main concern
seems to be weight gain and the inability to lose weight but I would
suggest that do not focus on the weight too much because not eberyone with PCO has weight gain issues, so the idea would be to balance the hormonal
levels and to remove the root cause of the disease so, and weight loss becomes
a happy byproduct of it and that happens that will happen once your body starts
getting healthy and healthy polycystic ovaries also making it a
little bit difficult to conceive because finally if the eggs are not a superior
quality it is natural that conception is difficult but again when I look at
the holistic element instead of going for the fertility treatments which again will be a dose of hormones in your body creating the imbalance in the
body I believe that the body has the ability to heal itself provided we give
it the right conditions and going on a healthy lifestyle and a holistic
approach we can achieve that and once that is achieved the hormonal levels are
going to be as balanced as possible and possibility of conception naturally is
always there, now the duration of cure depends from individual to individual
but it is possible provided you take this seriously and actually take this in
your hand that okay I need to change my lifestyle to create a change in my
disease so if the want for change is good in you then you will make the change very easily

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